There will be tough times for the inveterate paffers among concertgoers. Later is a nice cigarette learn when you go to your favorite band is to look not at. This summer it does not have to be so bad , then everyone rushes just go out for his much needed nicotine shot. But later when it's cold, that is no fun. Visitors Rotown can happily go to a nice glass smokehouse. Not only can they enjoy their cigarette, but also lean on five feet high cigarette and of course looking at these pictures of smoking artists that rock 'n roll content of the Peukie yet to again emphasize. No, ik rook niet 😉 Binnenkort de officiele opening.
Direct even as the nearly 5 year old Rotown photo wall a makeover given. Dated the last update of 2006. Only 1 New Artist added this time (for puzzlers: The Wombats) but a lot of damaged and contaminated (by smoking shortly submitted to tires!) replaced with brand new ones.
Going to see that!

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