‘See You in the Next Life’, Brett Anderson sang at the farewell of Suede 2003 in London Astoriatheater. Blood is thicker than water, because it was not 'next life'. After seven years, yet did that famous 'Seven Year Itch' around the corner. Although seven years in music standards of course is a huge time-from Lady Gaga, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs or the Kooks time had no one heard- time has stood still happy for Suede.

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From the opener The Hollywood Life feels act like a coat of the same stuff: nice, soft, comfortable, vulnerable. Why do you thing that ever thrown in the closet may know Joost. But dusting and back out of mothballs Suede looks as fresh as familiar, as we know from the last show in the Netherlands at Lowlands 2003.

The beginning of a renewed (uitverkocht) Suede evening is somewhat stiff. The band has transportation problems by weather, things turn out to be in Sweden and the soundcheck is running out. With the result that both programs Spirals headlining Suede begin half an hour later. After some pushing around the entrance everyone rushes into the room and Spirals should be able to demonstrate to the public. At the British-style pop songs of the Rotterdam-The Hague-Amsterdam foursome (for the opportunity extended to five) sounding tight and tuneful. Occasionally daring: an instrumental song of six minutes for his guests to an audience that does not come to you, testifies nonetheless there. And it works perfectly.

Then it's the turn of the British to show themselves to the Dutch fans. Even without guitarist and co-founder Bernard Butler is enjoy Suede classics. Slack numbers are hardly found in the setlist: She, Animal Nitrate,Trash, Heroine, Everything Will Flow, So Young, The Beautiful Ones, all be played. Even the official debut single from The Drowners 1992 passes. The only shortcoming is perhaps the lack of She's In Fashion album Head Music from 1999, still the greatest "radio hit" of the band.

Anderson is feeling like a fish in the water with his old buddies: 'How are things? Good, good, good, good!"He flirts, juggling his microphone, is constantly (physical) touch with his fans, surrenders completely short of everything and everyone. In Short, he entertains the best. Quite a difference with the solo concerts of recent years, where Anderson was still mostly be admired on a stool with an acoustic guitar. The energy that gives Suede frontman tonight, he will return with interest from the audience; a case of ultimate synergy. Everyting Will Flow, Anderson sings and the hall cries with him: 'Ohohoowww… everything will flow!'And copy the man's gestures as a sign of adoration.

The Wild Ones shows another audience favorite. In this ballad of Dog Man Star Anderson must soared in his voice, but that is no problem. After an acoustic solo interlude with the Bowie-esque The Living Dead, follows valve Saturday Night. Anderson – with shirt that almost to his navel is unbuttoned- finds it enough and thanks everyone who comes first person by a sincere handshake. Let's hope it's not a one-off reunion tour, because it tastes more. To a possible sequel, but just throwing it just appeared Best Of album in the CD player…

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BLAZE!: INTERNATIONAL street dance and theater

De Britse musicalchoreograaf Anthony Van Laast (Bounce, Mamma Mia!, The Wizz) has a new energetic street dance show designed in a spectacular setting with high-tech projections. With an international cast of his own words "the sixteen best street dancers and breakdancers in the world ' , is Blaze! a 80 minute nonstop show vibe of a club mixes with the spectacle of a theater and the energy of a rock concert.

Among the dancers is also the 20-year Jomecia Oosterwolde in Netherlands. Last month she was in London working hard to study in the dance steps. "I'm just there without expectations and full of willpower on the audition abandoned. There were six candidates for the finals. We were all very good so I was not expecting that I would be. Until ten days later I was called by the production! The show mainly to individuals and personalities. I think they were looking for a girlish type with lots of pit. That's the role I've been given and it suits me. "


The special Blaze! According Oosterwolde the talent there to participate. "Not only the dancers but also the people behind the scenes. The people have the light on the 'This is IT' tour and worked with the Rolling Stones. The set designer, the set of all Kanye West Tours designed and Lady Gaga. "

'We are 15 dancers in the crew, but we are all so different. There is a lot of respect for each other's talents and we just want to learn from each other. That brings such a good vibe in the group. I am proud that people with different personalities and backgrounds can work together so well. "


The rehearsals were tough but fun. "It was from day one hardcore! Simply record, remember, places and Continue. I am therefore become physically stronger. It's like you're training for the Olympics. You are nonstop yourself busy preparing for the premiere day. Every week there was another choreographer along to a few pieces, like Kenny Wormald, Lyle Beniga en Mike Song. These people have with people like Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez collaborated! So you can expect great things anyway. Every day I learn something, perhaps a new move or maybe something new about my own character. It is about inspiring live- and learning environment. "


Before the show calling at Rotterdam, First watch the premiere in Londen.'Het is a dream to make my debut in West End. I feel myself a little girl in this big city, but there are so many possibilities. London for me is completely new. So the fact that I can stand such a large theater here, it brings with it nerves. But perhaps I am nervous to do the show in Netherlands. There I find people who completely crazy that I'm in London, but it also brings with it a kind of pressure. I do it quite properly and show the people at home what I have learned. "



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Babyboom against Gen-Y

By Dimitri Heels


Flier Whistling twenties with a late-faire mentality versus rigid in their fifties who are only too happy to show their seniority. The stubbornness of flashy wizzkids versus the stubbornness of the baby boomer. Generation differences are a source of tension in the workplace. But are those clichés or? Launching early Ineke van Dalen (Baby Boom) The Yoran Kemp (And Generatie) about their experiences with the generation gap. And guess what: at the CIZ fall those differences that bad.


"I'm sitting on a branch with a young team, but I see little difference between the performance of different generations, except that older people take up the ICT area less. I grew up with Nintendo, Gameboy in MSN. Elderly or studious. Only sometimes it is not as fast. Elderly serve as a source of information. But that is because they are usually already on the works department. They know how things can best be controlled. I learn a lot of them.

What I do notice is that the elderly more difficult to deal with changes within the organization. Not that they complain, but she just takes more effort. They're like: "Is that really? It was still good as it was?'I think: Best, before, must change? Then we do it so!"

That would have the younger generation problems with authority, I do not recognize. Or vice versa. I can imagine that a young team leader difficult accepted by the elderly. They think: "Such a rookie going to tell me anything I need to do. '

Older people often have the ambition to stay longer in a department. I am here temporarily and would first have to study. Probably it's different when I later that dream job. Then I also have the ambition to stay somewhere longer. At Least, if I'm enjoying myself. I notice young colleagues that they find the atmosphere very important. I want to enjoy my work. It is also not a problem to earn less if I know that the work is somewhere else more fun. Balance, what matters.

Suppose there comes a time when I get fired, then that it is not the end of the world. Not throwing in the towel sit, but looking for something new. I do not lie awake of what could happen. I'll see what comes my way. "



"The team in which I work is very diverse, with young people and elderly people. It is intended that all works in the same way. As a result, differences less visible. The young people in this department, work, there is also quite a while. So it's not that one is more knowledgeable than others. They are mainly practical rules that we have received all at once. And if you want to know something you have googled it so.

People of my generation usually have more life experience. I have worked in different places in care. I've seen more situations. Today we almost never home visits, but by my past I see a phone much faster the situation for me, so I might be able to better assess what is needed and can judge earlier where the problems lie.

Older people also do not like the hierarchy. Any changes or decisions that are not standard which must past the team manager, while I sometimes think: we can also assess best self.

Recently, the Young CIZ was founded. Young people come there occasionally get together and workshops. This organization was created from the initiative of the young people themselves, so there is a demand for, but actually it is quite strange that a separate department. We also have the need for training and development. Self-development is important. That is not only reserved for young people.

Rules change frequently within the CIZ. First you have something left, and after three years, the once clockwise and then again left. If you do not go to them, you do not work here with pleasure. Here you have to go along with the flow. We are always on the move. The team manager will soon disappear. These are major things, but I can not say: I do not want. I have to go along, even though sometimes I see myself not the reason. "



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Garage, disk, beat, punk, metal, soul, indie, electro, hard rock and hip-hop ... the Metropolis Festival again this year a mixed bag of musical styles. Just as programmer Marcel Haug it has in mind. "The ideal Metropolis Festival is for me like Rotterdam itself: a mix of different cultures. "

BY Dimitri HOCKS

And thus has the best free open air festival this year alongside hip-hop Kraantje Daddy, for example, the garage rock of Thee Oh Sees and the hard rock of Vanderbuyst. Haug: "And everything through each other, no hassle with separate stages such as an Urban internship. "

From Stillwater, Oklahoma komt Other Lives. The formation of singer Jesse Tabish starred last year at Lowlands and the Crossing Border festival. The orchestral indie folk intersects with Mumford & Sons, The National and seventies folk. The almost cinematic musical also handles Marcel Haug. "I'm glad that I was able to book. It's beautiful desolate folk. They were early this year rightly opening for Radiohead in the US "

Even Nick Waterhouse is an advance tip height: "Between the sound of Amy Winehouse and Sharon Jones among those 25 years into one of the better performers in the R&B/soul genre. His single Someplace is a real killer!"

Conan Mockasin, according to the organization a brilliant oddity from New Zealand with a voice that still is most reminiscent of a cross between an elf and a dwarf or as an external reviewer wrote: "The soundtrack to a film about a young mermaid psychotic directed by David Lynch."

Homegrown talent, there is also plenty. Besides the aforementioned Kraantje Daddy and Vander Buys these include. Bombay Show Pig, Skip ‘n’ Die, Rats on Rafts and Palio SuperSpeed ​​Donkey who despite their still tender age of average 15 year, will scatter with strong humorous Rock 'n Roll. Rotterdam's own beat proudly The Kik should not be missed at Metropolis.

Hoewel de slogan ‘The best you (n)ever heard of’, already a few years exchanged again for 'new music first "Metropolis Sentiment remained. Haug: "It's a place where I am with fellow enthusiasts who are open to something new. People who really come for the music and not just followers of popular artists. But unknown acts like a chance. In that respect the old slogan goes so still a little bit. "



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I CARE mentally disabled

I care in telling a colleague about concerns outside work to. This time: Margaret van den Berg (38), In indicatiesteller&V Unit Nijmegen.

Text Dimitri Mince

"Every Monday I'm in the Cornerstone in Bladel, a leisure club for people between eighteen and 38 year with an intellectual disability. I organize evenings dodgeball, walks, quests, make bowling or chocolates. If it is active. That they find fun, but I also. I can also hard to sit still.

Eleven years ago I walked in here because I wanted to help others. The participants are very pure and honest. We deliberation too often our response. She flaps everything from. They are occasionally just my own children, but in a larger body. I am indeed of the indiscriminate.

My weekly portion laugh I get from here to a large extent. You see they enjoy, and then I also enjoy. And it's still nice to be on your 38th still playing hide and seek. Last we had a drumming workshop. That was awesome! Participants danced spontaneously and volunteers peered into the windows. That was a special moment. We were a little Jostiband, said the workshop teacher. And so it was exactly!

Volunteering can also be difficult. So we had two participants with mental health problems. That ultimately was not doing. I must tell the group that they do not come back. That's very hard to explain.

Sometimes I take my kids. They like and learn what it's like to deal with people who are different than themselves. They do not look surprised when they see someone with a disability in walking street. There is more to life than yourself. That's why I do this. Many people have an excuse: too busy. I'm not so flexible with four children, who always go for. But whether you're two hours in the week, sports or your work for another. "


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I care for my foster son

I care in telling a colleague about concerns outside work to. This time: Ben Smit (50) has facilities employee at the Unit Rotterdam.

"There are so many children who do not get the opportunity and the love they deserve. That to me was the great motivation to embark on foster care. Bryan was twenty-two months when we saw him for the first time. Within five minutes he sat down next to me and grabbed my knee and started laughing. It felt good right away. I committed myself quickly. Hence the choice for long-term care. Meanwhile he again makes ten years a part of our family. My daughters also see him as a real brother and I see him as my son. He also calls me daddy and he wants to be on vacation like named Bryan Smith. His parents simply could not care for him. Bryan is fortunate that his parents love him very much and that many people care about him. He is always happy with the visit of his parents, but it strikes him too heavy. Then he waved them and then he 'just a block cycle'. And when he comes back then it was back to normal. Never with a foster child you stand there alone for. Sometimes difficult, sometimes nice. I can not decide what school he goes. That should, in consultation with all kinds of bodies, guardian and parents. With a foster child living with you the day, you have nice things, you have bad things. The care is very intensive. I need to put myself aside often. You can do that only when you love someone. It sometimes takes a lot of patience, but I get lots of love in return. It makes me a happier person. Bryan provide a safe environment is paramount. If he feels safer, he makes friends quickly and learns better. I see him go forward in leaps and bounds. Occasionally I notice that Bryan is not my real son. He is quite stubborn. He has that of his real mother. But I have to accept that he is different. It has stayed with one foster child. We felt that our family was complete. "


I CARE disabled

I care in telling a colleague about concerns outside work to. This time: Loes Dankelman (63), Management Assistant in Unit Driebergen-Zeist.

"In the summer I worked for two weeks as a volunteer at L'Accolade, a resort run by Dutch people with disabilities. On Ile d'Oleron in France can disabled people and their families and friends to enjoy together a carefree holiday. Just do not think about your limitations. Everything is completely taken care of. It is wonderful to see someone in an adapted wheelchair nice and smiling at the sea can you say: "I had not thought possible that this could!'.

Volunteer help can be in the kitchen or you organize theater performances and trips. A piece bikes with custom trikes, together crafting or just rocking with special bedschommels. That's completely crazy. Everyone has fun and there is much buffoonery, but there is also time for serious talks. Sometimes it is nice if they just against 'foreign' can tell where they are able to talk about it or that they are in love. I'm there for the happy smile and listening ear. Sometimes, it is less. Once someone was pretty sick. How do you deal with it? That person goes back home or customize your care so that he can continue. Or if a window is destroyed, you must ensure that you first clean up the glass, otherwise someone with a flat tire. While you are hard at work, you do yourself a holiday feeling. There is a welcoming atmosphere. You get to know each other in a short time. Friendships are there. You're two weeks close to each other's skin, so it can sometimes lead to fights. For some caregivers, it is difficult to give everything completely out of your hands. They obviously know best how their aunt, child or parent must be provided. I understand it. "


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Face Tomorrow *interview review

A new guitarist, a new record and a new record. And then also just under the title Face Tomorrow. It seems like a whole new beginning. As experiencing Face Tomorrow singer Jelle Schrooten also: "We've been away for a while and have been back setbacks. A new record is almost always a new beginning. And that's fine anyway that can be made a party after every setback again. We are fucking glad that we can to the bucket with fresh bold new songs and a new guitarist. With Marc, we had a very cool time with all the crazy shows, Ralf is a fresh inspiration for the band. In other quirky ideas and game. Innovative, tight and with its own battle. Also, he is not limited to a music style. And surely that is our starting point. Most people liked our last album In The Dark a so-called "growth plate", whose impact, layering and depth very well received. But indeed there was a less exuberant sound, influenced by a dark period in our private lives. The sound the last album originated in a crackling fat cooperation with Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound Studio. This guest heard the songs exactly as we felt. With conviction and full throttle. Classic is that many different numbers again stand. So both hard and softer songs, both pop and rock, ¾, 4/4, 7/8, 6/8, angry and desperate, cynical and open, calm and restless. And we have passed the shots with a lot of fun. And that's good to hear on the album. The sound of the album is also much closer to our live sound than ever. So therefore closer to ourselves. And feel super good. "


Face Tomorrow is hard headway includes shows in the US and Germany and at Lowlands and Metropolis. After singer Jelle Schrooten auditioned for Di-Rect in a TV program and guitarist Marc Nolte sought new challenges elsewhere, the fate of the band as uncertain. But Jelle continued and a great new guitarist was found in Ralf Mastwijk. In a -Of course- sold Rotown Dutch one may best 'emobands' presenting his new album.

Already at the first number indicates that the tape volume is no longer calculated in small venues, or so it seems. Nét even te hard. The subtleties in Muse / Radiohead-like The Maze lost thereby unfortunately. A pair of ear plugs do wonders happy.

Face Tomorrow is no longer a pure emo more, but has evolved into a mature some more "radio friendly" sound. Energie, emotion, stratification, catchy gitaarmelodieën, topvocalen,driving drums are still there. Even the Tool and At The Drive Inn influences (Burning Bridges) are still to be found. The band has learned dosing, singer Jelle Schrooten sends his voice exactly the directions that he wants, without forcing. And with the stage presentation has been nothing wrong at all: such frontman must have your! Drummer Sjoerd van den Button smashes again delicious on the loose, eg price numbers Paralusion (catchy chorus that goes for a jumping crowds at festivals and provide a wonderful guitar melody) en eerste single The Fix (whose former guitarist Marc Nolte clip has taken on his behalf). Delirium is made up of an atypical roller rhythm, which Rotown with love meedeint. With Snakes and Ladders is what gas taken back and be joined on stage by Kensington. Beautiful fragility with an acoustic guitar and three voices. With some 'oldies' Static Eyes, Sign Up and The Stranger is almost the entire new album beyond. CD presentation is ultimately different from a real show, whereby the tension can build what better. But there is undoubtedly still tinkering for the next time, because after today, it's off to Germany next summer and hopefully a lot of festivals.


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The lubricating oil of the CIZ

Everyone has to do with: procesanalisten. They ensure that all the gears turning as they have to run. They are the lubricating oil of the holding. Without them run tests in the soup, There is no toilet paper and there is no salary on your account. "Everything starts with a process", process analyst says Lia Bleijs.

Everything starts with a process? What do you mean?

His Bleijs: "I do not necessarily mean that it will not work bredrijf , but we sure that everything runs efficiently. All cogs must run smoothly. If someone is adopted then the chain comes into force, which is related to it, such as workplace or card. If your access pass is not directly, then that is not a problem, but if someone does not have a computer, that's a lot harder. "

So everything has to do everything. And you bring those relationships in map?

"And, For example, if an application is modified, we look at what the consequences are for the tasks and responsibilities. We're going purely on the process itself. We are entering an indication counter not tell how to do his job. But we look at the outcome and what the next step in the process is. "

What's so nice about it?

"You get to know the entire organization, from top to bottom. That's nice. Ensure that it is not a picture puzzle for CIZ staff. If it appears that a request comes back three times in the same department, then we get two of those loops out. It may not seem so important, but if an action is ten seconds shorter and there are thousands of people who do that, then that saves quite some FTEs.

And if the processes on paper, are you ready?

"In recent years, attention has shifted to keys. This has consequences. Suppose we soon would never ask more indications, then the process will change again and again, we can make a lot of schedules. "

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Behind the scenes at Young Doc

Adventure is the key word at the third edition of Young Dock. Through international youth theater from cities where the adventure lies in the street ', but also with surprising tour through the caverns of the Rotterdam Theatre, offering an unexpected look at places that normally taboo for the public.

By Dimitri Heels

Rotterdam theater, Theater Siberia and the SKVR Theatre also have this year joined beaten for Young Dock, The two-day international theater festival for young people 12 to 25 year. "Everything is in this festival must-sees, performances that you must have seen ', Evita said the Red SKVR. Where port cities in previous editions, such as Tangier and Durban made a contribution theater, has chosen this year for groups closer to home: People, Leuven and of course host city of Rotterdam. 'Cuts ensure that we can get no representations example from South Africa. But qualitatively, nothing has changed. Ghent and Leuven are cities with high quality innovative theater, full of adventure and with great multicultural diversity. "

In M2 Compagnie EERA revolves around four jugglers, caught in a shrinking surface. The personal space shrinks, disappears every form of intimacy and the presence of others is both a curse and a blessing. The compulsory cooperation may not only be part of the solution but the problem. This has a major impact on everyone's behavior and on everyone's way of juggling. Intense, closer to each other, but also harder and more violent. The four jugglers are confronted violently and irreparably with their fear and the consequences of a lack of living space.

American choreographer Andros Zins-Browne made for fABULEUS a special version of his dance production Limewire * . Originally Limewire * made with five professional dancers. Andros is now Limewire * with a large group of twelve dancers, as he had in mind actually during the production process. You used the Beatles or the Stones, you were a Mod or a Rocker. Nowadays young people turn a lot easier from one style to another and allows your MP3 player full of different types of music. Limewire *, the sense of rebellion denounced in an era where the strongest weapon of resistance precisely the capacity for copying. * Limewire is a physical feat, music by o.a. Nirvana, with young people who may encounter more than one beating.

Theater Siberia and Night Guests (Niels Croiset, Jef Hoogmartens, Koen Wouterse and Yorick Black), come with a three-hour show in which actors to the utmost of their ability to be driven. Armed with a mobile phone and only the knowledge of their own story and personal problem players appear on stage. This story is secret from the other actors, but certainly not for the public. The actors are thrown into the deep with only one gripe, namely the role they play. They have no idea what might happen. SMS messages can only be sent by the author to control the story. The public is aware of everything and thinks with the actors.

Public participation is also at the edge programming. Spread over six theater buddies can enjoy a hundred visitors a unique look behind the scenes. Young Actors Stage of SKVR lead the public, right before the show along locker rooms, backstage, the education room and even the orchestra pit. Evita de Roode: "You get to places you've probably never been. Maybe there to do just someone singing exercises or by taking dance steps. You make the stress of the actors from close or you already see a scene from the show. "



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HEAD: Hé, a man!

STREAMER: "I think it's fine to talk about compression stockings"

All the women in the office, everywhere you look but, no man see. But they are really hear, men in the women's stronghold called CIZ. Qui Vive wanted to know how women experienced shortage of men and whether "one stray CIZ-man feels indeed a little Remy and traveled to Zwolle for a good conversation with the FOBO team.

Woman Stronghold

One in five employees in the CIZ is male. Or to be precise: of 1944,35 fte is 17,7 percent to a 82,3 percent female. The FOBO team in Zwolle consists of a lot of women and one man: Berry at Hoven. Together with colleagues Froukje de Lange and Riny Walta he examines the gender differences. Really aware of his unique position Berry is not really. "Occasionally I have thought 'Gosh, I'm sitting here with all women ', but nothing more. I think there are many people with a nursing background arrive at the CIZ and care are simply more women working. It's about syndromes. I think it's fine to talk about stockings, or to talk about where the client suffers from. Many men do not see it as down. "

The CIZ-man

The CIZ-man is a special kind of man, who must deal with the "surplus of women". Even at his job was confronted Berry with it: "He was also asked. Could you against? With only women around you? But I have no problem with it. "For Riny and Froukje he is 'just' a colleague. So Berry is noon cozy along as the ladies go hiking. "Other guys I know at the CIZ are not" typical "men", believes Froukje. "You have to have certain characteristics. Berry gives a lot of attention and is sensitive. I think you can not work differently here. My friend had probably not endured. "In the ten years that Riny works at the FOBO team she is three men encountered in the department." The last guy I worked with looked different to care issues and encouraged others. If it had been a woman, then she was seen as a competitor and she had not gotten much done. Then there were games played: who are you that you will tell us how it's done. You should not think that you are more. Only women in a team creates a competition and more gossip and backbiting. Women love a little more in that respect as a man is in. "

Business multitasking

According to many books, magazines and clichés can women several things at once, while men often fail here. According Riny Berry also are affected. "If you put down something with him, if he is somewhere else is doing, is never good. While I can just do it in. "Our CIZ-man recognizes therein: "Jaaaa…indeed!. I need to really focus on something. My wife can think things, do… everything at once. I prefer the first one around before I start on something else. Otherwise you do a bit of everything and nothing all ".

To the point

Froukje Riny and agree with each other. Women are better at multitasking and men are generally to the point. That applies not only to Berry. "Berry is always very long-winded", laughs Froukje. He thinks too much with people, feels responsible visibility. Froukje recognize this feminine trait also to himself. "I tend to want to justify decisions in telephone. I want to explain why something is. But we have to be efficient, manly. Curtly. For example, the rules are, so it is. "

Men versus women talking

While women about clothes and the children chatting, creates a real man at about cars and his favorite soccer team. Riny and Froukje think their CIZ man that surely misses: "You can not talk with each other men about 'my wife is so and so," or about football ", believes Froukje. Who perceived needs but does not live totally at Berry. "That I do not miss football talk. I look just like Orange plays. And I do not feel lonely or so. But maybe that's just me. I'm actually not really a man-man. "The children and family life more often discussed. More often than in male-oriented offices Froukje know from experience. "When I ask my friend: have your peers children, then "he just does not know. Maybe it's the IT industry where he works. "Riny adds: "My friend says sometimes: that you and that you told us about your work, I never do that!"Berry does talk about his family life and his son. Sterker nog, he has a real collection of poems written about. "I am very open about. About my son, vulnerable and love. That's not really masculine, haha. I act also not different between men only. There I also say that I watch Ugly Betty. "

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I CARE FOR orphans in South Africa

I care in telling a colleague about concerns outside working hours to. This time Amanda van de Loo (25) to the word. She's assessors in Veldhoven.

"Not everyone has it so good for each other as I, my house, car and work. I want to do something with it. That's why I went in September to Palm Tree in South Africa to help the family of 'mother' Ros Visagie. She catches fifteen children who have lost both parents. There are more children, making it difficult to give everyone the same attention and love. I went there to support the 'mother'. With five volunteers we helped count, to read, homework, organizing trips or in the household. The beauty is that I much one-on-one contact was with the children. I made a child happy with something simple like a game of cards, I learned something new or someone making him completely revived. One boy was bullied at school because he could not count properly. We taught him when a new calculation method. You saw him be happier. He even began to ask where the mathematics test was. Then he brought out a high score, that was such a huge victory for him. That is wonderful to experience.

Not everything is beautiful natural. It is very intense to see that all children themselves lull, due to lack of adhesion. Sometimes they move so much back and forth, they bump their head. Then you have to move them to prevent them from injuring themselves. If I hit an arm around them, they stopped right away with it. It is apparently good. Love is what these children need. That is the main. What I do not see why I also like something noble. I am now in Netherlands, but in my head I am doing much. I am convinced that I go back. I now prefer to jump on a plane to help.


Celebrate the liberation: Surf to Nu-Soul Jazz

Parkkade is this year's brand new location for the Liberation of South Holland. On the two stages include appearances to be the Belgian-Dutch formation Drive Like Maria, rapformation Significant Names and The Boris & Wicked Jazz Experience (the new project of ex-Idols winner Boris). Brazilian beats, sexy cocktail jazz from the sixties borne by Club des Belugas, perfect pop songs are catchy and fun Rigby music from Samba Salad. Laughter and blown it at Comedy Award winner Marlon Kicken, can tinker with the Children's Workshop Scrap and visitors who want to know more about working in a war zone can contact a real Veterans Speeddate. Rotterdam's contribution to come this year Hausmagger, The Parents, Freedom in Music and Theater Customization.

Guus Meeuwis, The Boris & Wicked Jazz Experience and Junkie XL by the National Committee 4 in 5 May and thirteen liberation festivals appointed Ambassadors of Freedom 2010. The Ambassadors visit 5 May, the various festivals with a helicopter of the Royal Air Force. Rotterdam gets Boris and The Wicked Jazz Sounds Band visit. Boris is known for his Idols adventure. His soulful sound seemed to fit right in with the jazzy sound of The Wicked Jazz Band Sound, with a joint tour due.

The Rotterdam company Theatre Tailor existed for more than twenty years and makes theater with actors with intellectual disabilities. Liberation of South Holland, this year the scene of the premiere of La Batteria Maria. This musical performance takes you into a world of sound and movement, where seven musicians / players, divided into two groups, must settle see a musical showdown.

Freedom In Music is a collaboration of the conservatories of Amsterdam, Rotterdam en New York. Four 'bands' are made. Those bands go in the first week of May together to write music and especially making music. The songs are inspired by the Four Freedoms Franklin D. Roosevelt: "Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom from fear. "

Hausmagger is the two-piece band from Theo wesseloo and Eddy Sewerratti. Theo is known as half of the comedy televisieduo Rembo & Rambo, Eddy is indicated in the biography as "surf sound celebrity '. Accompanied interlacing rhythm box and fluttering surf guitars Theo brings us his vision of life. Right-to-right-to-songs in non-Dutch prose. Two, 'Little vague guests each with a master's degree in the gutter'. Unexpected "emo kick-downs associated with a high recognition. Rambo & Rembo fans will instantly recognize the absurd humor in the lyrics. "Buttocks, bellies, blouses in the subway 'pants' Rembo' as a kind of "dirty man" in the price song 'Man in the metro', which the clip on YouTube was viewed almost forty times.

Tamara Woestenburg is a singer and songwriter and makes music under the name The Parents. With its separate voice, nomination intense and deeply-personal songs she was already popular with Mike Garson (Bowie), Daniel Lohues and 3voor12. Last month she won South Holland of the Grand Prix with her songs are influenced by The Beatles, David Bowie, Nick Drake, Power station, Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey en Radiohead. After successful performances in Ahoy, Waterfront and Eendrachtspop she is now recording her debut album with ao. Jürgen Simons (Wattman), Michel van Schie (Candy Dulfer) Jordi GEUENS (Postman).

Parkkade WO 5 MEI, 11.15 The


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Meezingspektakel on the city stage

"Can you still sing, zing and mee ', that is the motto of the concert under the title Netherlands Sing Mee. Following our southern neighbors have been many Dutch cities for this festival cases. Almere Sing, Tilburg Sing, Weert Sing, Den Bosch Sing, Leeuwarden Sing, Haarlem Sing, Goes Sing, Enschede and Flushing Sing Sing pulled together over 34.000 visitors. During the special edition Lowlands Sing roared 17.000 with people. On 24 July is the turn of Rotterdam to yell along with the original Rotterdam, national and international songs Grotekerkplein.

The formula of the festival is simple: the texts of several classics in a freely available songs newspaper. With the newspaper in hand, the songs – from Abba to André Hazes, Ramses Shaffy to Tom Jones- loudly sung by the singers on stage and the audience.

Born from a group singing lovers in a bar in Antwerp, spacious 13 years ago, is the original concept of Flanders Sings become a spectacle in which 2008 on 40 place over 200.000 visitors have participated. The concept seems to work everywhere: between a few hundreds or thousands of others the embarrassment disappears and dares anyone to sing along. The confluence of the village in the town square also gives a great feeling of togetherness.

Sing Rotterdam is part of an extensive summer program at the City Stage opened last year at the Rotterdam Grotekerkplein. Until mid-September there is a varied program of Rotterdam, by Rotterdam. With lots of music (opera, classical and jazz), street theater and circus. Professional groups and a lot of Rotterdam talent, young and old. In the summer it is lovely lounging on Sunday afternoon for the Laurens Church with Caribbean music, World, salsa jazz. Sunday 29 August, entirely dominated by street. The season concludes with classic during the Gergiev Festival. (DH)



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The Dance Parade lives on

For the dance lover, the news hit hard: This year is no carriages full of booming beats, hordes of people dancing, who as a wisp move through the streets of Rotterdam. But do not worry: de Dance Parade is dood, leve de Dance Parade! From the ashes rises on dance parade 12 June, a new style dance festival in the South Park, with top international DJs, several trucks where various dance styles are turned, compiled in one great circle dance; dat is de Dance Parade 360.

Who else but Michel de Hey may indicate the start of the event, which was inspired by a frenzied parade in Sao Paulo 1998 and the last hours during the legendary Love Parade in Berlin "under the Ziegezeule '. After Hey drive ten super crazy sound systems within the park that each five hours create a frenzied atmosphere on and around the trucks. The organization promises sound systems that "more spectacular than ever because no tram lines are causing the stages to the height, for example inflatables. "Musical highlights are from The Face of Ibiza The Privilege, Lucien Foort, Click with Remy, Afro Acid met Gene Farris, Pierre and Paul Johnson, but also a 010 classics truck with Quinten de Rozario, Miss Monica en Marcello of Click met Remy en Bart Skills.

At eight o'clock all sound systems will be linked and Sebastian Ingrosso (Swedish House Maffia) of the central stage directing all ten sound systems. He is succeeded by the legendary Jeff Mills , which ensures that everyone can look back at eleven o'clock on a Dance Parade360, who will do all previous dance parades password.

In connection with the new rules event in Rotterdam is the Dance Parade no longer free, but that was the afterparty in previous years, not. Due to the same rules, the cards only at this time (on 20 euro) in advance and buy by name. (DH)



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Neil Young – Ahoy 7-6-2009

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Who attends a concert by Neil Young, will be heard on certain classics. The 63-year-old Canadian can indeed draw on a vast back catalog of more than forty years of solo work. Where other artists if they have to promote a new album, preferably no oldies play, gives the rock dinosaur rather prefer old work. A happiness for the fans, since man's last work "Fork in The Road 'is not particularly well received by both fans and press.

Concerts can give Uncle Neil fortunately still the best, he proves again in Ahoy. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt, that looks like his grandchildren leak their pens accidentally, Young landfill is full surrender in the show. Opener Love and Only Love van Ragged Glory uit 1990 bodes. Youngs wilde haarplukken, bobbing along on its distinctive gitaarerrupties. Guitar solos (read: virtuoso went to the 'jengelhengel' of its' Old Black' Guitar) drag you into a roller coaster of emotion. With a beautiful performance of Hey Hey, My My, he draws doubters quickly over the line. Still, it takes a while before the indispensable harmonica out of the box may: Unfortunately, a dragon of a number: Mother Earth. The sounds of the Hammond organ and harmonica are indeed beautiful, but the song itself is over the top kitsch and toe-curling. Young sounds like an evangelist in him hazards. Look out of place on an EO Youth Day this warbling about mother earth certainly not, but tonight rather not. We forgive him this faux pas but, because there follow passionate versions of Heart of Gold, Comes a Time, Old Man en Rockin’ in The Free World. In the encore a measured version of Like A Hurricane. Measured, because unfortunately solos fly anywhere really here out of the turn and remains in a reasonably short version. Over half an hour, moreish. And that can, For the true fan, of course, has his holiday already included the recently published 8 cd/dvd-verzamelbox The Archives 1963-1972; a fun package with lots of unreleased work.


Love And Only Love

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere


Spirit Road

Cortez The Killer

Cinnamon Girl

Mother Earth

Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Lost In Space

Heart Of Gold

Comes A Time

Old Man

Mansion On The Hill

Get Behind The Wheel

Rockin’ In The Free World

Encore: Like A Hurricane


Michel Fugain: meer dan a beautiful story

The name Michel Fugain do many people still ring a bell. You say the contrary: 'A beautiful story', 'Sing' to 'Spring', then says that many more. Both numbers can be found in annual best-hits-all time lists as the Top 2000. Moreover sing Paul de Leeuw and Gerard Cox man's car who see the Dutch charts in under the title "A nice story '.

The 67-year old chansonnier and composer from the French Grenoble enchants everyone with his ballads. Not only is Fugain vocals are male, as a composer for other artists he earns his spurs in the French music. He wrote for artists like Dalida and Hugues Aufray.

The musical career of Michel Fugain begins at age 21 when he stops his medical studies and his hometown of Grenoble, with his guitar leaves for Paris, where he dreams of a career as a film actor. He befriends Michel Sardou and writes four songs for him. He is discovered as a composer and makes songs for ao. Dalida, Hugues Aufray, Hervé Vilard Mary Lafôret, through whose producer he in 1966 gets his first record deal.

Zijn eerste hit 'I do not have time', he scores in 1967. He also writes the opening hymn for the Olympic Winter Games 1968 in in 1969 he reached the mecca for every artist, The Olympia Paris. After his solo career he will be touring with the group Le Big Bazar, which he reached years new hitnoteringen. After a difficult period in which his daughter dies and as a result his creativity falters, appears in 2004 a new CD "C'est pas de l'amour, but it's like '. He threw himself into a new adventure; a show with young people a la Big Bazar. And two years later, "Bravo et Merci '. In Short, Fugain can draw on a vast repertoire. (DH)

New Luxor Theatre, of 2 March 20.00 The


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Isa Hoes shines as the "happy housewife"

While Carice van Houten, from April to admire in the cinema as lead actress Lea, Isa Hoes is that currently on the shelves may enjoy as "The Happy Housewife '. The stage adaptation of the bestseller is the first fruit of the collaboration between writer Heleen van Royen and producers Albert Verlinde and Roel Vente.

Both movie, play, as a book telling the story of Leah Meyer Cornelissen. This 31-year-old 'kakmadam' from Aerdenhout experiencing a difficult delivery of a child she already not really wanted and beats by. After admission to a clinic she ends up on the sofa of jet psychiatrist Beau van Kooten (played by Marc Klein Essink), who thinks that the tragic death of her father on her thirteenth is the cause of this crisis.

Dick van den Heuvel crafted debut novel 2000 Heleen van Royen, of which there are now more than 250000 copies sold, in consultation with the writer and director Mette Bouhuijs. Reviews mention a 'smart composed, abstract preconceived idea '. The story focuses on Leah and her 'madness', where the spectator really Leah's head may look. Anne Lamsvelt plays multiple roles as the maternity nurse, the sister and the patient in the facility. Lea therefore wonders why she sees the same woman. Leading actress Isa Hoes performs bizarre conversations: freely associating, desperate, coarse and humorous.

"I think many women will recognize themselves in the story ', says Van Royen in the Telegraph. "When you become a mother, Should you suddenly so much. You have to love it, you have to put yourself completely aside, while you sometimes wonder: I find it really so nice and who was I saying before I became a mother? You seem to have to experience motherhood, otherwise your life is not complete or so. I do not agree. "

The poignant dramatization is like the book, very specific. The birth of Leah's including a vacuum pump and tongs stretching the head of the baby. "They might just as well with a mixer attachment hooks through my box can get ', Leah vessel striking together. Van Royen language is acquired in the stage version. And so the audience gets to hear phrases like: "He even cut once! I do not cunt more about '. Also Royen appeared impressed, na first. "On paper, it is much less severe than when you see it in real life.”

Theatre Website On Stage in his review than four stars on the stage adaptation. 'Isa Hoes plays with verve a woman who is unable to give any direction to her life and her family. (…) 'The Happy Housewife' was already a huge success as a book, the play does certainly not under. " (DH)



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Ellen Ten Damme in Oude Luxor, Rotterdam (15-4-09)

Text a photo's Dimitri Mince

The theater Do you dare?!? , Ellen ten Damme is more subdued than ever. No tough rock diva more, gone are the cartwheels and costume parties. Naked than it is at Damme have not previously been. Figuratively, but also literally during the opening, which her naked torso just plastered with some strips of duct tape. As if she wants to keep the viewer that no barriers today are raised.

Do you dare with?!? Ten Damme settled in any case for the first time the language barrier. English and German, has given way to the mother tongue. Together with poet Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer Ten Damme wrote the lyrics for the theater.

In de minimale setting (with two companions Berlin and Jan van Eerd) and is the beauty of Ten Damme's voice well forward and hear the beautiful lyrics. They are readily, recognizable, poetic, but anything but contrived. "If you only know that I did it, so you never forget, you are mine ', recounts release, love and what you have left for the love. It is one of the moments in the goose bumps show, which unfortunately leaves little room for spontaneity. If a conference is all fixed, even between gossip and public participation. The surprise is limited to a firm that does just thunder startled the public.

Who let all about him, can enjoy splendor music, ingenious text, jokes and serious musings about the dullness and the beauty of life. Humor is also there with Faint Song: "I had some kind of something to someone, with a nose 'and the cover choices: "I have to rehabilitation, but I say no no no ' (Amy Winehouse Rehab) and the classic 'I do not want to get up. "

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From Beestenbende: Orwell for youth.

On the farm Herenhoeve is one big beestenbende. The animals are dissatisfied with the life style that is determined by their farmer. "All men are enemies!'Find them. The animals hunt him out and take yourself over power. That is the beginning of the show "The Pets', that is played, danced and sung by pupils of Jeugdtheaterschool Hofplein and interns from The MBO Theatre.

It's a familiar story: "The beestenbende 'is based on George Orwell's' Animal Farm' ('Animal Farm'). Jaco van der Moolen edited theater script Nelson Bond to a new Dutch theater version, which remained the same in the base.

On the Herenhoeve be drafted seven precepts: the rules of animalism. The main rule is: all animals are equal. Good spirits start the animals to a new world on the farm.

Soon, however, that some animals 'more equal' than others. Some animals like to be the boss and so the pigs come out on top. Life on the farm is becoming harder for the remaining animals. They are gullible and can not read, making it easy for the pigs to each to apply the rules. All these things lead to the big clash.

"The beestenbende 'is a timeless tale of abuse of power: or countries where governments by civil war or coup lose power, which then enters a new leader to power that promises everything. After a time he draws all the power to himself and the situation is worse than before the takeover. So too with the pigs in the story: they hebbent good plans, but as soon as they are in power, that power is abused and helps to create a dictatorship and oppression.

The original story is an allegory about the events following the revolution in the Soviet Union, and in particular the rise of Stalinism. Many of the characters in the book are identifiable as historical figures. The two pigs Napoleon and Snowball, the strijden om de macht, are direct representations of Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Opposite this duo is among other horse Boxer. He is the example of the working class: loyal and strong. His main defect, his blind faith in the leaders and the inability to see corruption. Boxer plays an important role in holding together Animal Farm, delft but eventually literally the worst.

At the first press indicated that the book contained a parody of the dictatorship but also that it was intended as entertainment for children 13 years of age and older. The presentation of Jeugdtheaterschool Hofplein / Vocational Theatre directed by Jeroen Kriek and choreographed by Marijke Lips, has an even younger audience in mind: everyone is welcome from six years to come and see this new version of Orwell's classic and listen. (DH)


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Free performances by Moke, Racoon, Stevie Ann, cabaret Klaas van der Eerden and Jandino Asporaat, dance of the Scapino Ballet, RO Theater and two thousand years of Chinese history. All in one festival. That is only possible on the R'Uitmarkt. Visitors to this year, lying stretched out on the grass and enjoy natural traditionally stroll along the stalls with information about the new cultural season.


The R'Uitmarkt Sunday 7 September opens to 13.00 hour with China Impressions on the main stage. Some highlights of a spectacular show of music, dance and martial arts which are both the mystical and modern China imagined. This Dutch-Chinese co-production is a theater for the whole family full of acrobatics, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, ethnic dances, Calligraphy, ballet, Modern in, visuals and music. The warriors of the famous Terracotta Army, from the time of the first emperor, come to life on stage. In of in puts 1000 hands (Donghuah) of the Silk Road, the influence of Buddhism becomes visible. Modern China is exploring, under the dynamic sounds of rhythmic drum-girls. Rapidly followed by Tai Chi, ethnic dances and martial arts in Chinese hip hop. Finally, of course, a reference to the Beijing Olympics.


Moke can be called easily the most successful Dutch band of the past year. The quintet will quickly name with British guitar pop. Their Champions League Anthem Last Chance became an instant hit, "The world does' Amsterdammers adopted it as" house band "and always impeccably dressed on stage by Karl Lagerfeld.

The success is the reward for work 'as guitarist Phil Tilli. "We knew it was in. The plate was good, the band and we know what we want. But still it must be done. You can not relax, you have to stay on top and forward thinking. We are of the words, but also of the deeds. Maybe we therefore sometimes all a weakness for Feyenoord. "

Vocalist Felix Maginn of English-speaking origin, is vital, says the former guitarist of the Tröckener Kecks. "Not only because of the ruling. If you dream in Dutch and think and you translate that, is always something lost. Gerard Reve wrote his books still in his own language. '

Moke soon go on tour with their childhood hero Paul Weller of The Jam. "He has said from the beginning that we were doing a good job. Hear of your greatest hero of all time, Is not the ultimate compliment. And now we go with him on tour!"As soon suitcases are packed, missing one item in any case not: of strijkbout. Because the clothing must remain picobello. "We will take it himself. The board must arrange the room. You have no idea what kind of shapes and sizes, we have seen them, haha, even with an antenna!'


Also a singer-songwriter Stevie Ann made a lightning start. Prices yet the 21-year-old maker of songs in three years filled with nominations (TMF and MTV) and trophies (Silver Harp, gold plate and Essent Award). Anna Stéphanie Struijk, because her real name, soon collapsed on making the sequel Away From Here (2005) en Closer to the heart (2007).

Despite the successes, not much has changed. "I am still on the phone with Stéphanie ', laughs Limburg. "People you talk to when you are shopping and know everything about you. That was in the beginning separately. But I enjoy there of. It is good if your music is appreciated. "

As for Moke, turned the TV program The world runs by a decisive factor. "My new single was just out and the election campaign was in full swing. So I sat there with Balkenende play my song. That was a huge moment. "

For visitors R'Uitmarkt she has a surprise: a performance by Racoon. Struijk:"For me it is a surprise, haha. I still have no idea what number we do. A cover or something from Racoon. It is spontaneously, because we often encounter each other at festivals. '

Struijk fancies. "I like festivals. You play for new people, so it's hard work. "Afraid to take uninterested people, talking through her sensitive songs she has not. "In the beginning I could really eat up about. Tivoli, I agree as long as the intro of a song by playing until everyone was quiet. And managed. For R'Uitmarkt I do not worry about me. Those are real enthusiasts who come for the music…'


This year will present a real cabaret stage on R'Uitmarkt. Comedians and stand up comedians this day, visitors will make you laugh. O.a. with a performance by comedian and human beatboxer Klaas van der Eerden. Over his last show wrote the AD: 'Roots is packed with original finds, high density joke and has speed and variation. "Furthermore humor Jandino Asporaat (winner of the prize of personality Cameretten 2005), Shrink to Arie Vuyk, by Friends of the Magazine "perhaps the most environmentally friendly comedian of the Netherlands was called, the comical duo Louder and Donselaar, Johan Goossens (winner Groningen Student Cabaret Festival 2006 of both the jury, publieks-, as persoonlijkheidsprijs) and the Flemish cabaret group Youth For protection. The latter group presents performances that consist of short narrative pieces in an overarching storyline, whose main influence Kommil Foo. A hilarious afternoon is guaranteed.


Eric Gauthier is artistic director of his own group Gauthier Dance in Stuttgart and made "Ballet 101 '. In this solo he created, with the five basic positions as the starting point, a humorous 'crash course' classical ballet. Under the wings of the Scapino Ballet born Canadian shows a solo in which hundreds of ballet positions pass. Then a voice throws the positions in a random order, which is to see the dancer to keep track of. It provides exciting and creative ballet as we are used to the company of Scapino leader Wubbe.

Little Red Riding Hood IN THE GREEN

Children also R'Uitmarkt is a feast. They can enjoy performances of ex-idol Maud, who shines in the role of Little Red Riding Hood and a presentation of the Singing Harp. Bert and Ernie and Bob the Builder walk around and creative kids can get started with easels, paint and brushes. This year, the festival atmosphere is complete, thanks 900vierkante meter Flying Grass Carpet, that just before the main stage will be situated. Dit ‘instant park’, an art project by HUNK-design and IDEddy, travels throughout the Netherlands and occurred because the Green Year 2008 also Schouwburgplein to.



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Clubcruise: with one ticket along the hippest clubs and venues

Rotterdam at night reveals many faces

By Dimitri Heels

More than 160 nationalities houses Rotterdam. Thus, the port city is an epitome of versatility. This diversity is also reflected in the nightlife. During Club Cruise 6 September, a hummer, oldtimer, limo or tuktuk, the visitor to the hottest clubs and venues. And all with one ticket. As icing on the cake, the chance to see the brand new concert hall Watt literally to run on their own dance sweat.

Watt, Waterfront, Rotown, Baroeg and Worm hit this club season more often than previously teamed. In Worm stand beep-oink-jazz bands programmed alongside avant-garde performances. At the disco room for hiphop, electronic jamming and bouncing 'blip-hop, ragga-tech, R'n'B fused punk and click-pop illectronica. "Additionally Worm is the place for innovations in the field of visual communications. The stage is set in a seventeenth century VOC building in Delfshaven with a device consisting mainly of recycled material.

Sustainability is also the credo in Watts, the new popcomplex that occupies the place of the old Nighttown. Watts is an energy-generating dance floor, that the movement of the dancing crowd into electricity. "And your urine is flushed with rainwater ', laughs Watt-owner Ted Langenbach. The party guru has big plans to take "the backlog in other world 'in. "People now to Berlin, Ghent and London go, come back. There is a good basis for the clubs and there slumbers enough creative talent. Rotterdam's youth are not shy. "

Poppodium Rotown (capacitance: 250) serves as a "searchlight for the stars of tomorrow '. The snack prevents bands upon arrival directly to the streets should look for an unhealthy snack. According to Joey Ruchtie, in 2007 named best programmer in the Netherlands for his work at Rotown, perhaps one of the secrets. "This is their home for one day. If it's good, pay that back into an energetic show. "

Ruchtie is also responsible for the live concerts in Watts. The one where he looks at adventurous acts with an accessible character, he must come back to the other worries that successful former Rotowngangers again. 'Franz Ferdinand, Saybia and The Kooks can now only go to Amsterdam and Tilburg. "

Metal Stronghold Baroeg let Baroeg Open Air festival coincide with the Cruise Club. Club hoppers can this year, so plenty of hair waving in the Spinozapark. The 27-year stage guarantees heavy music like metal, gothic, punk en industrial.

Waterfront offers (inter)national bands and dance nights ranging from punk to breakbeat. During the cruise we have chosen a dubstep and drum 'n' base evening. "Genres which excels Waterfront ', thus the programmer Gareth District. "The hardest of the hardest, but it looks every time full. Maybe that's because the city gabber past. "The small room is a hangout, where bands play at low entrance fees. "The wardrobe is free, the doorman asks no tip and you are a visitor the idea that you have a problem, if someone "wrong" looks. "

Who further overnight in want, can also go to Herr Zimmerman. This former meat factory is no place for uniformity, but energetic music and a lounge where vegetarian (!) paninis and vegetables- and juices are sold. Exit stage is a tribute to the disappeared Rotterdam Eksit, where bands like U2, Sex Pistols and Simple Minds occurred. Today it is the place where other young bands, DJs and advanced acts show their talent. In a former pedestrian tunnel Catwalk is located. Strong colors, comfortable sofas and a mobile DJ booth create a pleasant atmosphere in the ground in the heart of Rotterdam.

Club Cruise Saturday 6 september. Locations o.a. Catwalk, Blend, Quote, Mr. Zimmerman, Life Club, Bootleg, Exit, Waterfront, Baroeg, Worm, Watt and Rotown. Access in advance 15 euro. On the night itself: 20 euro. More info:

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"Heimat" inspires photographers at Breda Photo

Five weeks Breda is dominated by the photography. From 25 September the city is immersed in a fotobad with exhibitions, readings, workshops, book fairs, competitions and meetings with numerous photographers (inter-)National allure. Among the more than forty exhibitors include Martin Parr, Stephan Vanfleteren, Isabel Firvida, Renata Poljak, Mohamed Bourouissa, Daisuke Ichiba Jordi Bernado.

Breda Photo 2008 on 25 September officially opened in the Mezz by actor / photographer Thom Hoffman. The title of the third edition of the photo festival "Heimat Hotel ', Topical home and temporality centered. A very topical theme, according to the organization. "Political unrest in the Middle East, fear of unfamiliar cultures and popularity of Verdonk and Wilders. The arguments prate fear mortal sin. You could almost forget that diversity is something special. "With 'Heimat Hotel' Breda Photo wants to show much diversity and raise questions: how we see ourselves and how 'the other'? Each photographer gives his own interpretation of the comprehensive theme. Photographers with dual nationality showing work with the struggle of nationalities as background. Magnum photographer Martin Parr shows the world as it is, but in an almost glamor-like manner.

Breda Photo aiming for a festival of international prestige. With exhibitors such as the aforementioned Martin Parr and Stefan Vanfleteren was initiated for this purpose. Vanfleteren is widely recognized with awards. The Fleming spent his divided homeland in the picture with the exhibition and the book Belgicum. Photos of people in the pub, deserted streets, a dead cat along a curb; a fragile world of loneliness, poverty, but at the same time with dignity. Breda Photo is he represented with images from his series 'Flandrien', which will be shown in the outdoor exhibition. These photos are the result of years of Vanfleterens activities in cycling in Flanders. Here he shows interest in the sportsmen but also in their stories and the supporters and fans.

The internationally renowned documentary photographer Martin Parr focuses on the lifestyle of the British middle class. The work holds a mirror to society, is provocative and therefore calls regular discussion. Unvarnished flash exposes all. Breda Chassépark shows his photo series 'Small World', which examines ironically to the tourism industry. For his new series 'luxury', which can be seen in the Breda Museum, Martin Parr traveled to cities such as Dubai, Durban and Moscow where he fashion shows, art fairs and luxury goods photographed. But he also visited horse racing and the Oktoberfest in Munich. Modesty is not a necessarily a distinct trait of the portrayed from the scene of the international jet set. They show no depth proudly their newly acquired status and wealth.

Besides photographer Martin Parr also known as avid collector of books, postcards, photos of international artists and memorabilia. Part of this collection is now on display at Breda Photo 2008. More books are on display and for sale at the book fair in the Great Church. On 27 in 28 September, sniff visitors between the antiquarian and new books, framed by lectures, book presentations and conferences.


& Nbsp;

Breda Photo

of 25 September to Fri 31 October 2008

Various locations in Breda.


The Rotterdam Winter glitter!

By Dimitri Heels

Atmospheric winter activities abound in the center of Rotterdam, the next few weeks. Of rampant Santas to fire eaters and jugglers, but also tales, theater and musical entertainment. And not to forget: the most remarkable and highest Christmas lights from Netherlands.

The project took SNOW Studio VollaersZwart last year for a real traditional white Christmas in Rotterdam. Also this year, the design focuses on a vanished townscape: starry. With 'Stars' the building of the Nationale Nederlanden is transformed into a Christmas lights 151 meters. Thousands lasting LEDs create a starry sky like those only admire in the countryside. "We wanted to bring back the stars again within an urban environment. In the city that do not usually see that nowadays many "stain light 'in town', thus Madje Vollaers. The LEDs are placed randomly on the wall so that there is a natural starry arises who will shine in the night sky.

The monumental sculpture of light is fully functional without clutter. The lights charge during the day through solar cells and give their light off when darkness falls. Vollaers:"We looked for an opportunity to bring to light a large building and met with solar lighting, a self-sufficient lighting system. It costs no energy and you do not need to be wired. "

More light can be found on the Coolsingel, where Opstelten for the last time as Mayor of the City, the lights of the Christmas tree will light meter Norwegian. The center in the coming weeks will bathe in a sea of ​​light. Beautifully decorated shopping and artists performing between shoppers ensure that Christmas shopping is a feast.

Friday 19 December promises to be a special day with the Q-Santa Run. Thousands of Santas run then through downtown. The Santas walking is a tradition in cities like Sidney, Milan and London. Last year witnessed the Rotterdam edition premiere. When hoisted two thousand enthusiastic participants in a Santa suit to make the five kilometer course.

After this crazy endurance, the street turns into a Fairy Tale Parade with beautifully costumed dance groups, jugglers, fire eaters and children, which pass in a long procession. Besides the well-known fairy tales of Grimm and Andersen are also depicted myths and folk legends.

Even more to see in fairy tales Fairytale Town. For four weeks, children and their (great)parents go to more than one hundred activities, scattered throughout the city. Of fairy tale movies to treasure hunts and theater performances and workshops. As many as five children's farms are completely transformed into fairytale farms storytellers, crafts and face painting. On petting find Cage gnome afternoons and petting the Molenwei has activities with the theme of The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids and Little Red Riding Hood.

In the center to visit various theater performances Youth Theatre Hofplein, Old Luxor Theater Zuidplein. The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra performs the musical tale "The Teardrop Swan 'at De Doelen. Lantaren / Window and The Maritime Museum turning tale movies. Children at the Maritime Museum send a fairy tale to an unknown sea during "Message in a bottle '. The National Education Museum is the exhibition to admire "Even princesses go to school and Villa Zebra has the exhibition" What seek Lure?'With adjoining workshop and exhibition fairytale life'.

December natural traditionally ends with spectacular fireworks. During the New Year's Eve is given the starting signal for the European Youth Capital. From eight o'clock there is an ongoing youth program to eight means a big fireworks show on the Maas.







& Nbsp;

Fireworks spectacle on the Maas

Junkie XL and Ilse Delange denominated youth year 2009 in

By Dimitri Heels

Starting this year we can talk about a real tradition. Then find indeed the second edition of the National New Year Night. Expect fireworks spectacle, party people and top entertainment among others Junkie XL, Ilse Delange, by Estelle. But that's not all: from midnight Rotterdam may call itself officially the first Youth Capital of Europe.

Closed New Year took place in a foggy Maasstad, The first edition of the National New Year Night. Around the Erasmus Bridge put top acts like Kane their best foot forward. The starting point for the National celebration, were the exuberant jaarwisselingen in Sidney, London, Rio en New York. "It must also be in the Netherlands', thought the organizers at Tridee. And where such a celebration can then better place than among the "most beautiful bridge and skyline in the Netherlands."

The festivities last year his "expanded and pimped '. In other words,: 'Fireworks grander, de locatie optimal, the lineup even better and more spectacular stage '. The venue has been moved from south to north. The elongated Boompjeskade accommodate twenty thousand paying visitors. To ensure that all partygoers have a clear view of the artists, will be two pushers back-and-forth sail the floating stage. Two large projection screens provide optimum visibility to the artists and New Year Celebrations in the 'other world'. For anyone who has managed to get a ticket, The event can be followed live on television.

The biggest fireworks in the Netherlands this year for the first time, for a part of the spot conceived. "Five hundred young people will be in a special compartment through a voice box, live to compose the fireworks. This Rotterdam's first interactive fireworks in the world ', says Klaas Rohde of Tridee.

The organizers Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL, managed to snare to exit smashing the last hour of the National New Year Night. The Los Angeles resident DJ and producer was nominated in December for a Grammy Award for his remix of "4 Minutes" by Madonna. Holkenborg has already created remixes for Britney Spears, Coldplay, Depeche Mode and broke through with his Elvismix 'A little less conversation'.

Live music under the Erasmus bridge, this year written by Ilse Delange. Almelo singer completes successfully this 2008 of, which she received a Golden Harp for her work and a platinum record for her album Incredible. Rotterdam who want to see more Ilse after the mini-concert and hear, do not wait too long. On 21 March, scheduled a concert in Ahoy.

International input during the New Year's Eve comes from Estelle, with a mix of funk, reggae, pop en R&B. The English singer made a bang with the song 'American Boy', where a role is played by rapper Kanye West. But also makes vocal assistance under Estelle beautiful music, as she proves with the albums 'The 18th Day' and 'Shine' .

The New Year's Eve is the official start for Rotterdam Youth Capital of Europe. While the Netherlands is aging, 'Greening' Rotterdam. Almost one third of the population is younger than 27 year. The youth capital offers the youth who want to develop their talents and want to contribute to the city, one shot. Under the slogan 'Your World', the city organizes big and small events, but especially by young people. This summer Rotterdam presents itself as the destination of young Europe: young people will take the city literally. During four exciting weekends in July, everyday there is something to do and often even for free.



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Jubileumeditie Summer Carnival in Brazilian sunshine

'Brazil lalalala…Brazil lalalala ', will resound frequently during the anniversary edition of the Summer Carnival. That can not be otherwise! For the twenty-fifth time Rotterdam changes late July, in a swirling and swinging mass with beautiful gears, sultry and rhythmic music and shaking buttocks: this time with a special Brazilian touch.

BY Dimitri HOCKS

The colorful street parade Ortel Summer Carnival attracts thousands of visitors from the Netherlands and abroad to Rotterdam. This year, the colorful parade an extra exotic touch: a square that is entirely dedicated to the cradle of tropical carnival, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro is the place to be in carnavalstijd, because then you will find there the famous street parade. From the Sambadrome everyone has a good view of the swinging acts. This seven hundred meter long section of the Rua Marques de Sapucaí is provided specifically for the parades of stands. Each samba school is eighty minutes to pull through the Sambadrome. These parades are seen as a big competition between the different districts and samba schools. Each parade has a theme, and uses exuberant costumed dancers and floats. The biggest street carnival in the world also finds place in Salvador da Bahia,.Celebrating they can therefore be, Brazilians. The parade on Saturday 25 July under the leadership of the zomerkoningin through the streets of Rotterdam, is slightly smaller in scope, but no less festive. The beautiful city serves as a backdrop for a great show with thirty carnival groups.

Churchill Square is renamed Brazil Square, decorated with a colorful market with several Brazilian food, articles and art. The whole is framed by workshops, dance and music.

The highlight of the Brazil's Square is a performance of the Brazilian samba group Batala Giba that was named after its founder Giba Goncalves. Gonzalves carnival was born in Salvador de Bahia and started a worldwide samba collectively called Batala. Features: uplifting music, large groups and a sophisticated choreography. The groups consist of sixty to eighty percussionists, and sometimes two hundred drummers strong. Currently, there are groups in Paris, Washington DC, Liverpool, Bangor, Lancaster, Portsmouth, Barmouth, Spain, Angola and of course Brazil. In Rotterdam, the company will consist of an original group of the Rio carnival, supplemented with Brazilians living in Europe.

In the week prior to the Summer Carnival Batala Giba occurs several times around the museums where the exhibition Brazil Contemporary is: Dutch Museum of Photography, NAI and Boijmans Van Beuningen.

STREET PARADE Ortel Summer Carnival, SATURDAY 25 JULY, Boompjes 13.00 The

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TMF Awards go for 'change'!

By Dimitri Heels

The combination Alain Clark and Rotterdam is a good. Indeed, the last time that Clark visited the Rotterdam, he received in the WTC an Edison Award in the category 'best singer'. Now he makes his appearance during the presentation of the TMF Awards. Whether he is going to fall in prices, is the question. At the time of writing,, even the nominations for the Awards is not yet known. Without doubt he belongs at TMF the contenders. Otherwise, fans of the soulman see him in action in any case during the award show at the Erasmus Bridge, where among other things X Factor winner Lisa , The Black Eyed Peas, Youth of Today, Winne, VanVelzen and Elize make their appearance.

The return of the TMF award show to Rotterdam – after a short trip to the capital - is accompanied by a significant expansion of the range. On three stages to admire twenty five artists, ranging from dance to hip hop to rock.

The Black Eyed Peas seize the TMF awards to play again in the spotlight. Singer Fergie and upper-Pea Wil.I.Am hammered the last time on their solo careers. Thus, the 'Yes we can- song’, a number based on a speech by Obama, Last year a big YouTube hit for Wil.I.Am and scored with Fergie Big Girls Do not Cry.

As of now, the weather is all for one with The Black Eyed Peas, The first new studio album in three years, The END. (The Energy Never Dies) is rumored predominantly dance, writer&b and raps racks contain go. De eerste single ‘Boom Boom Pow’ is mid-tempo r&b, rap club track that does not resemble their previous singles. According Wil.I.Am keep The Black Eyed Peas always renew. Hopefully we do not have the refreshing blend of hip hop with soul, jazz, funk en latin, which the band broke not to be missed.

Change sometimes good can extract that, proves Alain Clark. His current soulful repertoire does not seem remotely on his first concoctions. His self-penned debut album is Dutch and includes the funky song 'Wonderful'. Phrases like "I feel the tingling on my face, when you kiss me. So delicious oh so tasty ', Clark has traded for subtle sensitive lyrics: ‘I’m here and I’ll be if I can A father and a friend (uit Father and Friend). With this number scored Alain Clark (along with his father Dane) internationally in Poland and Italy, and was the song on BBC Radio 2 voted 'single of the week'. A gold plate, Silver Harp, Edison Award and several 3FM Mega Awards more, Haarlem was ready for more abroad. "Live It Out" is now also in the United States, Great- Britain and eight other European countries. So who still see Clark before he left definitively, do well to travel to the Boompjeskade.


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Boudewijn de Groot inspires amateur painters Talens Palette

When the smoke around your head is gone…

Talens Palette is the national contest for amateur painters and -tekenaars. This year, participants were inspired by the lyrics "When the smoke around your head is gone" by Boudewijn de Groot. The finest works of art from the region, to admire this month in Breda and Roosendaal.

The triennial competition is since 1991 on the agenda. Everyone of twelve and older who paints or draws in his spare time, in recent months has had the opportunity to hand in his or her work. According to the organization that makes variation Talens Palette to a unique competition. "Everyone can participate. There are children who make their first painting, but also of ninety participants who are working for twenty years. "

"That difference makes it fun", agrees Frits Achten of the visual arts and theater department of the Nieuwe Veste in Breda. "Only people who have completed training in art or art life, may not participate. But who do not want to participate, because they do not want to advertise himself as an amateur. Regarding quality, there is sometimes see little difference. There are masterpieces each year between. Amateurs do anything out of pure love. The word 'amare' says it all. Look, by an amateur heart surgeon let me not operate like me, but in the visual arts course, other rules apply. "

Roosendaal and Breda are just two of the 44 regions where preliminaries took place. Of the sixty to seventy entries are exhibited in Breda, reach two to three working the final exhibition at the Museum of Apeldoorn, which opened in mid-October. The creator of the best work, may eventually land three years with law, "The best amateur painter of Netherlands' call.

But before that is, the jury must first month designate regional winners. And that's a chore, Make volgens. "The jury consists of an artist, someone from an arts organization such as the art library and someone from the theory side like a critic or an art historian. The selection often provides enough discussion, but it is also important. The makers also, because artists often work alone. These are precisely the times when you hear about how your work is thought. You have to be the do not agree, but it is interesting that all disagreements. About taste is quite debatable of course. Moreover, because a painting is no price, does it have to be a trashy painting. "

A good job has different elements in it, believes Eights. "It looks at the overall appearance of the image in relation to the text. Then we look at material and technique, and whether the material is subservient to the story you want to tell. "

Formed earlier texts o.a. Marjon Flower, Tessa de to, Oscar Wilde and last year Hafid Bouazza still the inspiration, This year we have chosen a text by Boudewijn de Groot. A remarkable choice, since Lennaert Nijgh still larger lyricist in the Big oeuvre. Maggie Dicke Talens Palette explains: "We wanted this year something with music. And it had to be Dutch and a larger number of people. And then you still come quickly to the king of the Dutch song: Boudewijn de Groot. When we approached him, he required that it had to be one of his own texts and not Lennaert Nijgh. Because in that case you could not speak of art inspired by Boudewijn de Groot. Of course there was something in and so is the choice to "When the smoke around your head is gone" fallen. "

"I think it's not a nice text", thus Eights. "Nijgh is clearly the better writer. So it's a bit unfortunate that chosen for this text. The text is quite foggy. It's hard to make something of. I wonder how many "heads in the mist we will ingest. I hope that the participants also stop some of the era of the sixties or their personal memories of that time in work. Own interpretation is important. My experience is that someone literally depicting the text, usually the winner of Talens Palette…"

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Roosendaal Survived! let the city effervescence

Something for everyone, as the motto of the brand new festival Roosendaal reads Survived! In addition to national hits like Do and VanVelzen, will during the Easter weekend among other other things Leaf, Brothers Ko, René Schuurmans, Djumbo, Bearforce 1 Nick & Simon make their appearance in the giant tent on the Market in Roosendaal.

By Dimitri Heels

Saturday 22 to Monday 24 March much to experience and see in the city center. The festival, that has become an annual event, is an initiative of the Association of Hospitality Old Market. "The idea for Roosendaal Survived! actually began two years ago ", says festival coordinator Louis Kriesels. "Due to lack of time and problems with permits, had come of it yet. But this year we are ready for it!"

Roosendaal Survived! is a variation on the municipal slogan 'Experience' t Roosendaal 'and aims, the municipality put firmly on the map as an event city. "The event marks the opening of the season hospitality. The whole market about hedge was not feasible, but a giant marquee fortunately ",thus Kriesels. In the tent of 60 at 20 meter can more than twenty-two hundred visitors at a time up. With about four performances over three days can be almost 9000 revelers on the square end.

The festivities begin on Saturday with performances by Leaf , VanVelzen and Do. With a performance by the Utrecht five Leaf, you find yourself on the beach with a cold beer in hand. Led by singer Annemarie brings acoustic zomerpop in the style of Jack Johnson. Singer / pianist VanVelzen (see article opposite) Netherlands surprised with an un-Dutch English album right on the border of pop and rock. Biggest hit: Baby get Higher. Do the biggest hit of course, is Heaven. At this time, the 26 year old singer shines in the musical Cinderella. But Survived Roosendaal! makes Brabant born like some time. Closes at eleven o'clock the tent, but there is still plenty of entertainment possible in the local hospitality industry, says Louis Kriesels. "The bars stay open until just two hours with an extension to four hours. So there is still plenty of time to play cards after and cozy yet to grab a beer. "

Sunday afternoon, the youngest inhabitants of Roosendaal and surroundings respite with a special 'kids afternoon'. In the picture with Bob the Builder, Figures of Sandcastle and Totally Spies. It's all. Lindsey, Lotte and Svenja of Djumbo provide the cheerful musical entertainment. Opportunity to sing along of course there is also plenty for the Brothers Ko Meezingsjo.

Dertigplussers (Kriesels: "But people under thirty are also welcome.") Sunday come into their own with "disco & dancing’. Veronica Drive-In Show running hits from the 80 in 90, mixed with the hits of today. The Dutch Bearforce 1 is a cross between the Village People and a forty plus variant of the boy bands. An outright blast on Youtube! The Gibson Brothers's been around since the seventies on the road, but still bring that tasty mix of disco and salsa.

On Monday last the hoarse throats can be sung. Under the heading 'singing and partying there are performances by Stef Ekkel, FeelGood!, Rob van Daal, Brabant in the very popular Frank van Etten and Nick and Simon. The Volendam duo recently remembered a TMF Award for the call tow for young talent by broken. The hands completely in the air at the grand closing toppertje René Schuurmans.

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VanVelzen perfectly happy

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Two thousand seven is the year of VanVelzen. On the upside down twelve months ago, came the singer, small in size but big in talent, from scratch at number 1 in de Mega top 100 Album list. VanVelzens debut album 'Unwind', containing the hit single 'Baby Get Higher' was showered with prizes, including two 3FM awards and a TMF award for best album 2007. Now he is back with the new single 'When summer ends and a new album is in the planning.

Last year was the year of your big break. Describe that year once…

"It's like you every day anniversary. Every day there is something spectacular happened. In 2007 all the pieces fell into place. The time was ripe for it and I apparently. 'Unwind' is a good album, and the wind was with. And I've worked hard. The general public sees in fact only a fraction of what you are doing. Before that, I was of course already working. And others also…people who believe in you before your success, I am very grateful. "

A year that is hard to beat, I assume?

"Well I'm already busy with fun new things. So this year I'm Ambassador for Freedom and I participate in the tour helicopter during Liberation. That is too crazy! My new single 'When summer ends', is now in the shop and I have been back to work for my album which will be released in the autumn. 2008 really will not pass without VanVelzen haha!"

Tell me more about that ambassadorship…

"I try to convey that freedom is not obvious. For a year, I point. The day before Liberation I sit next to Beatrix at the Remembrance Day at the Dam. New, not literally of course. My generation has not experienced the war, So you will sometimes forget what freedom means and how important that is. "

After'Unwind' you said what you wanted to write more songs. If that is a little?

`Yes, that works nice. In the last album, there were four songs that were in my hand. I try to be getting better at it. 'When summer ends' I wrote with John Ewbank. It was an honor to be asked to write a song for the movie Summer Heat. Monique van de Ven is a real fan. She was also at the club tour and stand there singing my songs. Very strange…really as of: But I'm still a fan of its!"

Two years ago, you certainly do not think that fans with you on the photo wanted at a Meet & Greet?

"Ha ha, No definitely not. I always find it nice to have contact with fans. To hear how they perceive me or how they experience the action. There is often a distance and I do my best to break that barrier. Previously at Crazy Pianos I always went into the audience after a performance. I try to actually still do. I am looking forward to the festivals this summer. Beer, out there, conviviality and with luck good weather. I might do a little more effort to reach people than at a club tour, but the challenge is then to surprise new people with my music. "

You will be thirty this month. Do you do anything special to?

"No., I celebrate it in small circles, along with a friend of mine, that in the same period year. Thirty is different than 28 of 29 year. You 'twenties-years' sit on. It is a milestone. You look: where I am and where I want to go?"

And how do you stand there for?

"I'm an awful good for. I have a very cute girlfriend, a nice cottage, careers. I do what I do and earn my money with that nice. I am the happiest man in the world!"

(Saturday 22 March, Market in Roosendaal)

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Boudewijn de Groot inspires amateur painters Talens Palette

When the smoke around your head is gone..

Talens Palette is the national contest for amateur painters and -tekenaars. This year, participants were inspired by the lyrics "When the smoke around your head is gone" by Boudewijn de Groot. The finest works of art from the region, to admire this month in Breda and Roosendaal.

The triennial competition is since 1991 on the agenda. Everyone of twelve and older who paints or draws in his spare time, in recent months has had the opportunity to hand in his or her work. According to the organization that makes variation Talens Palette to a unique competition. "Everyone can participate. There are children who make their first painting, but also of ninety participants who are working for twenty years. "

"That difference makes it fun", agrees Frits Achten of the visual arts and theater department of the Nieuwe Veste in Breda. "Only people who have completed training in art or art life, may not participate. But who do not want to participate, because they do not want to advertise himself as an amateur. Regarding quality, there is sometimes see little difference. There are masterpieces each year between. Amateurs do anything out of pure love. The word 'amare' says it all. Look, by an amateur heart surgeon let me not operate like me, but in the visual arts course, other rules apply. "

Roosendaal and Breda are just two of the 44 regions where preliminaries took place. Of the sixty to seventy entries are exhibited in Breda, reach two to three working the final exhibition at the Museum of Apeldoorn, which opened in mid-October. The creator of the best work, may eventually land three years with law, "The best amateur painter of Netherlands' call.

But before that is, the jury must first month designate regional winners. And that's a chore, Make volgens. "The jury consists of an artist, someone from an arts organization such as the art library and someone from the theory side like a critic or an art historian. The selection often provides enough discussion, but it is also important. The makers also, because artists often work alone. These are precisely the times when you hear about how your work is thought. You have to be the do not agree, but it is interesting that all disagreements. About taste is quite debatable of course. Moreover, because a painting is no price, does it have to be a trashy painting. "

A good job has different elements in it, believes Eights. "It looks at the overall appearance of the image in relation to the text. Then we look at material and technique, and whether the material is subservient to the story you want to tell. "

Formed earlier texts o.a. Marjon Flower, Tessa de to, Oscar Wilde and last year Hafid Bouazza still the inspiration, This year we have chosen a text by Boudewijn de Groot. A remarkable choice, since Lennaert Nijgh still larger lyricist in the Big oeuvre. Maggie Dicke Talens Palette explains: "We wanted this year something with music. And it had to be Dutch and a larger number of people. And then you still come quickly to the king of the Dutch song: Boudewijn de Groot. When we approached him, he required that it had to be one of his own texts and not Lennaert Nijgh. Because in that case you could not speak of art inspired by Boudewijn de Groot. Of course there was something in and so is the choice to "When the smoke around your head is gone" fallen. "

"I think it's not a nice text", thus Eights. "Nijgh is clearly the better writer. So it's a bit unfortunate that chosen for this text. The text is quite foggy. It's hard to make something of. I wonder how many "heads in the mist we will ingest. I hope that the participants also stop some of the era of the sixties or their personal memories of that time in work. Own interpretation is important. My experience is that someone literally depicting the text, usually the winner of Talens Palette…"

INFO BOX Expo Talens Palette 2008:

so 30 March / Fri 25 april, Center for Arts, Roosendaal.

of 3 april t/m do 24 april, New Veste, Breda

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INTERVIEW fotografe Rinse de Jong

Rinse de Jong (1970) is a special photographer and filmmaker. Before she portrays her subjects, she observes them long. And long-term is really long. For years she immerses himself in the environment of demented elderly, children or dogs. And all the time it's just watching. A camera is coming to pass. Until she quit her job and it's time to take the pictures…

[by Dimitri Heels]

For ten years worked as art school student nurse in a nursing home for demented elderly. It started as a part-time job, but became an indispensable part of her life. In the book of Longevity 1999, she portrayed the people in the nursing home. The nursery was then a few years its habitat. The result of that project is currently partially seen in the Schielandshuis. And De Jong is not silent, because one of her new future fashion models is wagging and barking through the house.

The striking method emerged just, said Rotterdam photographer. “It was really just a job besides my studies at the Academy. Life as an artist is actually pretty lonely. I could not see myself day after day go to my studio. I get my inspiration from life itself prefers. Photographers that I admire also work in their own environment.”

After the successful book Longevity, De Jong did not have to think twice about her next project: children. “I spent three years working part-time in a nursery and all that time nothing photographed. Only observed. It goes on in children, an incessant flow of energy. Constantly discovering and scanning, as what hurts and what does not. It's all so pure: de funk, enthusiasm, love, but also the aggression. It's just another game!”, The smiling young.

The images were left on her retina sent her film direction. Eight millimeters in black / white with no sound to be exact. “Even though I have no experience, I knew immediately that the film should be. Because of that boundless energy. I wanted to show that. You can not capture in a single image or a series of images.”

The series of short films for children 3 months confrontational images to provide four years: Weeping rug rats who steal each other's toys, a child who is trapped by other kids in a toy oven and is then put against the wall with the opening. But also very endearing images. Your hands start to itch as an adult. You might want to intervene. This is the world for children and adults would not really be to monitor. This is the purity that De Jong had in mind. “I really think the children would kill each other if there is no monitoring would be. Children are very vulnerable and dependent. That makes work in a nursery so difficult. You need the situations before his. That was with the elderly as, but the advantage was it that they were a lot slower, has been. The parents were in every shot there and the understanding that they would be allowed to intervene if they were really going too far. But fortunately that's not happened.”

The lack of sound makes the cry parties even more intense. According to De Jong lead sound in this case only on the images. “You now see how long grief lasts actually. If you hear a crying child, you have at any given time tend to exit your thereof. Well I must also say that due to the fucked up noise in such daycare center had also been very difficult to make sound, Ha Ha.”

Joke, involvement and challenging, are the key words in De Jong's work. For two years she has been working at a dog-. One of her’ dogs may stay overnight today. “Pathos is a bit of a scared little dog. He has been brought back three times to the shelter. He can not just stay at home, that's why I watch him today.” How this project finally take shape, is not yet clear.”It concerns the relationship of dogs among themselves or with their owners. The domesticated versus wild. I recently heard about a reeducation camp in the Ardennes. After six weeks you get your dog totally 'renewed’ back. That is incredible.”

Up To 24 February 2008 shows work by Rince de Jong in the Schielandshuis. In the series EYE ... gives the Rotterdam photographer on Sunday 16 December, a lecture under the title: Maskers of!

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The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Where do I start? How do I handle it? Many festival goers will see at the start of the trees no longer the proverbial forest. As a gallant knight who comes to the rescue of his lady, event calendar Rotterdam offers eight useful and above all practical tips. Lights off, camera runs…here they come!

TIP 1: Bicycle him d'r!

Coming Lanteren / Window from, but starts the next movie about ten minutes Cinerama? He took out his bad luck. Unless you are on the bike. Then, it is no problem. The iron horse is the best friend of the Festival Tiger. He brings you quickly from cinema to cinema. With a bit of pedaling you stand inside 3 minute 56 at Cinerama on the sidewalk. Cinerama to Pathe? Within 4 minute 34 the matter is viewed. A dilapidated bicycle for a bargain as found in a city like Rotterdam. You can also rent one.

TIP 2: Sold Out! And now?

Sold is not always sold out. Tickets are on sale online, through the goals and at the box office of the various cinemas. Some of the tickets are reserved for invited guests and press. Not everyone gets his cards on. These occur one hour before the display in the sales. Otherwise, go to the venue, sometimes there are people who have cards on. Or check the usher love and tell him that you want to see this movie really very happy. Or you just surprise you: Buy a ticket for any movie. Uzbek film that can suddenly turn the sensation of the festival…

TIP 3: Consider the inner tiger

Stomach is not only annoying for yourself, but also for your fellow moviegoers. So ensure adequate food. The festival area has dozens eetlocaties. Of fast food at Burger King to a lavish Indonesian meal at the Blue Elephant. Especially the Witte de is a great culinary excursion. Peckish: a bag of chips crackling is not appreciated by everyone. Try a banana as an alternative.

TIP 4: Talking to the Stars

Is not that? Where do I know that now already again? IFFR last year many stars: filmregisseurs, cast, celebrity movie lovers or TV presenters. You name it. Great opportunity so that you are walking a celebrity bump. Do not be ashamed, they are only human flesh and blood. So they just give a hand or chat. They find that really do not mind. Here the only real jackal Sjoerd who gladly made some time for our festival tiger.

TIP 5: Bop ‘till you drop!

And numerous parties are organized around the film festival. Both official and unofficial. The festival tiger who loves to swing naturally to daily into the wee hours in the Rotterdam Theatre. Save your movie ticket, otherwise the door stays closed! Swinging can also Off Corso or in a more intimate setting at Hotel Central. And then there's the sizzling Closing Party on Saturday 2 February 2008 the Goals. Spot or is spotted! Where it all happens…

TIP 6: Prevent dehydration

A meal there maybe another lose out, but sufficient drinking is vital. Fortunately, there are plenty of water in the environment, as Floor, Film, Exit, American Dream Café, Tiki's, The Union and Rotown just to name a few. Some entrepreneurs play in handy at the film festival, others are standard in movie scenes like the cafe Consul at Westersingel.

TIP 7: Empty the bladder

Of Course, excessive drinking is good. Disadvantage: a full bladder. Nothing is more annoying than during the show should go to the toilet. Fortunately, there are plenty of places for the small and large message. Who feels pressure, should definitely pay a visit to the toilet block in the theater near the Small hall. Fresh maintained by the friendliest toilet attendant IFFR. Give generously and you get a piece of candy to…

TIP 8: Take rest

Now a days movie, even in the largest diehard movie fan, the inevitable encounter with 'the man with the hammer'. Resistance not you, but give to it. Oude Luxor has loveseats on sale. A good place to sleep for the weary festival-goer. Even better it is arranged in Window 1. There are complete sofas to renovate a nap. From well-informed sources high festival -we not disclose his name- We received a good slaaptip: the nine-hour Filipino film "Death in the Land of Encantos’ van Lav Diaz. Sleep well!

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Winter in Rotterdam

Let it snow, Let it snow!

December is the month of celebration par excellence. In Rotterdam course. The city center is transformed into a winter wonderland. With an indoor ice rink, an attractive Christmas, a festive welcome Santa, guarantee a real snow and as icing on the cake, a spectacular fireworks show around the Erasmus Bridge.

On 2 December skate can again be extracted from the fat. Town Hall Square is again the ideal location for an ice rink. The track is six hundred square feet, larger than last year and additionally covered, so that even in the bleakest and wettest winter weather of early morning till late night skating will be. Extra delicious with a cup of hot chocolate after some mulled wine or on the heated terrace.

The issues are bigger than ever this year addressed, according to the organization. "It is a real happening." Hospitality at the Town Hall makes for a nice decoration and is closely involved in the program. Example, there is an ice hockey tournament with entrepreneurs from around the rink. On Friday and Saturday disco skating with ao. DJs of the Apres Ski Hut and moreover Sinterklaas and Santa promised to visit. Children can use for free at certain times of the ice. The festivities take place in any case to 27 January, but the organization is working hard to keep the rink during the winter holiday open. On Christmas and Boxing Day visitors can bind at least under the irons.


This year shoppers can enjoy a Christmas. In a number of places in the city are special wooden chalets containing wintry where. Thereby able warmth and coziness of course paramount. Christmas shopping was never so stylish. Besides the sparkling Christmas lights and a hundred lighted Christmas trees, dives at different places in the city gospel choirs, singing Santas and Dutch artists, who play the most beautiful Christmas songs. On 21 December ignites Mayor Opstelten traditionally back the lights in the Norwegian Christmas tree in the Coolsingel.Een tradition is the arrival of Santa Claus (yet) not. On 16 December he lands at Rotterdam Airport and then a result of fifteen fur illuminated sleighs and the original Coca Cola Truck , by pulling the center.


Visitors to the winter festival,, except on a tight ice floor, also count on fresh snow. No nepsneeuw, foam snow or a measly little rain, but a blizzard. On several days in December to four stroke, Studio provides VollaersZwart, snowfall of up 6 cubic meter. The agency previously the Witte de With street foresaw pink purple colored dots and various buildings, will surely provide six times for white flakes on the Coolsingel. Rotterdam has for years had no white Christmas more, so we felt it was about time ', said Pascal Black. "So we just take care of it snows. That had to be real or snow, because if you do it, you should do it well. "So VollaersZwart creates a blizzard of an hour. The pristine white snow should form eight meter high letters SNOW. "They are of those Hollywood Letters with a total length of 25 meters in front of the old post office. Next to McDonalds. "Then people can eat after snowballs…sorry throw, like a burger to eat. "

Who wants to walk the Christmas pounds off instantly, can go to the game "Looking to the fourth way '. In this event for the whole family, a team of up to seven participants looking for the fourth way from the east. Besides Casper, Melchior and Balthazar was found to have a way gone off to look for the star of Bethlehem. According to this story, however, he never managed to reach his destination. For seven days, visitors have the opportunity to visit seven churches in Rotterdam, to see seven different cribs and find using seven cryptic seven letters that form the name of the fourth way. Whoever finds the solution, after getting a special price.


Special is also the old- and call new party at the Erasmus Bridge. A spectacular fireworks show must Rotterdam places in an illustrious list of iconic locations that form the center of the festivities during the New Year: Times Square (New York), Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur), Harbour Bridge (Sidney) and Tower Bridge in London. Swan must become the symbol of the New Year celebration in the Netherlands. According to Brecht Breukelen Office Tridee, that the plan devised, Rotterdam is the ideal location: "This bridge has to be the symbol of Rotterdam and it can also be for Netherlands. The city is always ready for big things, just look at the Bavaria City Racing and the Red Bull Air Race. "

The terrain on the Southbank can accommodate fifteen thousand people who can enjoy DJs and artists of national fame. For a drink and meal is provided. However highlight of the evening is the fireworks spectacle on and around the bridge. "Expect heavy fireworks. And not wimpy three arrows and some percussion caps course. It is a gift to the people of Rotterdam. "

The event will be broadcast live on SBS6, Veronica RTL5. The organization hopes that foreign TV stations pick up the event and provide an example of unadulterated Rotterdam Promotion. "We not only want to reach the Dutch news, but also, for example CNN. "For two hours, the show is already so visitors have to look elsewhere for their entertainment. To make sure that fifteen thousand people still actually gone to the Wilhelminapier, A shuttle betting. "It runs in any case a tube of half 9 to 3 hour. We are only trying to find out which stations will be opened ",says Van Breukelen.

The Rink, Town Hall, 2 december t/m 27 January. More info at

Christmas, Town Hall, Binnenwegplein and Schouwburgplein, 15 t/m 23 december

Arrival of Santa Claus and Christmas parade, various locations, 15 december

Music, various locations, 15 t/m 23 december.

Inflammation of the Christmas tree, Coolsingel (City hall) 21 december

The fourth manner, several churches, 29 december t/m 6 January. More info at

Nieuwjaarsnacht 21h to 2h (entrance 8 euro), Holland America Quay 31 december.

More information about all events on this page

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Expo Rotown in Beeld

This month celebrates the venue Rotown its 20th anniversary with a special photo exhibition. Two decades Rotown means many performances. Many photos also unique shows. What about Herman Brood as a guest in the house band Rotown? Or Franz Ferdinand now easily able to fill the Heineken Music Hall. Kane with a young Dinand Woesthoff on vocals which still exerts on his monitor pose. Mexicaanse of Elvis imitator El Vez-, Queen makes the unsafe. Krullebol Ilse Delange shoe saleswoman when she was just off and on the verge of breaking with World of Hurt by. And of course, ex-Stone Roses singer Ian Brown who last birthday party Rotown came along and showed himself a special birthday shirt fitting.

Rotown Image contains a selection of the most remarkable artists, memorable and beautiful pictures, created by many as 9 different photographers: Hansje the Reuver, Robbie Mertens, Willem de Roon, Carla van der Marel, Peter Pakvis, Marc Nolte, Daniel Nicholas, Ruut Bol one Dimitri Hakke.

Of 29 April to 29 may have been on display in the exhibition space Rotown the photos in large format. | | | |

Expo Rotown in Beeld. Rotown, New Shortcuts 17-19, Rotterdam (of 29 april t/m 29 May)

Hat: CBK has been striving 25 year for Rotterdam art

& Nbsp;

HEAD: Artists have become cultural entrepreneur

[Dimitri Hakke]

A quarter century advocates the Center for Visual Arts for a better art climate in the city. And successfully. CBK changed from a local "social institution" in an independent meeting place for artists, public and clients.

Twenty-five years CBK to the New Shortcut calls for a celebration, was also director Ove Lucas. "We wanted a nice exhibition, which referred to the history of the property. Before we sat here, was here the famous car showroom Pietersen. Cadillacs, Chevrolets and Buicks were here to shine on rotating platforms. Our very first exhibition of Guillome Axe also referred to that car history. Also now we have a lot of artists that deal with cars and motorcycles. "

Under the heading 'Minimum speed 25 km / h 'making gas-guzzling sleds of yesteryear place for moving art, pimped cars, exhaust and the lure of speeds. To see 5 May to 3 Jun in the form of creations of Atelier Van Lieshout, Olaf Mooij,, Snodevormgevers and many others.

On 12 May put the CBK the town red with special guests, workshops, kunstadvies, music and win free art. It also introduces than CBK Adventures: a local travel agency that will take visitors to different locations in the city. Lucas: "It's a High Tea & Talk, that takes place here every Sunday. It seemed fun to go out thus in the summer. Special places to visit with special image with people who can tell fascinating about. Visiting artists in their studio or looking for other surprising expressions of art in the city. "

The current director began 20 years ago at the CBK in the department exhibitions. "Compared to when, We have been given a more informative and mediating task. Previously we were still seen as a social institution with only attention to the artist. Meanwhile, the attention is also among the public and potential clients. Images in the outdoor area and at the center are still the places where most people make their first acquaintance with art. "

"More and more people are buying art and more companies are willing to invest in art", according to the director. "Rotterdam artists hammering significant traction. They beat themselves with housing associations and community organizations to bring their work to the man. Artists have become cultural entrepreneurs. "

Lucas began to change in 1990 . In the building of the Holland America Line was at that time a major exhibition 'Rotterdam Assorted' instead of Rotterdam artists. "The exhibition gave a great gesture again where artists were doing. From that moment it was not only more Amsterdam. It put Rotterdam on the map as a city of art. "

CBK 25 year. Several anniversary activities Artotheek to New Shortcut 75. More info: or 010-4360288

The box:

As part of the Visual Arts Centre also shares TENT. in the Witte de join in the revelry. Of 29 March to 20 May, as the exhibition site Risky Business. Four artists create in a mix of fashion, art styling and use of false identities. They play a role with an alter ego in the lead. The sculptures and photographic series of women's collective Kimberly Clark take the viewer into an atmosphere full of parties and night life. Fashion DESIGNER Monique van Heist creates the characters Tina, Kim and Toni designs that do not always conform to standard m / f ideas. Cora Roorda van Eijsinga creates spatial installations in which the role of women is central. One time as seductress and the other time as minor. The grande dame of video art Lydia Schouten finally shows work from the years 80 that break the stereotypical male-female image attempts.

Risky Business 29 March to 20 mei in TENT. the Witte de 50.

More info: 010-4135498 of

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HAT:Dunya wants to show quality and hear.

HEAD: Wereldmuziekfestival various dan ooit

Of hour-long downpours with strong gusts up to a sun-drenched tropical festivalterrain. The jubilee Dunya Festival has it all experienced in its thirty years of existence. What remained each year, is a colorful mix of poetry, music, to eat, stalls and exuberant crowds.

What started as an extra day of Poetry International outdoor, in three decades become a mature event, where each year more than two hundred thousand visitors coming. Dunya is a festival for and by people from dozens of cultures. Afrikaans, European, South American or Asian, for everything and everyone is place. Ole Jorgensen's been five years, music programmer of the festival. "At first I was a visitor attracted by the atmosphere as most people. Later I go deeper into the music. It's such a great musical area that unfortunately remains unknown to most people. "

A similar development was the festival along, according to the born Dane. "At first it was mainly about poetry and sociability. Over the last decade we have a more substantive ambition: show quality and hear. This development is still going on. "

Jorgensen cherishes the contact with "his artists'. "It's great if you can drop names like Kaled and Youssou N'Dour, but in all those years I was the personal contact with unknown bands remember most. Last year we had a group from the Sahara Desert. They stayed a few days in Rotterdam. It is very nice to get the chance to get to know people better. "

Dunya has seized her thirtieth birthday to rigorously address the programming. No longer the stages are separated by continent, but artists are distributed over eight playgrounds on the basis of atmosphere and content. The chance to play a large audience on the biggest stage in Central Park get international world musicians format. At Southpark-stage is an adventurous and exciting program with artists and musical styles that previously had no place in the park at the Euromast. Now Horizons targets a wide audience and Global Village accommodates folklore and traditional folk dances. Naturally, children also receive this year a private playground, and poetry lovers and local Rotterdam talent.

The change of structure was in dire need, according to the organization. "World is no longer bound region. Turks play with Moroccans, Dutch and Africans in one band. Where do you turn down such an act? In addition, more and more hybrid forms of jazz, pop en hiphop. If you hold on to a regional breakdown, you come into a straitjacket up and you can not go with the times. Dunya is just a festival that should not stand still, but should identify and program developments. Ultimately we want to grow back to a multi-day festival. It's a shame to put every year for one day so many stages down. Friday to Sunday would seem to me ideal. "


Tips from the programmer:

Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective is representative of the Garifuna culture in Central America. "If you hear this for the first time you wonder where it came from. It has African influences, but also Indians and South American rhythms "

Banto is typical of mixed cultures. "I believe there are twelve people with twelve different nationalities in this group. The singer-composer Adé Bantu is half Nigerian and couples 'afrobeat' to Fela Kuti. With modern hip hop and many wind. A wonderful group of dynamism.

"The Dutch-Senegalese band XamXam combines poetry and music. "It has African elements and is an example of music that is often overlooked. Mola Sylla is the best singer in the Netherlands for me. "

Ortel Dunya Festival takes place on Sunday 27 May 2007 in the Park at the Euromast. Performances by o.a. Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective, Loop, XamXam, Mpho Diabaté (Guinea), Seckou Keita Quartet (Senegal/UK), Monkomarok (France), Beatriz Azevedo (Brazil), Watcha Clan (France), Tony Kitanovski & Cherkezi Orchestra (Macedonia), Ramesh Shotham & Madras Special (India / Germany / Hungary), Inyange Beat Orchestra (Belgium / Rwanda) Raiz di Polon en (Cape Verde). The entry is free. More information on:

& Nbsp;

Hat: Interior architecture

Head Tinkering with a perfect interior

Streamer: "Your eye is fooled once you enter a space"

[Text and image: Dimitri Hakke]

"Interior has spoofed the bunch", says Piet Ringens. "When you look at such a stage in Phantom of the Opera, then the really no 98 step, but only three. The rest is just painted. Your eye is fooled once you enter a room. "

Nine young women get into a strikingly bleak classroom lesson on how to dress up a room the best. The starting point of the course Interior is to change your environment in an efficient and pleasant manner. Specifically, the participants after eight classes should be able to give a room from "zero" to the atmosphere, as they have that in mind.

To help students willing to see their homework to teacher Piet Ringens. They have been ordered last week to make a collage of colors and materials in order to get an idea of ​​what it does to a space and how different materials combine. Ringens shows a board with aluminum, gray and silver. "This has an icy, cold look. "

For some scuffle, if you can call it something hot, while the material is still hard. "Look, a stone wall remains hard, even though you'm giving a warm color. Velor and parachute fabric have a completely different appearance, despite the fact that they are both soft materials. One trainee is shaken to the wire. "What is with you the warm side and some hard?"Up close, it should be clear, from a distance, it is indeed more difficult to estimate. "What do you think?", is somewhat wisecracking response maker. All are agreed that it is hot to find a lot harder than material with a hard look. Because a simple swab of soft material but has a hard exterior because it is white.

Back to basics but then. "What is the first impression when you enter a room?"Ringens asks his listeners. After some comments over and over again, indicates that heat-, crowds and size are key concepts. "By making faces darker, You can make a room seem larger or smaller. You need to know what a color with a space, before you go into the back with paint. As you step inside a white room, for example, has a paralyzing effect. You dare not to budge more. It is not for nothing that solitary confinement is white ", thus Ringens.

Students Astrid (40) in Janine (31) have already learned a lot from the first lessons. Balance is important to know them. "Imagine that your favorite color is red, then you have to be careful that you do not put too much of that color in your house. A red sofa against a red wall, with a red table and then another red cup is no more. "Josine laughing: "We also got the tip to buy something very ugly, so your pretty little table any longer. "

The course lasts Interior 8 lessons of 2 hour. Start 28 March 19.30 hours at the Adult Education on Heemraadsingel 275-277 Rotterdam. Costs 116 euro. Workshops on demand via Piet Ringens ( . More info: or 010-4761200.

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HEAD: Make art a la Andy Warhol

HAT: Serigraphs celebrates centenary

Foto1: When screen printing is the key or the brushstroke not important.

Foto2: "Ideally, I have it here all are full of people"

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Andy Warhol is perhaps the best-known artist who used the screen printing technique. His colorful images of soup cans and celebrities like Marlyn Monroe standing on many retinal. But even beginners get professional results fast, if they notice at the SKVR workshop silkscreens.

"Screen printing is a technique, where you can quickly achieve mature results ", know silkscreen teacher Daniil Niederberger from experience. "The depot is much quality work." The work on the walls in the workshop exudes quality. "Unlike painting is the key or the brushstroke not important. Here you make in advance a model, that must be built up step by step,. Therefore you will be limited in your choices, but it's also easier to see on what to do. "

Screen printing is a relatively young technique. After some experiments with template pressure in the 17th century in Japan, the first patent on the screen printing was only on 17 July 1907 granted Samule Simon from Manchester. The principle of the technique is fairly simple. A piece of fine mesh is stretched over a frame. The silk-screen printing frame is then provided with a light-sensitive layer which is exposed. The dark areas are in developing washed so spots on the silk screen creation, where the ink is pushed through. One brings the ink on the window and to lubricate it with the aid of a doctor blade from, whereby the shape of the template on the paper is pressed. This technique can be repeated with different colors and shapes which are printed next to each other or over each other.

It is a buzzing noise in the basement to the Hennekijnstraat. Exposure Machines moo, the fan blows at full power and in a glorified shower someone makes his screen clean with a pressure washer. The students of today live out on five major screen printing tables. The five impressive etching presses and lithographic presses remain untouched today. "Ideally, I have it here all are full of people", aldus Niederberger. "That to me is the aim of the course. Educate people so they can get started as soon as possible as an independent screen printer in the workplace. "

Niederberger: "It's a real engineering course, which indicates the possibilities of the genre. "Like the student thinks and another master to have, wants the teacher they sometimes with a mission, which totally messes up the scholar again. "People who work neatly within the lines, For example, I try to get messier work. Or they later do something with it, I do not care that much. If they know. "Although the teacher recognizes the social aspect of the course and appreciates, it is mainly about knowledge. "It is no occupational therapy course."

While Niederberger above 'a cup is going to do' with his students, a pair of rear stays. Karen van de Vliet and Marlies van Dongen endorse the words of the teacher. Laughing:"It is not a tea party. You have to do your best and then helps you Daniil good. He is strict but fair. "

After Marlies rapidly as an accomplished screen printer has gerakeld the paint on the paper, Karen continues her project. "I really came here to make T-Shirts. The biggest difference is that you can work harder than at points with construction paper. "One of the trickiest aspects of screen printing, it seems to work with foundation points. These indicate exactly where you need to put down the paper to align their different printing layers seamlessly together. "Karin:"If you are handy, it should be fine though. You first instance should be good…"" Before you put something on paper , you have to design step dissect ",Marlies adds. "That's actually the hardest. It involves you see very long nothing and then the plane suddenly the light of a lamppost. It is always a surprise. "

Screen Printing Course 15 Lesser of 3 hour. Costs 69 to 175 euro. SKVR Hennekijnstraat 6, of 010-4361366.

& Nbsp;

Mono: the teen angst over

"We've never been a jam band"

In 1997 entered Menno, Max and Bart for the first rehearsal as Mono to fabricate 'emo postrock "in the style of Sonic Youth, Fugazi en de Pixies. Ten years later deliver the Rotterdam with Populism, an album full of beautiful pop songs, where adolescent anger has given way to more positive emotions. A Monologue of the 25-year-old Bart Hoevenaars.

"Our first album No Can Dance, is primarily a product of teen angst. It is an expression of anger on life and it does not accept. Cynical, caustic lyrics and especially make a lot of noise was central in. It's not a negative plate and I'm still very happy with it, but they are also texts some of which are ten years old. Before they arrived on the plate, they were already fully formed live. No Can Dance is therefore more than a band plate Populism.

This CD was much longer in my head. I really wanted to make a pop album. That did not work in the rehearsal room. Since we were only concerned with repeating numbers. Contrary to play live - it makes you better- is a hundred times exercise the same set, just boring and will irritate. It was a bit on, exactly at the moment when our drummer Max announced that he would go to Berlin for a year. So that was actually good, because in my head I was much broader horizons. It was nice to work long on my own to this record. Mono has never been a jam band, So the rest of the band feel okay I believe.

Populism is veel introspectiever dan No Can Dance. The lyrics are much more personal. And because it is much more personal, I found it even harder to give my songs. But it is not so that I had a year and then hear nothing of me against the rest said: "New , this is the album and you need to do is play. "That would be weird. I occasionally hear some leave to Menno and Max.

Max has also written two songs. He was just in a relationship crisis. It went out with his girlfriend, so he was very busy to write down his emotions of themselves. Point of No Return, was a long piece of text, whose final two stanzas remain. I feel that he first felt so. It sounds harsh, but it came to the plate at exactly the right moment. It fit perfectly with the rest of the material.

The starting point was a kind of Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder, but with love theme. In terms of atmosphere, feeling and texts, I was looking for Blonde Redhead, Beatles, Beach Boys, Billy Joel and Todd Lundgren as inspirations. I have been very very busy analyzing their numbers. Akkoordenschema’s, Packages, choirs. Not in a mechanical way, so after a C chord hear a G chord, but more to get the right feeling.

When Max was back, we are a month, five days a week, went into the rehearsal room to play the songs and refine. All while writing, I knew we needed an extra band member. My brother Jos has raised a lot of problems solved. It sounds like a cliché, but his contribution came as a breath of fresh air. If you're eight years together in a loft is, then you get certain ways of communicating. Just like in a marriage. We needed someone who said: "Enough bullshit, Now we do this song again. "

In the final images, we also had a lot to Remko Schouten IJland Studio. We all do not so technical, but he understood us all and was very excited about our music. He does a lot more than just what pressing buttons. For that matter, Let us surprise liked by people who can do something better than we. We are open to good ideas. For our clip Mirka Duijn responsible. During the brainstorming came images of a gymnasium upwards. The song is about trial and error. And you still do it best on a thick mat.

Unfortunately, the clip can be seen only on 3voor12. TMF and MTV spin a lot the same videos. If they are already running course, because on Music Television today is unfortunately only place for Reality TV. That was ten years ago or else…"

Tekst en photos: Dimitri Hakke

Theater Zuidplein

Theatre for Jan and Achmed the hat

Theater Zuidplein is a really popular theater. Approachable performances for young, old, skilled, unschooled, native and nonnative. The new season offers shows for everyone. "Every Rotterdam must have been at least one card to Zuidplein Theatre."

Speaking is director Doro Gupta, which holds sway since last year's 1953 dating complex in Rotterdam South. "Whether it has always been a popular theater, I want to actually be examined next year. In the early years it was certainly. In the seventies and eighties the population and thus changed the nature of the performances. Now we are in a period when we go back to the beginning: theater for the people. "

With such 325 shows per year, There is almost daily to see something in Theater Zuidplein. Besides a lot of cabaret and young people, there is also in the next season place for concerts. But also for community theater and farces there is room. "The farce is not typically Dutch", says Gupta. "In different cultures is a great tradition. It occurs in Suriname, Antillean, Moroccan and Turkish cultural traditions. It really lives there!"

"The distance between creators and audience at other theaters bigger than us. The storylines and the language may be a bit easier. Performances do not always have to be difficult, or a big social message to convey. Many people do not want to hassle difficult as the week have worked hard, but nice laugh or see familiar situations ", says Gupta.

When drilling new audience, the theater district plays a major role. "The close cooperation has become even closer. The neighborhood theaters may well translate what lives among the people. There is this season include the splendor production hundred years Feyenoord. "This play will premiere in early April on a big International Congress on Wijktheater in Theater Zuidplein. After ten performances is the performance in parts to the various theaters district.

Outside the regular representations to Zuidplein Theatre organizes other "threshold lowering activities' such as workshops, dressed afternoons, interviews with theater, internships and open stage for everyone who has something to say in the cultural field. From storytelling to dance. Monthly talents can showcase their skills, with the ultimate goal, own evening show at the theater.

Even to those who do want to go to a show, but hate the 'narrow' Zuidplein after the show, This season has been thought. Employees need to bring everyone there has, safely to their cars, metro of tram. An excuse not to go to the theater, there is hardly more.

Theater Zuidplein, Zuidplein 60, 3083 CW Rotterdam.


Saber Tooth Tiger in Rotterdam

Face to face with a saber tooth tiger? It starts 1 September at the Natural History Museum. A life-size model of this predator speaking to the imagination with its razor sharp fangs, is central to the exhibition "It's dangerous – the saber-toothed tiger in Rotterdam '.

The reason for the exhibition is a find that some Urk fishermen did in the southern part of the North Sea. In 2000 became part of the jaw of a saber-toothed tiger (Homotherium Latidens) fished. The jaw was only 28.000 to be aged , whereas it had previously assumed that such European variant 300.000 to 400.000 years ago extinct. The Natural History Museum is not only the original mandible exhibited. Remie Bakker created for the exhibition a life size model of the tiger, allowing visitors to get a real picture of this mighty predator. There is also room for the North Sea as a rich location of fossil remains of mammals from the Ice Age, the evolution of this tiger species, its habitat in the then dry lying North Sea area and the focus is on two of its main prey: the woolly rhinoceros and bison. A bronze cast of the complete skull, visitors can finally also feel themselves why this feline, saber-toothed tiger was called and why the teeth of hyenas, wolf and lion there into insignificance. (DH)

It is dangerous – The saber-toothed tiger in Rotterdam, Natural History Museum 1 September to 25 november.

Progressive central buildings during Heritage

From Bergpolderflat, the Sportfondsenbad in Van Maanenstraat, Sonneveld House and the Van Nelle Factory, Some buildings on display this year at the Heritage. The edition of 2008 is dominated by Modern Monuments. The bombing of Rotterdam is pretty scant endowed with traditional historical monuments, but the city is well equipped with advanced, notable buildings. In addition to the current rise, also has the period of 1900 to 1965 a clear signature left in the Rotterdam Architecture.

During the Heritage Days, visitors can follow three routes in the districts Spangenberg, Zoo and Bloemhof / Hillesluis. The Van Nelle Factory (1925-1930) is a fine example of the new building. On one side of the building is an example of functionalism with concrete, glass and metal as base. At the same time represents the building illuminated entrepreneurship of the client, that grew out of his theosophical background. Another example of the 'new building' is to be found in the Journal Of Moon (1932). Functional, tight, light and airy. Particularly in this building open sliding roof was (nowadays unfortunately no longer functions) and large sunbathing.

The Heritage at 8 September framed with a jazz breakfast, children, theatrical tours and a picnic at the city Stulemeijer 2- complex and Justus van Effen complex. (DH)

Heritage, 8 september (various locations) More info:

The Power Show – Car Girls

Jacqueline Hassink

The Dutch, New York-based photographer Jacqueline Hassink rounds during 2006 a major project off: Car Girls. Hassink photographed from 2002 to 2006 the charming ladies posing at car shows in the cars. When car manufacturers want to distinguish themselves with their products, they put all their latest cars in the same way for: with the aid of female models. Women are nothing more than a tool, a sign. Whether it shows respect in Detroit, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Geneva or Paris.

Europe, the USA, China and Japan have all have different cultural backgrounds and ideals of beauty and women. For this reason Hassink visited car shows on three continents. Hassink: “I tried to catch that moment, when women were no longer individual but a doll or a tool. "

"Strikingly, in Frankfurt Car Girls as a phenomenon almost disappeared, while in Paris and Geneva, many models were present ", says Hassink. "In Japan, there are many and do they appeal to different fantasy worlds, as is customary in Japanese culture. American women presented themselves more uniform: in high-heeled black boots and black costumes. ”

The result of Car Girls is, except to see Dutch Fotomuseum also on site Hassink. A visual database are all 'car girls’ in categories classified by. The visitor can search by o.a. place, car brand, autokleur, hair of the girls or clothing style. Search by brand clearly shows the idea of ​​Car Girls. Thus presents Nissan, Shanghai is completely different from Nissan, Detroit.

Dutch Fotomuseum shows Car Girls in plant form and is complemented by other recent works. [DH]

18 november 2007 – 31 January 2008

Dutch Museum of Photography (Las Palmas)

Cameretten Jandino Asporaat

Dozens of participants in recent months done their utmost in the preliminary rounds of the 42nd edition of Cameretten. What Cabaret Talent wins 24 November, the final in the Luxor? Reward: Eternal glory and your name in the list of celebrities like Marc-Marie Huybrechts, Eric Sauers, Plien and Bianca, Theo Maassen, Hans Teeuwen, Brigitte Kaandorp and Ivo de Wijs. Event calendar Rotterdam phoned former participant Jandino Asporaat and inquired about the Cameretten Feeling.

Je won in 2005 Personality award during Cameretten. What are your memories of that night?

It was completely new for me to be in such a big hall. So in that respect the semifinal was a victory. I kept thinking: this one takes me off more. Personality that price I really saw as a nice bonus. You stand there like a virgin on stage. You make your first joke that works and then. I could hardly believe it.

What makes Cameretten to such a special festival?

So I have no experience with other festivals, but what I noticed was that it is so well taken care of you. From the first round where I 170 man was playing to the preparations for the final round. Then they go a weekend with your work. You get Workshops, Tips, you remain even sleep. With the sole purpose to make you better cabaret show. You can come with any question. It was really special. You get a kind of family feeling. Especially when you go on tour after the final three of us. Then any form of competition, than he what al, disappeared and then you just want to create together a wonderful evening. I'm still in touch with a number of participants. Just now I spoke with Timothy Begeyn, winner 2005.

You are now in theaters with your own performance Antillean Pot. What can visitors expect there?

People can expect a feast! It's about my life. My family, love, everything that keeps me going. It is not normal, standard cabaret. It is not only hear for Antilleans. For all. Immigrant or native. I have the idea also played for the Queen. Now as Queen Beatrix there to laugh, everyone there still laugh, hahaha.

Cameretten 2007. The final takes place on 24 November at the Luxor. Cameretten the final tour 2007 last year about 45 evenings in the period from December 2007 to May 2008. See full schedule:

Jandino Asporaat touring the country with Antillean Pot and stands up 9 November at the Fortis Theater a / d Schie in Schiedam. For more dates:


Life after The Gathering

Anneke van Giersbergen 13 years the figurehead of the symphonic rock band The Gathering. After eight albums, the 34-year-old singer took the time to explore new ways in her life and musically. Exploration is now in place in the form of poprockformatie Agua de Annique. On the debut album Air, Van Giersbergen made by Jaques the Hearth, Rob Snijders and Joris Dirks, are fragile songs without the bombast of The Gathering. Vulture Mountains, who also plays the piano on the rock / pop-oriented album, wrote almost all the music and lyrics for the debut self. The sound of the songs varies from singer / songwriter to pure pop and rock. Polyphonic piano music and subtle guitars accompany the recognizable dreamy vocals that take you on a musical journey. The Gathering fans need not despair. The vehicle may be different, but Van Giersbergen of enchantment continues. Or Agua de Annique on stage performing very well, is 9 November to see in the Mezz Breda. Support comes this evening the band Lawn. A four-piece alternative indie rock band from Groningen. Fix their song of the album Backspace is a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen.[DH]

Agua de Annique (support Lawn) in Devices, 9 november 21.30 hour

Turn once a poet on his head!

Poets and banging popmuzikanten popmuzikanten save poets to the ears. With words you probably know. In a real boxing ring, representatives of both disciplines against each other, in the ultimate struggle for power over the word. Pop vs. Poetry creates a charged atmosphere on stage. No tapes or a dance party, but a real kick boxing spectacle full of strong language. A sporty setting, complete with masseurs, round miss, jury, referees and lanky word artists. The starting point for Production East Netherlands: "His good songs indeed not brilliant poems and his good poems actually not beautiful songs?"

Through an applause meter after each round provides the public co, who won the power struggle. The presentation and music is in the hands of Tim Beumers and DJ MP (VSOP). Players: Jeroen Bousma (Job George, pop masseur), Dagmar Bokma (Elisabeth, jury), Maurice Gresnigt (Max, dichters masseur), Floor Jansen (rondemiss Shirley) en Rob Kramer of Lucas Kok (Diederik, jury). The officiating poets vary by night. Previously published in the ring o.a. Bob Fosko, Marco Roelofs (Heideroosjes),Thé Lau, Deelder, Diana Ozon and Rick de Leeuw. The theater Bussel is the turn of Bazz (Of Cotton,captain Popteam), Hans Vandenburg (Sporting Group) en Def P (Osdorp Posse). They take on Sieger M. G. (captain Poetryteam), Simon Vinkenoog and Daniel Dee. [DH]

Pop vs Poetry, 22 november, Theater de Bussel, Oosterhout

Rock & Roll en mode op Going to a Go-Go

Vegas villains go bananas Hollywood is the theme of the third edition of the Going to a Go-Go Festival. The multidisciplinary arts retro strokes this year down in Rotown and the Visual Arts Centre. With applicable Rock & Roll music, A special A Go-Go cocktail and a catwalk showing models clad in brand new creations. During the festival, young designers in fashion design, the chance to show their most original vision to the public and a jury. Is a photo competition for budding photographers organized in collaboration with the Photo Factory in Breda. The ones that bring the most beautiful fashion show in the picture know, get a short training offered fashion photography. The Ragtime Wranglers provide the musical entertainment at the CBK. The Rotterdam formation plays instrumental American roots music, years 50 rockabilly, early country and rhythm & blues. For this occasion what musical friends on the floor.

For the rest of the music is on Rotown 4 November de place-to-be. Daar spelen The Bishops en de Oops-a-Daisies. Oops-a-Daisies is an international group consisting of 7 ladies from Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Apart from guitar, bass and drums consists of instruments of the band include. Shout, koeiebel, banjo, trumpet, mondharp, coconuts , spoons, wop, wasbord, lap steel guitar and a bird. London Rock and Roll comes from The Bishops, with the twins Mike and Pete Bishop in the ranks. They are supported by a drummer with Scottish roots, Chris McConville. According to reviews, the great strength of the band, that they have a totally unique, New and exciting reinterpretation drop songs, sounds and rhythms from around the pop history. "Like The Hollies, Beatles, Beach Boys, Dick Dale and The Knack are tasty jamming with The Feeling, Fratellis one Kaizers Orchestra. "

Going to a Go-Go Festival at the CBK and Rotown. 4 november 2007 from 12 hour. More information on:

Hip Hop House teaches breakdancing youth

"Without music no motivation and inspiration."

By Dimitri Heels

"No., I will next week pass along ", reacts as a girl to take her place on the dance floor asked. "I prefer to look in first!"To give strength to her she pushes her chair back a bit. Fifteen students with something more daring venture fortunately their first Breakdance fit.

Loud music blares from the classroom to the Coolhaven. Breakdance Karim El-teaching Teaching Maslouhi (20) Hip Hop House is therefore sometimes difficult to understand. "Now we are going to make a top roller!"A what? A somersault? On closer examination turns out to be the term Toprock. The basic step which all breakdancers should start, they want to ever make it to 'fat moves' as the windmill, freeze, sixstep, helicopter of de headspin. Music is necessary according to the nineteen-year-old Stefan Sakrama. As so-called semi-advanced breakdancer he should know. "Without music no motivation and inspiration."


Breakdance and music sources since the seventies an inseparable couple. In the black neighborhoods of New York challenged youngsters each other to dance competitions. In these battles went there together with so extreme possible moves to stabbing the windward. Hip hop music videos and Hollywood movies like Flashdance, Beat Street or Body Rock brought the dance style beyond the ghettos of New York. The dance takes place in a circle of spectators, where the beat of music spectacular fast movements and poses alternate. Then the opponent is trying to surpass this again. Elements that play a role: fast footwork,turning on hands and head and stopping of a movement (freeze). Over the years, new features were added to other sports such as dance and Capoeira.

Many breakdancers wear tracksuits in video clips, to understand tonight. All in the warm-up shows that some are not dressed in intricate dance moves. Jeans prove still drop some tight tops and spaghetti straps every turn down. Try then just try to concentrate on your dance moves.

Repetition is the key to breakdance. From sixstep (the six basic ground fit) an automatism is to be. "The steps to finish neatly", warns Karim "Even though your neighbor all further. Just listen to the beat, then we go all at once. "


According to student Stefan give many people too quickly. "When they see that it's quite difficult, stop them with it ". "You should really go there", His advice. Stefan is happy with the Hip Hop House. "They are very open and free here. If you do something wrong, then you will be a great help. "After nine lessons he himself still struggling with the Windmill, the legs serve as sails. "But I'm learning. Step by step…"

Sixteen-year-old Amber Rebers has come along with her brother. She is satisfied with her first steps on the path breakdance. I once made streetdance. But this is a much greater challenge, acrobatischer. Most of the movements I do know from video clips. But watching is still a lot easier, has been!"

Hip Hop House consists Since August 2002. The initiative for this house came from three prominent individuals from the Rotterdam breakdance scene: Bennie Semil, Lloyd Marengo and Aruna Vermeulen. In cooperation with the SKVR and KOA (Art Under Other) care of the Hip Hop House breakdance lessons, streetdance, electric boogie en DJ- and MC courses. Prices v.a. 35 euro for ten lessons. More info: Coolhaven 100a, 3024 AH Rotterdam, 010-4118371,

The splendor of Opium

[by Dimitri Heels]

Smoking opium is surrounded by mysticism throughout the ages. The dangers, addiction, trade and the illegal activities around the smokes. Less known are the rituals and attributes. The Kunsthal displays a variety of objects, such as lamps, scales and a complete interior of a Chinese opium den. Handmade bamboo pipes, silver, ivory or jade show that opium was a luxury.

The exhibition Black Perfume, Kunsthal presents a historical overview of the use of opium. Although China is seen as the opium country par excellence, it was the Egyptians in 1600 before Christ, opium used. The coagulated juice of dried seed pods of the poppy plant was used to soothe crying babies. The strength of the plant as a painkiller, cough suppressant and anesthesia was widely accepted. Even Homer mentions the plant in his epic the Iliad. Writer Thomas Sydenham (1624-1698) praised the relieving effects of Opium: "Of all the remedies that the Lord has given to man to relieve his suffering, perhaps none is so universal and effective as opium. "It is not for nothing that the poppy also lucky plant was named. Besides Sydenham enjoyed writers like Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Coleridge Finish, Rudyard Kipling and various artists of the inspiring effect of the drug.

Of course there is enough attention to the dark side of opium use. Habituation leads to dependency and addiction usually there is no way back. If commodity was gold for the English Opium. It served as a crowbar to force the centuries closed gate of the Celestial Empire. Trade policies that nearly led to the downfall of China. Since then, Chinese opium seen as a symbol of foreign exploitation and humiliation. In the early twentieth century, the trade and its use is prohibited. Which resulted in the massive destruction of pipes and related utensils. In this light, the collection of artifacts on display in the Kunsthal, even more unique.

Opium – Black Perfume 28 april t/m 8 July in the Kunsthal.

“Take me out to the ball game”

Streamer: Rotterdam initiative tilt baseball to the next level

By Dimitri Heels

One day Robert Eenhoorn guides are the best baseball players of the Netherlands as coach of the national team. A day later, he is again on the field with the best talent from the region, united in his own baseball school, Rotterdam Unicorns.

One of the most successful Dutch baseball , Robert Eenhoorn himself was active for many years in the American Major League Baseball league, the mecca of baseball sport. Upon returning to the Netherlands he decided to lift the Dutch baseball sport to a higher level, with the result: Rotterdam Unicorns. In this project, local talents the chance to play in a team with other talents. Six days a week, there is intensive training on techniques and tactics of the game. In addition, they are taught at the Thorbecke Lyceum, where the timetable to be built around the workouts.


Baseball has its origins in the English game of rounders. The oldest known version dates from 1330 and was practiced by milkmaids and farmhands. Not in 1829 came the first lines on paper and put four stones or piles serve as bases. A batsman got points for his team as he, after he has struck with a bat the ball, through three bases on the plate came. With three missed balls, a fly ball or a foul ball, the batter is out.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the professionalization of baseball in the US began, with the creation of the Major League. The Amsterdam grass teacher introduced the sport in the Netherlands, after a holiday in the United States where he was impressed deeply by the baseball. Not , year 2005 Netherlands has about 12000 practitioners and the Netherlands is among the best baseball nations of Europe.

In Rotterdam Unicorns are the aspirants (12-15 year) s junior (15-18 year) always first in their leagues. Not surprising that regional associations initially were not happy with the arrival of the baseball school. Indeed, the best talents were plucked without anything got back there. In order to improve the sport and thus the overall level of the competitions, give the trainers of Rotterdam Unicorns regular clinics and training to clubs of the region.


One of the talents who exchanged his club for the school Unicorn Robert de Bruijn. "This is a very good training. You learn from the best. "The baseball is the 17-year old Dutchman in the genes: "My father played baseball and my mother played softball." "What is nice to? Everything, it is so varied. It is wonderful to beat against that ball. "Like many others, He also dreams of a great career. "I want the highest possible. If you can earn money with it, that is beautiful. But you should also be realistic. Something like that is really hard. So frankly, I do not know yet what I will do next year. I also have to think about my future. "

Meanwhile unicorn is his team play situations in training. Tandem he hits balls in the field to see if the players take on each other's position well. At the time that it is wrong, he intervenes: "Communicating with each other , boys!"Unicorn: "Making mistakes is not very, because there you learn the most from. But if no one is saying, you're doing it wrong, you learn nothing at all…"

More info:

De Honkbalschool Rotterdam Unicorns is in 2000 arose from an initiative of the former athlete Robert Eenhoorn, Rotterdam businessman John Curtain, the combination of Rotterdam Topsport and the Olympic Support Rotterdam. Info:

More information about clubs in the region through the baseball federation KNBSB. or KNBSB -Twinstate II, Perkinsbaan 15, 3439 ND Nieuwegein. Phone : 030-6076070 E-mail :

On a string from the Euromast

Streamer: “Come on boy, you gebungeejumpt , so why not?!”

by Dimitri Heels

“It has gone well, happy”, jokes one of the instructors after two abseilers successful tour of the Euromast made down. Two other participants who have yet to make the trek turn pale: “That sounds a little like: "One of them has survived again.”

According Abseiler instructor photographer Sander Louwrier need the people who are on a rope let hundred meters lower down, absolutely no need to worry. “We do this for seven years. Each instructor has countless times Euromast descended. Personally, I stopped counting after four and a half thousand times.” For each abseil fasteners are properly controlled. “The rope is indestructible. The two ropes that puts each participant safely on the ground, together can be a weight of 8000 kilogram wear. During each trip is an instructor downstairs who keeps a watchful eye. In addition, the ropes are also, and held by a person at the foot of the mast. “Is that the guy who talk all the time with all kinds of women state?”, another participant asks aloud.

Ski lift

Abseiling from mountaineering, as the way to get back down safely and quickly after a successful ascent of a mountain. For climbers as Sander abseiling are secondary. “You can compare it with a skier gets a lift. His goal is to descend the mountain and not to take a ride in the lift”, laughs the 33-year-old instructor.

A girl in a Feyenoord shirt is the next victim’ to make the hundred meters down. She is visibly nervous, while her mother pictures is making preparations. Her abseil partner is trying to talk himself courage. He paces back and forth: “Come on boy, you gebungeejumpt , so why not?!”

If the belt is, the gloves and instructions (“but remember that it is only 10 time 10 meter is”) are given, follows the inevitable step over the edge.


According to Sander, who time and again effortlessly over the edge jumps to take pictures of the participants, is the biggest problem at the start. “We have at least one 'refuser’ at a time. Today we even had two who said 'give my portion but to Fido'. Usually you see that already in advance. Then they will turn on under the eyes with thick walls because they have lain awake all night.

Richard and Margot confirm that story. “At one point you have to let go of the railing and hands should you sit back. Then you just have to hang around rope”, said Richard. “You will be closely monitored hear”, emphasizes Margot. “They have really checked three times.”

The descent itself is' kick’ according to the pair of. The further you get the more speed you can make is their experience. “At one point we are only going to do a game. And I won”, laughs the 26-year-old Margot.

A new group is already ready to make the dizzying trip. They are watched beaten by a girl of seven years. Troubled she looks at her father and accosted him up. “Dad, you really should not go abseiling hear!” The girl can be assured: to see the look of daddy, is not going to happen…

In the weekend t / m in September 2005 Height Specialists offers everyone the opportunity to abseil or zip wire of the Euromast. Outside this season it is also possible for groups to include abseiling and / or sliding down the Euromast.

More info: ,

Height Specialists

Dynamoweg 28

2627 CH Delft

t: 015 256 56 62

How: zZz (Fret)

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

After Lowlands it is now the turn of Rotown to fall for vuigste Rock 'n Roll duo from Netherlands, zZz. With an overwhelming hard intro scare sitting pretty in the public. Fingers go in the ears and is searching for something that can act as earplugs. If the volume is muted, it is pleasant to listen to the garage-electro Amsterdammers. Dit rocks, sucks, swings and shaky. Daan Schinkel plays in his old leather jekkie and scuffed All Stars an equally dilapidated organ, that seems taken straight from the thrift store. In zZz however no Stef Meeder or Cor Steyn sounds, but superfast sixties tunes. Meanwhile, talk-singing drummer Bjorn Ottenheim his lyrics with dark voice a la Glenn Danzig or Jim Morrison. Groovy drum rhythms and stinging strokes alternate. It is clear that zZz not afraid to experiment. Nor Rotown. Vera-old programmer Joey Ruchtie not choose the sweetest little boys and girls of the music class, but for bands that would not look out of place in other -read rougher- Rotterdam venues like the Basement or Waterfront. The rock duo tonight regularly flies off the rails, which is hardly to determine whether it is the will to experiment or a technical failure. Ten minutes twisting a knob effect with much squealing and growling for some Rotowngangers really too much to ask and they also call it a day. Fortunately occasionally that real songs back like XTC and OFG. Also bouncer Theme or zZz's nice to hear. The dancers who took at Lowlands for visual support, today unfortunately stayed at home. The bonus consists of a climb this time of Daan Schinkel and a visitor who, under the guise of "anyone can experiment’ ten minutes may let off steam in the organ and the buttons should turn. When the dust has settled in Rotown goes outside the police to drive and remains a small two minutes for the door. Would there still complained about the volume?

Head: Revolutionary designs of all time

Streamer: Miraculous audio tour of Rotterdam's architectural delights

By Dimitri Heels

From Kubuswoningen, White House, Lijnbaan, the Erasmus Bridge, the Peperklip and even Bram's snack Ladage. Daily innocently walked past tens of thousands of Rotterdam, but at the time of their delivery piece by piece examples of unique architecture. A wonderful audio tour of forty buildings, the listener performs back in time.

The young people who hang out there every day have probably not aware of, but the Lijnbaan was once one of the most revolutionary shopping in Europe. A crackling voice with posh accent, untouched through the MP3 player on the 'luchteurlog', which Rotterdam was the victim. Who closes his eyes as, can imagine the sensation among those who 1953 were present at the opening. "A unique shopping, only accessible veur the pedestrian ", so the voice announces. Pants design by Van and Bakema was so advanced that it served as a model for shopping centers all over the world. Moments later Dorus pays tribute to the Lijnbaan to the tune of Delilah. "I'm so madly in love with a street as Lijnbaan."

Locations & Stories audio tour is a city tour full of vibrant sound clips. The one time it seems like you've stepped into a time machine and the unveiling of a state building. Then again you hum along to old Blue Band commercials or get an explanation from the architect. VollaersZwart studio has made a trip to the spectacular design for the decoration of buildings, onder de naam Cliffhangers. Specific details of the buildings through purple color planes "magnified". For the children who go on the Sites & Stories are city-tour- and fantasy cards or architecture quiz. Furthermore Rotterdam Architecture provides various bike- and bus tours along the locations.

Rotterdam has over a hundred years to see architecture in a few square kilometers. Who attends the forty locations, get a nice view of the uniqueness of the city. The fries tent Bram Ladage (1990) on Binnenwegplein, the office Bridge (2002-2005), which was pushed a snail's pace over the existing margarine factory. So slow that the naked was unobservable. Of course there are the Cube Houses (1978-1984), which many still wondering whether the walls inside are also skewed. A journey that goes from the Western Handelsterrein (1894) to the multifunctional hotel complex Montevideo, which is based on the woonwolkenkrabbers in New York. With 152 meter is the building on the Southbank highest concert of the Benelux.

More than a hundred years earlier the architect Molenbroek who also established a height record with the White House. With its 43 meter gold in this building 1898 the highest in Europe and is one of the best witnesses that entrepreneurship and renew Rotterdam is in the blood.

The MP3 audio tour is from 5 April in download via or retrieve (including player and map via Rotterdam Store on Coolsingel 5.


Who has received inspiration from the many architectural press to be too creative, can indulge in the photo contest on the theme Sites & Stories. One of forty buildings should play a role in the picture. This may be as a primary object, but also as a backdrop or background. There tomorrow people, objects, or something solid to come to be. There are three categories: students, adolescents 17 year and amateur photographers from 26 year. For more info (o.a. the list of all buildings)

Bellies shook with writers

Judith Visser in Bart Chabot interview

(R From March)

Praise of Folly is the central theme of the book week 2007. Named after the book by Erasmus, highlights this 72th edition of humor in all its forms: of banter to irony and the smile at Van 't Reve until the laughter at Deelder.

Erasmus himself will 14 March open the Book Week in Arminiuschurch by presenting a new translation of The Praise of Folly. The philosopher holds a monologue about Rotterdam anno 2007. The Arminiuschurch will exhibit some relics of Erasmus, including his skull. During the opening night is a discussion on literature and sponsorship program and a lecture on stupidity. And another one is framed by the word performances by dancers and a chamber orchestra. Several writers will give acte de presence. The organization hopes to sort boekenbalsfeertje. "A mix of literary and poetry-loving public and writers."

[Best book]

In collaboration with the library five Rotterdam authors nominated for the title 'Rotterdam 2006 book'. Readers can vote on the website of the Central Library for their favorite writer. Nominees: Marcel Moring (Dis), Abdelkader Benali (Feldman and I), J.A.Deelder (Swingkoning), Jeroen Naaktgeboren (Poetry Slam – The festival) and Judith Visser (Antidote).

The 28-year-old Judith Visser surprised this year with Antidote. Her debut novel about the world of prostitution, did all appearance for a lot of dust. The first edition was sold out a week after appearance.

From Los Angeles Fisher reacts delighted at the news. "I read it this morning, when I was getting ready my breakfast and my laptop booted. The news really came out of the blue. I had never expected this. "The majority of 2006 experienced writer in a daze. "For months before the book was published, was unexpectedly much attention in the media. The first half of 2006 was quiter, although it was quite spicy personally. I went through a divorce include it. "Currently bivouac Fishing in LA to work on her new book 'Kim'. "It played out mainly in Los Angeles. I'm kind of research. When I write about something, I want to know exactly what I'm talking about, know all the details of inner and outer, so I can empathize as well as possible. "

Kim from Antidote at 'Kim' meanwhile writer. She has to make a book about her experiences as a prostitute and gets threats. She gets a girlfriend's invitation to come to Los Angeles for a while. "Upon arrival, Kim comes immediately into a series of bizarre, humorous and sometimes dangerous situations justified. "Kim will appear in September. "Once I'm done, I immediately start writing my third book. I do not believe in breaks, I flow with ideas. If I would take them temporarily from, I am afraid that it will go away and not come back. "

Arminiuskerk (14 March, 5 euro) Museum Park 3, Rotterdam, 010-4363800

Chabot The choice of

Keep in various library branches Dutch top writers literary evenings. Among them Joost Zwagerman, Arthur yield, Jan Siebelink and Bart Chabot. The latter is best known for its bread-biographies and poems. The 52-year-old Hague chatterbox is currently in theaters with Martin Bril and Ronald Giphart. On 20 March see he's in the library Ommoord. Moreover, he exhibits this month his favorite books under the title "The Choice Of".

What will you do on 20 March?

I actually only know right up front what I'll do. My production has grown so big that I have a decent choice. I certainly do some stories from my last book FC Death and poems from Greatest Hits: Volume 1. Probably I also wear out for my three new poetry, appearing in March under the title McPain.

You also have an exhibit at the Central Library. Which writers we encounter there?

Truman Capote, Martin Amis, crime-writer Elmore Leonard, but certainly Hunter Thompson. And biographies of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. It is a mix of American fiction and biographies of Rock 'n Roll Heroes.

Jerry Lee Lewis is fantastisch. The last surviving founding member of the Rock 'n Roll. It does have a stitch on him loose, but I do like. Hellfire Nick Tosches is one of the finest rock 'n roll-biographies ever published.

In the Dutch authors may Uncle Jules, Martin Bril and Remco Campert not miss. But I definitely try to do a few surprising choices.

The Book Week is dedicated to humor in all its forms. What have you with humor?

Humor is the tool that allows you to relativize serious and weighty matters. That is extraordinarily important. It allows you to keep a grip on your life. Humor is a lifebuoy. Did not you, then actually it does not make much sense anymore to wait for tomorrow.

Is there enough humor in literature?

No! There is a glaring lack of…It's all very heavy and not free from pretensions. Much bragging and academic jargon. No, dan Hunter Thompson. To his stories I laugh so uncontrollably. I also have that with the work of Deelder. That has such a terrible temper. I need all laugh when I think of it ha ha ha ha . It is wonderful to laughter at a book, but smile at Van 't Reve I can appreciate. If it without cheap resources. It must be real and not fake, do you understand?

What brings 2007?

After my tour with Giphart and goggles comes a tour diary. Three volumes of poetry and in January 2008 we go to the theaters with a new show. It is so incredibly busy. I have not been home for two weeks. I see more hotels than my own bed. Actually, now I live a little life of rock 'n roll heroes I used to read about. Je bent voortdurend on the road. But yeah, when I get home on the couch doing nothing, I fall into a deep hole.

Finally,, what is the most insipid book you've ever read?

Mmm, if I may say? The Toothless Time AFTh van der Heijden got fantastic reviews. It was a very fat and shit annoying book. It's a nice guy, but there was no getting through. I really did my best. Even the toilet trying, but even to wipe your ass with it was not good enough hahahahaha

Joost Zwagerman (14 March) 20.30 Library hours Bloemhof, Long Hilleweg 380, Rotterdam, (010)4230217, Bart Chabot (20 March)20.30 hour. Library Ommoord, Wijkgebouw Romeynshof, Briand Place 21, Rotterdam, (010)4216631, Jan Siebelink (21 March)20.00 hour. Library IJsselmonde, Green Garden 319, Rotterdam, 010)4829494, Arthur yield (22 March) 20.30 hour. Library Hook of Holland, Local Cultural Centre The Hoekstee, Mercatorweg 50, Hook of Holland, 0174)382551

Access to all evenings is 5 euro. Booking through library branches.

Program 36th IFFR offers more than just cinema (R-Off February)

Light? Camera? Expo!

By Dimitri Heels

Square eyes of dozens of films that have gone haywire during the 36th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam? Who equally pointless to dwell in dark halls and prefer the legs can extend during and after the festival go to various exhibitions that are dedicated to film and light. A provocative performance in the theater to hand-painted movie posters in the Kunsthal.

Wednesday 24 January to Sunday 4 February shows IFFR addition to the regular film program a wide variety of exhibits. Under the heading Exposing Cinema finds in Tent. the exhibition Borderline Behaviour place. This exhibition sees animation as a feeling, not a genre. The Frenchman Emile Cohl, between 1908 in 1918 more than 200 animated films made as a historical starting point, This exhibition looks at the relationship between cinema and the visual arts. It focuses on artists who propagate a particular freedom of thought and action. Borderline Behaviour is a meeting place for film projection, videobeams, drawings, spatial installations, sculptures, wandschilderingen en photos. The exhibition includes works by Emile Cohl, Ana Torfs, Tony Conrad, Peter Tscherkassky, Saul Levine, Juliana Borinski, Paul van der Eerden and Knut Ash Dam.

The latter is also Artist in Focus Film Festival,. This program provides space for the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands coming from Norway, but above all internationally active artist, fotograaf en videomaker. A selection of Åsdams films and photographic works, where the relationship between urban architecture and man is portrayed powerful, can be seen at various festival locations in Rotterdam.


In Dutch Architecture Institute, the visitor is seduced by light and architecture. The advent of electricity and the invention of the light bulb at the end of the nineteenth century brought a big shift the way of designing and building. The exhibition Architecture of the Night – Magnificent buildings shows how the use of light in the last hundred years the architecture and our experience has changed its.

The World of 1889 Paris was with the lighting of the Eiffel Tower, the first manifestation where artificial light to a large audience was visible in the architecture. Not much later, at the beginning of the twentieth century, trying to come up with architects to light spatial forms. Beautiful examples are the Van Nelle Factory Brinkman & Van der Vlugt in Rotterdam and the Perseverance Jan Buys in The Hague. These buildings would set the tone for signage. In 2000 did the green light moving blocks that Renzo Piano on the facade of the KPN office in Rotterdam had made still controversial matter. Illuminated models in a darkened room have a special place in the exhibition Architecture of the Night. There are stunning lighting design drawings, classical and modern night photographs and collages of 'by to see night'-postcards.


Where in the NAI exterior of buildings centered, focuses the expo Villa Photon Villa Sonneveld on the illuminated interior. The objects and sculptures are placed in the 30 area of ​​the villa. The trail leads past several rooms where the development of the classic bulb to 'atmospheric integrated light' seen. The exhibition includes among others five pieces of sixties light artist Nicholas Schöffer, supplemented by work of Hans Schork, Jan Dibbets, Kerry Tribe, Moholy-Nagy, Jud Yalkut, Peter Struycken and Vrielynck collection. Due to the distinct nature of the Villa only a limited number of visitors at once inside. During the IFFR of 24 January and 4 February, in the evening in the garden of the Sonneveld House under the title Satellite Garden videos projected on a satellite of almost 2,5 meters in diameter.

Eclipse gallery RAM highlights the temporary nature of light, in particular to the detection of light in relation to time. According to the authors, "this eclipse is a time of disappearance, thus also sharpened our perception of distance is that the bridge beams. It is an experience of volatility. "This volatility is captured in some installations include Mika Taanila, Carla Arocha in Anri Sala.

V2_ pay attention to the other element of the film: sound. The Belarusian / American duo Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand create artworks which physics, chemistry and goes along with philosophy. The Camera Lucida, they try to catch wave phenomena, both sound and light in. The installations of Domnitch and Gelfand are ever changing phenomena. The "observatory’ is a transparent, gas-filled chamber that converts sound waves into visible light. Gaseous micro bubbles which are injected into a liquid and bombarded with ultrasound, implode and be as hot as the sun, wherein light energy is released in the form of sound waves.


Bollywood's next Hollywood's most famous and largest film industries in the world. The Indian film industry is rising by more than 1200 films a year easily surpassed Hollywood from. But also the lesser known Kollywood, better known as the Tamil cinema, is at least as significant film industry. The Kunsthal displays according to a twenty Kollywood billboards one of India's largest and most popular film industries. The musical-like films are in the eyes of Westerners bizarre in color, entourage, setting and storyline and almost elevated to cult. Hand-painted billboards have different styles see literally blown emotions from Indian films such as jealousy, heldendom, erotica, anxiety, Love and Hate.

Designers of Bollywood- Kollywoodbillboards and have over time developed his own unique style to entice Indian audiences to the cinema. The billboards feature towns pleasant decoration, reflect the rapidly changing society and demonstrate the desire for fantasy and escape. Globalisatie, technological development and changing cultural climate have suppressed the artistic expressions of the billboards. Hand-painted movie billboards are 'low-culture changed to' high art ', and moved from the streets to the museum.

In Rotterdam theater play Simone Aughterlony and Meika Dresenkamp on 1 in 2 February, an exciting performance of moving images and moving bodies. In Between Amateurs they packed up and ready to go ? or should they even arrive? One likes to dance, loves filming the other. They exchange their roles and share their skills.

The stage is a collection of foreign construction villages, filled cables, equipment, rags and more stuff to do-it-yourself art. They initially play as amateurs do: a hobby. But gradually they undermine their roles and their play is more binding. They put their bodies on the line and confront the audience with an abundance of fleeting images.

The program of the 36th International Film Festival Rotterdam will appear Thursday 18 January 2007 as an annex to the Volkskrant and online at

Borderline Behaviour TENT. of 25 March to 18 March. More info: of 010- 4135498

Architecture of the night – Magnificent buildings of NAI 27 January and 6 May. More info: of 010-4401200

Photon Villa Villa Sonneveld of NAI 27 January and 6 May. More info: of 010-4401200

Eclipse Gallery RAM 25 Jan up to and including 18 February 2007. More info: of 010-4767644

Camera Lucida van V2_ 24 January and 4 February. More info of 010-2067272

Kollywood Billboards – Tamil cinema uit India. Kunsthal 20 January and 28 May. More info: or 010-4400301

The festival programmer tips ... (R From Jan)

Ludmilla Svikova is already more than ten years at the film festival programmer. Films from Central Europe and Eastern Europe, and more recently the Middle East are its specialization. They also regularly travels to international festivals to loosen beautiful films for the IFFR.

Can you talk about the differences in film culture in the countries you are visiting?

That's hard to say. My idea is that little may in the films in the Middle East. But actually I can do about that difficult decisions. In Eastern Europe you see that new talent comes to the surface. There was again a major crisis, but there is a new wave of quality and quantity. From Romania and Hungary is more at us. Directors are much the history bezig.Via movies they try to cope with their past. The Second World War is an important theme, like communism.

So you can speak of a positive development?

In each area is more extensive. Both artistic and commercial films. The offer is much larger. In part that is due to EU money. The Hubert Bals Fund contributes to the development. Berlin won last year won Gbravica from Bosnia, the Golden Bear for best European film. In the script stage, it is supported by the Fund.

You notice something of censorship or problems with films from Eastern Europe or the Middle East?

There are still a lot of taboos, such as nudity and sex. Also cursing and foul language is a problem in movies. Which I'm happy that movies always have to find their way to foreign festivals, what kind of regime is also. That used in the former Eastern bloc already the case and that is still true.

Finally, you have movie tips?

I was surprised about the movie Ors El Dhib. Usually Tunisian films very different, with many colors and beautiful images. It does not meet that beautiful image. The film Jilani Saadi

tells the story of a boy whose friends in his presence a woman rape. If she takes revenge on the men, He also is not spared and developed a strange relationship between the two.

Optimisti was made by Serbian director Goran Paskaljevic. In his own country he is a bit of a persona non grata because of his criticism of his countrymen. Five stories full of black humor, based on Voltaire's Candide.

Furthermore, we have the European premiere of the true facts based on Israeli film Meloma my Love Joseph Madmony and David Ofek. A beautiful film about a not so nice topic: cancer and the death of your loved one.

Djembe drum is excellent musical base (R From March)

Bass to the abdomen

Was formerly recorder lessons the basis for further musical activities, Today the djembe is a good start. Drumming promotes rhythm, concentration, creativity and even stimulates your brains ...

“Dit is links, he Eva!"Professor Willem-Paul (‘WP’) Majoie of the Delta Sound Factory corrects his youngest pupil as she slaps her wrong hand on the djembe. It is clear that some children need more support than others. Fellow pupils Vincent and Jasper helping hand by the rhythm a few slow play for. After a dazed "Okay, i'll try ", Eva packs a punch. Willem-Paul looks happy: "En right,links,on the right, links, rechts down ... "

The instrument is a drum which originated in West Africa, to be precise in the Mandingo empire that stretched in the fourteenth century from Senegal to Benin. Over the years the instrument has played a major role in the rich tradition of stories about kings and wars. The population uses the instrument at harvest festivals, weddings, circumcisions and funerals. The drum stands on one leg and is covered with an animal skin, is no other instrument to the beat of the uterus itself: a pervasive and basic sound. The chalice-like shape of the drum has a wide soundstage that ranges from oorsuizende slaps to bass that you feel in the lower abdomen.

WP sniffs between paper which strange symbols stand. "Camels Dance 'is on a sheet, that has been reached, dashes and crosses. They are meant to indicate when and with which hand the djembe 'fogged' must be. "I do not only teach in traditional African rhythms. That is quickly boring for young children MTV- in computergeneratie, that only a screen tail and barely moves ", tells WP. "I use well-known pop songs or create compositions with easy to remember names like Camel Dance. Moreover, I let myself invent pieces the students. "

Scientific research has shown that making music is good for your brain, so know WP. "Brains that come into contact with music, develop in a broader way. The knowledge- and creative part is stimulated. The social element is important: you learn to listen to each other. "Djembe is a good base for anyone who wants to continue with music. It is an easy and accessible tool according to the teacher. "Anyone can do it ... Well, there is a section that just has no sense of rhythm. But even that group can still improve a lot. "

Course participants receive a weekly lesson. In addition there is a half-yearly performance, studio session or presentation. "It's nice to work towards something, so you're not just practicing. You learn what it's like to stand on a stage or recording a song. That is also good for your development. But above all, must be the natural fun ", assures WP.

The half hour is already there and the girls for singing lessons are eager to go inside. The eleven Jasper has been summoned for today. He follows a year djembe classes and liked it. "It's nice and not so difficult. Exercise? Haha, no I almost never practice. I'd rather sit at home on the computer ... "

Djembe classes are for young and old. Costs 9 EUR per week (including performances and recordings) Trial is free and a djembe is for rent 1 euro for keer. More info: The Delta Sound Factory, 010 – 433 43 52. of

Course Film History offers something for everyone (R From Feb)

Of Battleship Potemkin to Pulp Fiction

Film fans could indulge again in late January during the thirty-sixth edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Who has not seen enough or want to delve into the backgrounds, technique and history, this month, please contact the course Filmgeschiedenis.

Film is actually only recently, compared to other disciplines. In 1889 the American Eastman made it possible to create a moving picture by pictures in rapid succession to turn off each other through a projector. The filmmakers first made images of their surroundings. In France, the pioneer was mainly fulfilled by the Lumière brothers.

Unfortunately, no rattling projector, movie screen or dark room, but just a collection of DVDs, a TV set and a brightly lit classroom. Fortunately, this becomes the only downsides to the course Filmgeschiedenis. In twelve lessons, students get a lot of information presented. Many images, of known and lesser known movies. Of the first experiments with moving images on a French fairground through Citizen Kane to Taxi Driver and Jaws. But the Dutch heyday of the seventies given special attention, as the Film Noir and the Italian Neorealism.


In this third lesson is the central assembly technique. Based on some recent TV commercials gives teacher Maarten van der Leeden explanation total shots, de close-up, over-shoulder en tegenshot. "This commercial of a health insurer is mounted so that the message comes across best. This is a functional assembly that aims to lead the viewer as much as possible from the actual message that is in the text. "

After some brief signs it's time for the first fragment. Van der Leeden: "This famous sex scene from Do not Look Now 1974 see what you can achieve with assembly. "In the scene are images of two people who dress interwoven with images of a violent lovemaking. "By mounting it so you get a better picture of love and the strong bond between the two main characters."

The 37-year-old Roeli is very positive about the course: "I really love movie, but knows little of. Martin gives a lot of interesting information. It is not just the films themselves, but they are also, in a broader social perspective. Miep (62) echoes the words of her classmate. "Sometimes the art is explained from a particular period or social conditions at that time.

You learn to look in a different way to film. Moreover we receive many interesting assignments. "

[Leni Riefenstahl]

If the film Battleship Potemkin is discussed, follows indeed a story about Stalin and the film culture in Russia after the Russian Revolution. In this classic from Eisenstein 1925 is widely experimented with mounting in order to have as large a possible emotional impact on the public. A style that was followed in Nazi Germany by Leni Riefenstahl. Van der Leeden points to a scene in which a sailor strikes a plate piece. "The act is extended by several shots from different angles. By the act to make more than he really is, which was unique in this time, the drama is enhanced. "

The structure of a lot to see, do a lot and a comprehensive workbook with more information, The course is suitable for a wide audience. "In the current group are enthusiasts, volunteers of the festival and two boys who study at InHolland and seriously consider film to make their profession. But even those who have had enough of James Bond and Lord of The Rings, but do not know where to look for other films or how they should understand, are welcome. "

Course Film History 26 february t / m 18 June in De Beeldfabriek (Eendrachtstraat) Las Palmas (Southbank) Expensive: 8 of 12 quench. Costs: 50 to 150 euro. More info: in 010-4361366.

Flower compositions according to the ten commandments (R From Jan)

Ikebana Ikenobo

"When Miss election, there is only one winner"

While out of the trees shedding their last leaves and branches cracking in the cold wind, teach the course participants Ikebana how to create landscapes with nature as the basis. It's soon clear: Japanese flower arranging is much more than what flowers in a vase throw.

A real information evening, the Japanese cultural center Shofukan invested. In slippers and with a nice cup of tea upon, see the potential students to a presentation on the history of Ikebana. Ikebana is derived from the words Ikeru (to live) but it (flower). Ikenobo is the name of the temple where the first Japanese flower arranging developed, as teaches the video. Already in the fifteenth century were local priests engaged in arranging flowers, branches and plants. The number specified styles (o.a. Ohara, Rikka, Ax a Moribana) now beginning to take shape dizzying. Not so with the fellow visitors. Most already know that Ikebana is more than throwing flowers and branches in a vase. In contrast to the western variant, where quantity and colors of the flowers are central, the Japanese trying to create as much space as possible. Color, lines, vase, material, and even the angle of the flowers relative to each other, is essential and prescribed.


The art of leaving so, or as teacher Noriko van der Linden says Momose: "When Miss World may even be one of the most beautiful!"They put their money where their mouth is and removes a branch rigorous two of his most beautiful flowers. But she's right, the remaining flour shines like never before. "Oh beautiful", muse ladies Nel Bouwmeester and Henny Warners. Even after ten years Ikebana has any secrets for them. "Our current teacher can not help us. We dwell in our development ", says Bouwmeester. The two are hopeful that they learn here. "Noriko regularly goes to Japan and stay informed of new developments. Our other teacher knows nothing about the new styles, so it all remains very traditional. So if you used to use only an odd number of elements. Now there are even four pieces and that is the number of evil ", says Warner.


Bouwmeester pulls out regularly in search of materials. "You're going to look very different to the nature. Everywhere you see useful elements around you. Sometimes I walk especially with the dog a piece of that. "Laughing: "And then I come home with a backpack full of branches and flowers!"

Teacher Noriko now putting the finishing touches to a Rika-flower arrangement. "Sometimes it takes four to six hours to make one piece." The design process is therefore an essential part of Ikebana. "You put your own materials, creativity and sense in the workpiece. First, you might get a headache, but then you unwind. Someone recently asked yet "where can I buy a ikebana?"When I had to laugh. Ikebana can not buy. Impossible. Your own feeling does not get in there. Later, you might understand what I mean ... "

Ikebana courses – Japanese flower arranging by Noriko van der Linde Momose. From 11 January 2007 every three weeks on Thursday from 20h to 22h in the Japanese cultural center Shofukan, Charlo Isse Kerksingel 32-14. Costs: 95 euros for six lessons. More info: 06-11327926 of

Smash the art of (R From Dec)

Mosaics for thousands of years old

"Usually begin eight people at once with smashing the tiles"

Tekst en foto's: Dimitri Hakke

The Mayans did. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also: puzzle with glass and stone. R'Uit Magazine took a look at the mosaic workshop and learned that a beautiful piece begins with good smash.

Only five women attending the workshop Mosaic. In two days, participants will learn the basic techniques taught. Cut, strike, to stick, motifs and materials are all dealt. Teacher Manon Kromwijk gives incredibly fast explanation of different types of pliers. "You can use a regular pincers, but also a mosaic pliers. "The latter pliers work more comfortable because they automatically return to the starting position. "Will you take off the sharp edges, you can nibble off there with a nibble rod pieces. "

Mosaic is derived from the Latin mosaicus and is a flat decoration consisting of a large number of small pieces of glass inlaid, brick or other material, held together by cement or other material insert. Mosaics were mainly in the Roman and early Christian period used to decorate floors, walls and ceilings. Al in 3000 BC was known in modern Iraq a similar decoration technique. Over five thousand years later, the Spanish architect Gaudi who devised a method to provide spatial structures of mosaic, Segrada which La Familia in Barcelona it is the best known example.

[Six workshops]

Inspired by the dozens of examples that the participants are laid out on the table to go straight to work. Where one chooses to make a mirror, another copy with conservative stripes a picture of an elephant from a book. Kromwijk: "Most students choose to make a mirror. You can hang it a bit easier than a work of art without any function. "Although all students get to work with an MDF board, there is also the possibility of tables to 'invest' with a motif. Mother and daughter Nobel understand why. On half of the lesson both have just one row of tiles on their log glued. "A table is more fun", said 21jarige Sanne. Laughing: "But at this rate I then needed six more of these workshops."

For both, it is not the first encounter with mosaic. Sanne: "I did an art project with children in Rotterdam South. One of the components was a planter that children in the schoolyard adorned with mosaic. It looked so nice, I wanted to go there myself more. "Together the duo also follows the course decorative painting. Mother Greta: "We could not choose, so when we have both but done. Moreover, this workshop is two days. "

A little further up the pieces fly round. The trays with 'for broken' stones remain untouched. Hit shows an essential part and apparently it works very therapeutic. "Usually begin eight people at once with smashing the tiles", thus Kromwijk. "So this noise is not too bad." The 54-year-old Greta is doing a more careful chore. With sliced ​​orange tiles she is the edge of the plaster. When she rubs the last tile adhesive, there's just too little space. "What a tragedy ... now I can disconnect everything!"


Loving daughter has her own methods. After first tiles themselves have customized, she chooses to lubricate the wood in place of the tiles. Her mother teaches her to her error. "Just watch, you will be amazed. "Then teasing: "Are you telling me nothing but the ugly pre-cut tiles. You always choose the easy way, hahaha. "

Another participant who started with a faulty tile cutter, meanwhile it sees nothing in all. "Next time I'm going to follow the course electricity hear. I'm better at it. "Proudly pointing to a lamp in the room. "I have made!"

The course is given to the Mosaic Doezelfschool at Schiekade 830. The course fee is 85 euro 2 lessons 3 hour. For new start dates and showtimes: of 010-4664333.

Likk wants to create a healthy environment for Dutch acts

Streamer: There is a bit of a monoculture here

Unlike the tour name 'Revolution 10' suggests, does it have to be a musical revolution. But then certainly a musical cover. Although born out of frustration, the organizers want to do especially convey a positive message: Netherlands country music show now that there are plenty of brilliant quality bands.

Three young people of Rotterdam are the driving force behind likk; René Van Lien (Feverdream), Marcel Wiebenga (Oil) and Rufus Chain (artist duo HuMobisten). They decided to join forces after a few bad experiences with rooms from the Dutch club circuit. Despite the name, who built both as Oil Fever Dream, nevertheless proved difficult to get as Dutch band play. René: "We can play, but only in the program for an American act. This is rather nice, but we have already done so often. I did not feel the same circus year after year. "A private evening often proves difficult. "Sometimes we can not even get an option in a room because they want to keep open the space to book a foreign act. They will often prefer a mediocre foreign, than a good Dutch act. "René: "Or they say: 'Drop me a demo. Not to knock myself on the chest, but if you as a programmer does not know who or Oil Fever Dream, then you do your work not good to me. "


If it can not only succeed, we offer them a program where no programmer around the thought of the three. "An evening circus that good taste, good music and good atmosphere combines the new sound of the domestic independent music scene ', reports as a veritable manifesto L¸lik. Rebellion with a wink as the trio calls the initiative, leads Fever Dream, Oil and Allies Mono in a month past twelve different rooms. Only in Amsterdam and Utrecht dared not to the large halls and was chosen for smaller rooms ACU and OCCII. Rufus: "We want to prove that it is possible to set up a successful tour with Dutch bands. And rooms that have not booked us now, behind their ear to scratch ... "

That there might be significant financial risks are on the books of Dutch bands, fights threesome. "As if we do not attract full houses!"" Moreover ", as Marcel adds "our package is financially more attractive. One room has less risk, because Dutch acts are subsidized. But the most important is that you can create a healthy environment in this way for Dutch acts and visitors may know to inspire yourself to make music. It's not rocket science ", laughs Marcel.

Rufus: "There is a bit of a monoculture here. You can choose between Kane and Anouk and Bløf and Closet. And then you've chosen. And now they have the alternative guys still Intwine bijgedaan. There should be more smaller bands to the surface. The bias must be broken. "

Now likk is still a real DIY project, but in the future, the organization also help other acts on the way. “Do It Yourself , but for others. We also want other bands to benefit from our knowledge. Not everyone succeeds on its own. "The Apers according Rufus a perfect example of a band that we can do it on their own: "They do their thing and have also been. Since I take really big pimp my hat off to hear! Since we derive our inspiration ... "


The ambition of likk beyond little book tour for like-minded bands. There is just a promo CD released with tracks from Oil, Feverdream in Mono. Moreover, there are fledgling plans for releasing CDs, DVDs and Marcel philosophizes about an evening of music documentaries and indie filmmakers. "As a consumer you should actually do not know what you have to us. It must remain dynamic, dark and mysterious. Our motto: "It's nice when likk on state!'"

I Against I kicked impatience (Fret)

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

It took a while, but I Against I is back. Six years after the release of the latest full-length CD of the Dordrecht punk rockers, it's time for a fresh start. Firm, grown up, melodious, varied, but unmistakably I Against I.

Where can begin a new chapter of I Against I-story better than at home, Dordrecht? Bob Hoorweg, Jasper Blazer, Robin Beard and Ronald van Maren are eager to be able to act in Bibelot. “We want to hear our music.” Tonight it's finally happened: the official release of the third album, which proved to be a much more difficult in the case of the four than the second plate. A combination of bad luck, slackness, obligations and a poor financial situation in sheets country caused some delay. Jasper: “After the release of I'm A Fucked Up Dancer, But My Moods Are Swinging we first toured extensively. Then you'll be back two years later. Then we had to find a new label Epitaph because not want to continue with us.” That turned out not so simple. “We thought the first year too easily”, said Ronald “We were only concerned with music. Action, writing and recording songs. Our idea: CD that comes naturally or. That is well controlled. We were so used to the time we were at Epitaph.”

Bill Stevenson

When that was not the case, stripped the quartet sleeves and went to work with a new album. Fourteen new songs were recorded in the evenings and weekends. Bob: “That was wonderful work. No stress, Just at the convenience. If something was not right, then we could do it calmly and pick the best songs.”

But then? The album is finished and you have no more budget to mix. Then you call some old friends from the punk scene. No less than producer Bill Stevenson (Black Flag/Descendents/All) was willing to tackle the plate at friendly prices. Ronald singer flew to the US at their own expense, Stevenson where the plate in a few days time afmixte. “We knew him from our first album Head Cleaner. Such cooperation is our birth right time.”

Yet there was still a long time between the end of the recordings and the release party today. I Against I was a successful punk rock formation into a normal band that tries to bring out a CD. “The major carriers laugh at our sales. They're in financial trouble, so you should be a good selling band you want to come somewhere between”, know Ronald. “If you are less than 50000 copies sells you do not knock it on.”

Guitarist Robin turned out to hold the key. “With me at the Rock Academy was a boy who had just started their own label. Eventually I asked if he did not want to release our record. He is in the same scene at the same level. For him it was a good chance his label Moon Down Records to put on the card and for us it was also a good deal.” “Moreover”, Bob adds “you end up with the big companies, but one of the many. Here you know your number 1 are on the label.”

Bad Religion

In comparison to the two previous albums, the sound is more diverse. Besides the familiar melodic punk rock influences, there is room for more. “We used purist. We also listened only to Bad Religion”, lacht drummer Jasper. “We knew just less bands. Our taste in music has become much broader over the years.” More emotive, dynamic vocals and melodies against the arrival of a second guitarist provide more depth.

Lyrically there's also changed some things said Jasper. “It's all a lot less pessimistic than before. Optimism instead of adolescent suffering.” The time in which I Against I went through life as Mercury, Dewey and Louie, the formation according to Bob far left behind: “We are thirty. When we were little boys who were happy to frolic on stage. Now we are almost gray and firmer hahaha.”

It's almost showtime in Bibelot. All this time Robin, Jasper, Bob and Ronald behaved. Even the toilet paper which invites to decorate the locker room, remains nicely on the role. “We have never grown a dressing room. One time we were bored with nuts that we threw the dressing room. It was really a mess. Bill Stevenson came in and did a phone call after the programmer of the hall. ‘Ok, I want this band another shot? It was not sold, but it was a crap in the locker room. Mmm, forget it, I'll take another band.’ It was a lesson. we never getrasht a dressing room and came back with a lot of rooms…”

Pearly presentation at fortieth Cameretten (R-Off)

Some eighty participants have done their utmost in recent months in the preliminary rounds of the fortieth edition of Cameretten. What Cabaret Talent wins 26 November, the final in the Luxor? Eternal glory and your name in the list of celebrities like Marc-Marie Huybrechts, Eric Sauers, Plien and Bianca, Theo Maassen, Hans Teeuwen, Brigitte Kaandorp and Ivo de Wijs, is the reward. Presentation of the festival is just like last year in the hands of comedian Richard Groenendijk. R'Uit exceeded presenter at WIT, where he is a pearly white smile showed new measuring and asked him about his experiences with Cameretten.

Exactly ten years ago you stood on the podium Cameretten. What are your memories of that edition?

"I have no such best memories of the final. To the semi-finals went well. It was a combination of courage and bravery. For the first time I stood in front of a thousand men. It was actually so bad what I did, but the audience went into it all. In the final, there were only critics, guests and people who had already seen the show. That was really die. Overall there was no response from the audience. I think it was one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of theater. "

And yet you just stood last year at the festival…

"In the morning I was called to" present evening because Toine van Peperstraten had canceled. It was a sort suit and hop on stage. I did not even have time to think. I only know that I thought. "You're going to die and about a hundred years they forgot this anyway."

This year you may again. What makes special Cameretten?

"Cameretten is the most fun festival. Rotterdam audience is sober, but a room can also suddenly turn upside down. If you state the next day in another town, then you notice the difference. As a presenter, you should ensure that the candidates in a hot tub come with an audience that is eager for them. There should be plenty of laughter, but it involves the participants. "

You once said that a lot of hot air around it runs cabaret festivals.

"The level is not improved in recent years. Many young people see it as a quick way to fame and money. Set somewhere 'cabaret' and for the halls full flow. Fortunately not deny talent and keep the good comedians on. The public would like the artist sometimes better read and not just to all that hot cabaret think: 'New, that laugh ". Because that is the so nine times out of ten do not…"

Finally,. You've just spent an hour in the chair with a mouth guard as Hannibal Lecter, why actually?

It has been, that I was already off. I make a radio program in which I interview people. This time the topic beauty ideal. It seemed useful if you know what you're talking about during the broadcast, hence. I never expected that my teeth would be so white. The inaction was the hardest, but luckily I now see two episodes of Ab Fab. Basically it's pretty absurd, that there ever a clinic would come where you can leave your teeth whitening. My grandmother explains me crazy! I make the next time just a broadcast about a swingers club. "

Cameretten Festival 23 November t/m 26 November in the New Luxor Theatre. More info: or book via the Luxor Theatre: 010 – 484 33 33

Manufactured Rotterdam explores boundaries of the arts

Monty Python meets Garcia Marquez

A colorful mix of music, in, theater, film and unexpected artistic expressions, that's Rotterdam Manufacturer. For three days offer various cultural institutions, Gouvernestraat around the shelter to novice Rotterdam culture creators and their more experienced professional colleagues. In addition, the boundaries between theater and visual arts are explored in challenging performances and performances.

Besides Odeon, CBK, Nighttown, Rotown and Lantaren / Window also takes the Historical Museum for the first time in Rotterdam Manufacturer. Moreover, the program also deviates forward to surprising locations, like the roof of Las Palmas, the park next music venue Nighttown and the Paradise Church on the New Shortcut.


The foyer of Lantaren / Window functions from Friday 19 September as the hangout of the festival. After the official opening act from 17 hour, The lobby offers during Rotterdam Manufactured continuous performances, installations, objects, films and information. It is also the place for a snack and a drink. At Cooking with no tufts Stars parsley, watery iceberg lettuce or limp fries, but Frost Grind poses new baking Rotterdam chefs led by renowned culinary heroes.

Later in the evening it's time for the Rotterdam Manufactured Big Band. The company dabbles in no man's land between new music, complexe notes, free jazz and a pulsing techno beat. And because the eye is what does besides the blowers, Strings also reserved space for a vj.

In the halls of the theater is to find a retrospective of young Rotterdam filmmaker Froukje Tan. Among the animated films, documentaries and features a series of portraits of people from the old west, very true 68 nationalities live, without much do with each other to have. Australian-born filmmaker Karel Doing is best known for his poetry rich films with mostly personal stories. In addition to short films, provides L / V Rotterdam premiere of 'A journey to Tarakan', which the director explores the life of his uncle, who was executed in the former Dutch East Indies during the Japanese invasion.

1001 NIGHT

Just outside the theater, old-fashioned stage wagons with a modern twist. A converted Vespacar with cottage and folding stage, serves as a mini theater at The sleurhut. The performance is about the impossibility of living together traveling in a tiny space, and all the conflicts that go with it. In the first part the viewer sees all the preparations to play the piece, while the second part is a compressed version of Romeo and Juliet.

The Basement of Nighttown is three days the backdrop of Raising Reality played by Powerboat. This young theater collective, artists and designers are trying to cultivate chemistry between viewer and player with a presentation about development of the individual. The park next Nighttown is converted into a 1001 Night fairy world for everyone from eight years with dolls, live sets and live music. Love In Babylon combines Monty Python humor with the macabre realism of Garcia Marquez. Ingredients in-law, beautiful women and animal.


At the other end of the Gouvernestraat, an ode to the Rotterdam jewelery. CBK wants nothing less than a complete inventory and presentation of all jewelery designers who Rotterdam rich; from professional to amateur talented. Who its way along the installations, performances, fashion shows, caravans and "I also jou'-hearts, manages to jobs, reaches the Paradijskerk. It plays the renowned German music ensemble Der Gelbe Klang on Friday a composition by Oscar Van Dillen. The music was written specifically for the exhibition City of Rotterdam. This exhibition, acting on the history of Rotterdam on Saturday on permanent display in the Schielandshuis.

On the roof of Las Palmas presents Lantaren / Window with Young Lettuce productions, a special version of The Little Prince Flight B612. Together with the little prince, from the book, the visitors with a flying saucer, a journey through time, space and imagination.


Those who prefer to have both feet on the ground remains can still visit Rotown. The Rotterdam music venue on Friday filled with Jamaican grooves, while on Saturday Keith Caputo visitors will conduct with a wonderful collection of songs. Former Life of Agony singer will be joined by host DJs Voluptious Delicious. On Sunday it is ultimately up to DJ Marco to link singles together with cozy pictures. These singles for singles night is associated with a session mayflies by Rotterdam musicians. Maybe they give than just that one little boost, so the singles back next year with its cozy two at Rotterdam Manufacturer.

Boxing is for all ages

"I got more confident"

Tekst: Dimitri Hakke

"Bullfighting I find much worse. Such a beast has no choice and is thus pushed into the arena!"Even before a question is asked, there, Jan Schildkamp begins on the image of the sport of boxing. Ome Jan, as everyone calls him affectionately, has been running for a while in the sport of boxing, and the criticisms of his sport often heard. "Well, they have again examined a bang for your head is not good for you. Well that you do not have to tell me ... ", laughs January.

The 64-year-old Schildkamp takes security seriously in his boxing association. "You have to be careful as coach. When I see that a match is stopped by the referee then you are too late. You should always have before him, by throwing the towel in the ring. "


Boksvereniging Schildkamp is a concept in Hoogvliet. More than 25 year the Dutchman boxing lessons. In those years he accompanied a lot of champions, including Regilio Tuur. But Uncle Jan is the man behind the project Opboxen, which derailed youngsters get a program presented by boxing lessons, society orientation, Basiseducatie in agressiebeheersing. His tireless efforts earned him several awards at, including the title Rotterdam Of The Year and Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Today Uncle Jan does not teach, but he keeps behind glass overview about forty men and women between the 16 in 72 year, that progress be made by the trainers. In between, he pours tea, cola and coffee in the adjacent cafeteria. Occasionally he comes gespurt out to compliment or provide additional instructions one of his boxers. The seventeen year old twins Amanda and Dewi may together with the equally old Sarah (Ome Jan: "That is the champion of South- Holland ") the mirror to work on their technique. "Well look at your attitude", clarifies Uncle Jan.


Newcomers are first separately taught the basics, such as surge, left jab and straight right. Moreover, members are soon encouraged to correct each other and help. Ome Jan: "So you stimulate each other to be better."

By now everyone has stowed away the gloves and the joint began cooling down. Abdominal muscles are tightened and relaxed. And also cast off the neck muscles. Like the lesson also see this very tiring out. "It is indeed quite heavy", agrees Dewi. "Compared to six months ago, my condition has improved pieces." "Plus, it is super fun and I notice that I got more confident." The one minute older Amanda:"My whole week revolves around these two days. I want to win a few titles. But it's hard to get games, because there are so few female boxers. Unfortunately ... "

Info: Boksvereniging Schildkamp, Aveling 110 , Hoogvliet Rotterdam Tel: 010-4160860. Box Train No (from 10 year) Monday / Saturday. Dues from 15 euro per maand. More info:

How: Only, Racoon, Zuco 103, Brainpower, Voicst et al.

Where: Lowlands 2005, Biddinghuizen

When: 19,20, 21 August

(tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke)

Dutch musical offering is what unfairly distributed at Lowlands 2005. Friday is ultimately still Racoon who saves the honor as a substitute for The Rakes. Racoon is a band that thrives on audience participation. The tent also sings lustily with the biggest prize numbers, waaronder Feel like Flying. Energy Producer Essential fortunately still delivers a contribution, a tent with acoustic sessions of several talented Dutch bands. Besides Kirsten, Gem and Stuurbaard Beard also gives solo here acte de presence. Soon creates an intimate atmosphere. At Least, if you are the happy owner of headphones. Otherwise, it's a strange experience to see these guys move to the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, those in the adjacent tent plays Alpha. Frontman J. PerkinElmer has experience with this kind of concerts. And it shows. Concentrated, Subdued and powerful, he manages to plunge the audience into a musical hot tub.

A day later, choosing blown. Race, to fly, to fall, dancing and going back to Zuco 103, Face Tomorrow and Pete Philly to combine. Fortunately, the muscles are already well shaken loose by Mark Foggo's Skasters. There is no better wake up call imaginable than the bouncing skaklanken of these born Englishman. Screaming saxophones and water fast rhythms vibrate herrings almost from the overcrowded tent Grolsch. With his clownish red suit and with his flat English accent, he creates a cheerful dancing chaos. Admittedly, original is not all, but who cares there to. Nice and simple, nice sing along with “Don’t call me honey” of “Your lucky to be alive”.

Calmer goes on to add in 2nd place driver. By the band strewn CD singles better remain where they have gone: behind the barrier. Between two stools so. And that's exactly where this band is. The nothing-to-hand elecrorock has few outliers up or down. Only at the end does the momentum in the show and get the electro bleeps and guitars supporting drumbeats with the regularity of a pile driver. Unfortunately too late to make an indelible impression.

“Whaaa”, Alpha Audience screams excited as Lillian Vieira asks for it. Zuco 103 overwhelms the audience with warm sultry sounds. The six-member band exudes a huge game joy and even manages to thaw the greatest grumblers. Not least by the charm of the, clad in a white dress, Lillian. “Do you know the Rumba?” Who'm not familiar, five minutes later hit by a series of irresistible swinging Dance, Latin en Funk.

It's a shame to have to leave this party, but luckily Pete Philly and Perquisite in shape. De mellow, laid back grooves zijn ‘dope’. Pete is assisted by a DJ, contrabassist, cellist and saxophonist. A combination that delivers exciting jazzy hip hop. Philly looks relaxed: one time, gesticulating and then relaxed sitting on a table.

More than a “Thank you and goodbye” Face Tomorrow is unfortunately not this year. Quickly to the Metal Riffs coming from the adjacent tent Grolsch. Equipped with a live band Brainpower creates a guitar wall covered with a waterfall of words. A combination of course we already know from Osdorp Posse. But it remains a nice mix. Less it is the bond which must throttle back. ‘Brains” biggest hit Dansplaat sitting so still nice to see the public.

This year's Youth of Today, which holds the festival hit. Watskebeurt appears the only nice song in the set of hip-hoppers, which is characterized by a bit silly and repetition. Twenty times' We're not going home, yet not long”, you become a distraction. A sign to leave.

A day later let Buitenwesten how it should. This collective of hip-hoppers from Zwolle and Rotterdam is a large musical family that complement each other and feel good. Backstage, Front Stage and on stage, the enthusiasm is evident everywhere. A set floating on original beats and powerful vocals good, who will get an extra dimension in the moments to female raps heard.

With Voicst get the NL programming a worthy ending. If a transistor radio, the gritty sound waves at you. A good choice to put Ajax on the outdoor stage. There is plenty of room to move to a dance or jump on the instant anthems. Strong melodies, thundering bass lines and plenty of dynamic characteristics show. “Daft Punk is Playing in My house” sing the boys finally. But 'Voicst playing at Lowlands ‘ is not a punishment!

& Nbsp;

Photography model not only for top photographers

Rembrandt light, softboxes and umbrellas

Tekst: Dimitri Hakke

'Aaarggghhhh!!!', sounds by the local. Marlies has just grabbed a chair and wants to attack any of the trainees. The rest of the group is watching the scene, but does not intervene. Also teacher Sabine Stuurman seems to find the best. Marlies is therefore model and Theo Blom is the photographer who just gave her the assignment to portray aggression.

Portrait- and model photography is one of the many photography courses offered by the SKVR. In fifteen lessons participants learn independently to photograph a model and creative perspectives important to remember. According to teacher Sabine Stuurman emphasis on creativity. "There is more room for experimentation than for example in the Photo Club (also SKVR ed.). There is still a lot of work with standard light, while here they may determine their own exposure. "

Besides explaining different equipment and lighting, students get examples of famous photographers handed. Thus, there are videos of the Hungarian photographer Eva Besnyö and pop photographer Anton Corbijn on the program. You may be in the next series of classes also visit linked to an exhibition.


Based on Prince album Parade get students today commissioned to make two pictures that are in line. One where there is contact with the viewer, and one where the model is more averts. After a brief discussion about Rembrandt light, soft boxes and filters depositing the first students on the model. Everyone gets ten minutes to perform the contract. Not easy as there are many people are looking at your fingers, students believe Anton Quartel and Theo Blom. "If the group is divided in two, The pieces will be better. "

According to teacher Sabine has thrown a spanner in the food moving to a new training facility. "Normally I would send in a group share the darkroom when others are shooting. But the darkroom is not yet ready. As in February, the new series of classes begins, that problem is happily resolved. "

Helmut Newton

While there is plenty of inside photographed, Sabine takes on ongoing work last week under the microscope. She seems happy with the result: "This reminds me of an old photo of Newton." Not every student the new Helmut Newton, appears as Richard van Kesteren a second attempt should dare to get exposed his photographs correctly. His enthusiasm contrast counts for ten. "I do them all", he answers the question of why he has chosen this course photo. "This is the nicest. You are here more active than at Digital Photography. You learn just Photoshoppen. New, I can do at home!", Richard laughs.

Marlies model is now being taken care of by Susanne Rorijs, who wants to copy a beautiful pose from a magazine. Then it appears all the glamor model photography only apparent: "Do you have a higher seat for me. I sit here as a hunchback ... ", sighs Marlies.


Portrait- in modelfotografie in 15 Lessons from 2 february t / m 7 June four groups. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:15 to 22:45, depending on the number of entries. Rates: of 130 euro up 225 euro, depending on income. Training facility: Stain, Hennekijnstraat 6, 3012 EB Rotterdam. Such: 010 – 436 13 66 . More info:

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Freedom of Salsa
Streamer: “Congratulations, you can Salsa Dancing!”
by Dimitri Heels
Sneakers, pumps, sandals, patent leathers, brothel slippers and boots populate the dance floor club Magnificent under the Erasmus Bridge. Just clogs and soldiers missing boxes. But then this is not really hear at home on a course Salsa Dancing.

It is very busy at the start. Fifty people have been coming to the beginners course Salsa. In four weeks, the participants will be taught the basics. Among those waiting are also Rob Piper (26) and Liza van Gelderen (23). Both are fond of Latin American music but can not yet on the dance floor as their favorite music resounds. "You forget the world around you with this dance. At Least, I think because we can not yet ", Liza laughs. It is especially the warmth and cosiness that attracts the pair. "For me, Salsa for freedom", says Rob "We let it all come down today just to us…"


"Salsa actually means sauce. It is a mix of Latin American music, which has its origins in Cuba ", is the concise introduction dance teacher who loves his students for Raul. Who wants to know more about the origin and variety in styles is evident tonight at the wrong address. There should be dancing. Indeed, there are only four classes available during this short summer course. And so everything has a little faster than normal.

"And left,second foot, up to, on the left of the place ",Raul instructs his 'Madonna microphone'. Some are already lost, but fortunately, the basic step is taken by quite a number of times. "A,two,three, half time, five,six,seven, rest and again one-touch locking-back-flip-close!"After five minutes brisk walking, the sidestep turn, which is actually no different from the grassroots, except in the direction of. If these solo movement is correctly, Raul gives the sign to form couples. "All of you find each other so much fun, not with fingers together. It only hurts when you later turning. Clean but a bowl by hand. "


Creates panic and confusion among couples and everyone should go find another partner. Faces speak volumes to some: "But I'm here with my partner" or "I had just found such a nice woman." Raul explains the change: "Your own partner wants you sometimes forgive mistakes because you do not want to quarrel. This teaches you may be wrong. By exchanging a lot of partner, you prevent this. "After exchanging a few times, everyone finally allowed back to his own partner.

Slowly looks increasingly smooth in the group and the jobs are more extensive. Men learn to indicate the dance direction by a boost with the hand. Then, the Colombian Cumbia variant the turn. "We also call him the lift."

Raul: "Congratulations, you can Salsa Dancing! Easy huh? That's because there is a certain logic to it. After the left foot always comes right foot turn. It is never left two times, for example. "

Rob and Liza are satisfied with their first lesson in Magnificent. "It was very detailed and sometimes I thought of 'shoot it out now!"But it was all well explained. We do still need a few lessons I think, because one party can not stand all night swinging doors ", Liza laughs.

Salsa basic course is given at different locations in the city. On Monday and Tuesday in Magnificent, Wednesday and Thursday in Stephys Corner at Schiekade 195. Trial lessons of 5 to 9 September. More info , 070-3638037 (Monday / Friday between 10.00 pm and 14.00 hour) or mail to

"Everyone can play badminton"

STREAMER: Individual attention is very important in BC Asterix

By Dimitri Heels

There can be few people who have never played with racket and shuttlecock. Along with table tennis, badminton is, perfect camping sport par excellence. Asterix at BC goes some more seriously than in the holidays, but the atmosphere is certainly no less.

Badminton has an ancient history dating back to ancient East Asian culture and the Aztecs in Mexico. The current name badminton only emerged in the 19th century as a result of a competition on the estate of the English Duke of Beaufort. Year 2005 Badminton is played in more than seventy countries and employs nearly two hundred million sports practitioners and belong Japan, China and Indonesia among the most successful countries in the world.

Club night

Squeaky shoe, flying shuttles and swishing rackets fill gymnasium Kralingen this Friday. It is busy, because in addition to training for recreationists, Tonight is also another 'free play'. "This is a real club night", said President Maurice Bourgonje. "The rest of the week we play over three different venues in Rotterdam. It is often playing and Go. Here at the Slaak remains anyone really hang after his game. "

Indeed, across the hall form groups of people who chat with each other. BC Asterix is ​​therefore an entire social club, also find Lisa Martin. "It's very different from my previous association here. You had real group formation. Here it is definitely not us-know-us. You learn every week new people. If you are new, you are spoken to directly. The guidance is very good here. "President Maurice: "Individual attention is very important. For new members, but even if you've been at the club for a while. We look always "find someone still fun, if not, what can we do about it?'"


The association (Founded in 1971) full 175 seniorleden in 50 youth members. In order to prevent that the strips throughout the evening to be occupied by the same players, there is a suspension system. A sign may indicate a player at any job he wants to play. When three players hang their passport on the board can be played twenty minutes.

Five years ago, Mary Ysebaert first appeared at the club. "It really is a very fast sport. Much faster than tennis. And, the ball does not bounce huh ", jokes Mary. "The beauty is that you have so mastered. The rules are not too difficult. "Chairman Maurice agrees that statement:"It is an accessible sport. When volleyball was initially require more technique. If you can hold a racket , you can play basically. But ", he declares with almost Cruyff logic, "If you take the shuttle only return late you can not win. The moment you 'click' will receive 'hey, I can win ' , the sport begins. "


Badminton at BC Asterix costs 151 euro for seniors. Paid youth, depending on age, 67 euro of 108 euro per jaar. Playgroups are Sports Hall Schuttersveld (woe), Sports hall Kralingen (free) and Sports Hall Pier 80 (zone). For more info: of 010-4128595 (Arjan van Cappellen)

Everyone wants bricklaying

STREAMER: Home Improvement popular than ever

by Dimitri Heels

Home Improvement is popular. You need to turn on the television, but whether there will be taken care of a house. Of the cautious makeovers of Private Home and Garden to the more extreme variants like to Holland State A House and The Block.

The renovation boom puts the Doezelfschool at Schiekade no harm in any case. Time after time the sitting courses Chores at Home, Carpentry, Electricity or Plastering full and there are even waiting lists. Also bricklaying course proves popular. From across the country, students have come to find out how metselt a beautiful wall. Ab student from Brabant: "I have every week three hour drive to get jobs here. There are only two places in the Netherlands where you can do this. Often there is a complete program to determine. Kick from Apeldoorn agrees story. “In my neighborhood there is an education , but then you have to work in the agricultural sector and as to build a house.” “That's me just a little too much”, From laughs.


This course is clearly a lesser job on the program: bricklaying of a wall with a window and a counter (arch above the window). During the first lesson showed that something as apparently straightforward, yields some problems. The envelopment which has to ensure that the wall is straight walled, is more difficult than many thought. For trainee Dineke: "You really need to have everything level. But if you turn into a nail, then the other side pulls back askew. So it went through the whole lesson. Eventually he got it though. Maybe not as neat as that of the rest, but still.”

In pairs, participants have begun mixing the grout. Teacher Fred de Jong runs along and explains what the ratio should be. “We do not use cement here, because everything has to be demolished, so we can use the material next time.” When the mixture is ready after quite some stir, it's time to brick the first layer of bricks. “You bring a layer of mortar and then you dip the stone in water and press it into the mixture. You tap and slide , until everything is right under the rope that you've strained.”


There is a cozy atmosphere. There being vigorously, but there is also time for jokes and music;. Dineke trainee is in her element. “As a child I found it wonderful. Stir the porridge, something with stones. For my fiftieth I wanted to try it necessarily for yourself. It is also very good against stress. Quite different from sitting all day at the office!”

A little further wants the Hague Ilona her second layer of bricks start, but awaits the approval of Fred. “Looks good”, he said as he moved a stone one millimeter. The trainee also has a taste: “Next time, maybe I'll go plastering. Paint? No, I can believe I can, ha ha ha… ”


The course is given during Bricklaying 6 evenings of each 3 hour. Course fee is 170 euro. The next series starts on Thursday 26 May. Then Bricklaying also given as a summer course 4 juli t/m 8 July. More information on: of 010-4664333. The Doezelfschool can be found at Schiekade 830 Rotterdam.

Juggling requires a lot of perseverance

From torches to sharp swords

by Dimitri Heels

You can do it with swords, torches, ring, cones or just with three balls: juggling. How difficult you make it for yourself too, the basics remain the same. “The most important thing you must learn is, well throw. Capture is automatic.”

Yet it is also at the juggling course in Jan Prins School at the Market often wrong with that 'automatism'. Here and pattering the cones with a lot of noise on the ground. Happened here clearly more than just juggling. While a boy frantic efforts to balance on a huge ball, crossed the hall a little further a girl on a unicycle. On the side are boxes full diabolos, jongleerblokken in balanceerborden. Not surprising therefore that most students do not leave at ten lessons, but time and again to register for a new learning program.

Seven Swords

Juggling is as old as the road to Rome. Sterker nog, Egyptians became skilled already in the "in the air holding objects'. The oldest image of jugglers was found in the tomb of an unknown Egyptian prince, dating from a period between 1994 in 1781 before Christ. The Chinese arrived early (770-476 before Christ) at. Zi Lan one there seems to have been known that he could juggle seven swords.

So far, the students tonight still far. Instructor Bouke van Tongeren:”The very first thing you learn here is the cascade. That is the basic pattern of three balls cross from one hand to another is tossed. But there are so many different forms.” Tonight the jugglers have to try to hold a ball and woven through the other two. “The hard part of this exercise is, it are two very opposite movements.”

But 'practice makes perfect’ certainly goes to juggle. “You get to see what you have to do then is to repeat and repeat home. After a week, I could juggle three balls”, says the 15-year-old Tim. “But now it becomes more difficult to hear!”

All the students talk about the thrill is when something finally succeeds. Yet there is also frustration. The 28-year-old Anneloes today has some trouble with exercise and a bit fed up of it. “Juggling is incredibly relaxing succeed. But you have to just get by, and especially by putting. But it's really, really fun and addictive.” Again and again she registers for a new season. “You learn something new every time. Such a unicycle I have ever tried, but that's not my thing”, laughs Anneloes.

Yes or no

The 29-year-old Yvette now making frantic efforts to reach across the hall on her unicycle. “I do not give up. I want to really learn.” Bouke:” For juggling you can really against trial and error. You learn to persevere and to respond quickly. It's yes or no. Or not. Wrong decisions have a direct impact. At a certain point it becomes an automatism. I think I also in everyday life quite a few accidents averted by my increased responsiveness.”

At the end of ten lessons, the burning torches. Most students do go on the challenge. Yvette: “If you can juggle with three cones, you can also fire, keep you for keeping yourself. Well that is true, but once you see the flames is different.” The tip of Bouke therefore reads: “If you're holding the wrong side of the torch, immediately release, then feel little…”

All courses consist of ten lessons of one and a half hours. The costs are € 80,00.

Rotterdam Cardholders get € 30,00 discount. Beginners – Advanced: Tuesdays 20.00 t/m 22.00 hour. There are also open practice evenings where you can practice independently. More info: 010 4667805 (Bouke) or Website:

Boules in a French decor

by Dimitri Heels

Anyone who has ever been in France, undoubtedly know the typical old men with their alpinopetjes which together talking, gesticulating an attempt to trump in the game Boules. Yet Boules is more than that cliché and Netherlands also has various competitions for young and old.

With a mean age of 55 year fixed JBC Maasstad at first glance the picture there is the sport. Even so, there tonight youths aged about thirty round. “It is certainly not old farts sport”, emphasizes club chairman Leo van den Eijnden. “In league play, guests of one year or 19. But we would like to attract more young people. Everyone is welcome!”

Already in the Greek era was practiced throwing iron balls. But it was the Romans that the small target ball (de but) added them to the game. The Romans took the sport back to Gaul, where it is a true national sport until today. Meanwhile play half a million Frenchmen the game and is the third sport in the country. Since the establishment of the Dutch Boules Bond 1972, is here also the increasingly popular sport. Year 2005 are spacious 13000 players joined an association.

Bowling alley

In 124 member association JBC Maasstad, in the 1986 Founded, is the proud owner of the Boulodrome. This track was covered in 1998 constructed and, according to the chairman unique in Netherlands. In ten indoor courts can be played throughout the winter in a beautiful backdrop. On the walls of the hall are paintings of French shops attached so it looks like the players are throwing a ball at a cozy French village square.

Petanque (the official name of this discipline) seems like a simple sport, where the aim is to come as close as possible but with the cue ball at the. Winner is the one who first 13 points scored. Yet there is much more to it, weet Ton Blom “When I started this fifteen years ago, I had to really get used to it. I thought: “this is the well?” But I soon found out that technique and tactics are very important. You have to analyze the game situation, Before you decide which ball you are going to throw.”

For all data aspects to fathom be there on Tuesday evening courses in which various aspects of Boules be addressed. How do I hold a ball? What effects can I use and how I learn to estimate the distance well. Lion:”Example, you can roll a ball to the jack, but then you have to deal with all kinds of obstacles such as stones, branches and other rubbish. Whether you throw a ball in the air so he lies motionless as it hits the ground again. There you need a lot of exercise.”

To Win

JBC Rotterdam is a cozy, social club so say the members. The sporting aspect is important, but also not the most important. Ton Blom: “It is not a Feyenoord-Ajax. At our age is to win something less important than in the young. But nobody likes to lose like…” The president falls to him in “Nothing as good than to play against a stronger team and guests than with 13-0 to send home!”

GAME BALL CLUB Maasstad, Hazelaarweg 38 Rotterdam. Clubhouse open: Sunday 12:00 to 17:00 and Wednesday 19:00 to 22:30. More info: or Leo vd Eijnden (010-422369

Bridge work late the brain

Streamer: Champion athlete among the card games

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

"Do not compare it please, with jass", highlights a 70-year-old actress Bridge, as she pauses and a cigarette rears. "When you play cards chatting while playing. Here you should really make you brain work. But I love that. And it's good against dementia. "

It's Wednesday afternoon as members of Bridge Club BC'85 put their ticket in the Lombard. The many tables reigns supreme concentration. Oversized playing cards to indicate what each participant offers. Bridge deserves all card games the most titled mind games. It requires concentration, a good memory and logical thinking. It is played by four people at a square table. After the offer follows the game, each pair is trying to make as many strokes.


Like chess and checkers bridge is played in competition. In addition, the sport has also genuine national and international tournaments. Play Worldwide 100 million people bridge, spread over 100 countries that are members of the World Bridge Federation. In the Netherlands, the bridge belongs to union 120.000 Members of the ten largest sports. In addition there are an estimated such 400.000 bridge players who are not members of a union. Professional-level talks in the Netherlands especially women internationally quite a bit of it by winning several European- and World Titles. Dutch men dragged in 1993 the world for national teams on hold.

Willem van Eyck , owner of The Bridge Center Lombard acted at a high level, but missed the conviviality that he sees this afternoon at BC'85 "That is of course logical, because you're dealing with sport. Here, the social aspect is very important. Not everyone is interested in increasing his or her level. Thursday come here players a bigger caliber. Only with a minimum rating you can then join in. "In the top leagues the tables are adjusted so that the other players can not have contact with. This is to prevent players give each other signals. "Especially Italians and Americans are very suspicious here", says Van Eyck.

To bed

BC'85 was founded twenty years ago by a group of people who followed a course Avro bridge on television and wanted to put theory into practice. Gerda Laarhuis's game master of the eighty-member club. She herself did as a child for the first acquaintance with the card game. Laarhuis:"What's nice is on? It is really thinking. You must 52 cards to keep an eye and make plans to play. Moreover, it is fun to play with a partner. If you often enough as a duo playing, then you know each other at one point through and through. "" You do not just go to bed together ", quips Laarhuis' card partner.

Laarhuis also organizes tournaments outside the doors of the Lombard. "In Delfshaven we sort a regular pub crawl. Then we play half an hour in one bar and then we go when we played back to another pub. That is always very pleasant. "

BC '85 plays on Wednesday afternoon in the upper room of the Lombard Bridge Society,

Lombard Kade 28 Rotterdam

Starting time: 13:15 hour

Information: Gerda Laarhuis, such: 010-4330681

The Lombard bridge regularly organizes courses for beginners. More info at of 010-4143915

In modern beats op vette

STREAMER: Streetdance is fine for the condition.

By Dimitri Heels

Christina's doing it, Janet's doing it and Usher's doing it. Actually, just about everyone does on the music channels TMF, MTV en The Box het: Streetdance. Fast, tight, rehearsed dance movements on the hottest hip hop beats of the moment. One does it for the moves and the other does it for his condition.

It is five minutes past eight and fifteen women one man arranged neatly in rows. As a teacher Linda Bund latecomers who still invade subtly rightly pointed ("The lesson starts at, what time even though weather?") the lesson can finally begin. "And step, step, links, on the right, layer, low back ", sounds through space. As a whole, the students do after exercise. If the routine a few times is taken by the music and sounds nice trip hop from the speakers. "Why do not you all at once? Otherwise we will soon look like a fool during the presentation ", warns Linda, who criticizes, motivates and compliments.

Street dance has its roots in street culture of the American ghettos. Contemporary movements and expressions are interwoven in a separate dance style. In terms of movements, it is a mixture of aerobics, jazz ballet en breakdance. Street Dancers do not have a partner to dance individually or as a group with a choreography. Figures are danced as in the video clips from MTV. More and more people are attracted, because street dance is a form of dance, with exercise and fitness are linked to contemporary music such as hip-hop, funk, r disk & b.


A striking appearance in the group tonight, the 26-year-old Rodolfo. Between all the women he is the only man streetdancende. "I can also do anything about it. It's been two years now! ", laughs Rodolfo who has always been fond of dancing. "I once came with a girlfriend. Actually, I wanted to breakdance, but when I went through my ankle. So I'm just going to do some more sedate. "

Really quiet street dance looks not out. The dancers are in constant motion. If there is just nothing occurred, some dancers take the steps still just for themselves. "It is quite heavy, but fortunately I occasionally to smuggle. Then it just seems like you make the move ", says Rodolfo during a mini break. "Streetdance is fine for the condition. You're mainly cardio-vascular busy. "

Except for the heart, Course street dance shows also good for the abs. Today the teacher leaves the choice to the students. "Will you stretch, abdominal exercises or even a piece of dance practice?"The choice is more dance. The new routine proves versatile. "It can also be used as a self-defense technique if you are being harassed on the streets."


The 23-year-old Tamara is happy that she has learned a bit again. Concentration and discipline are thereby required. "It all goes very fast. If you miss a week then you really need to do extra your best to keep up with these new movements ", she knows because she also teaches. "It's nice to get inspiration from others." Of the twelve hours sport practiced Tamara week, there are nine completed by dance. "And, I'm really addicted to dancing. The nice thing is that you do it Streetdance known music. Tight graceful movements to a beat, Situated me though. "


Year Course streetdance Advanced given on Tuesday between 8 in 9 hours on the Hennekijnstraat by Linda van Dijk. Intake is all year round. SKVR also provides street dance lessons for beginners and youth. For more info: of 010-4361366.

How: Coparck

Where : Rotown, Rotterdam

[tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

The occurrence of Coparck in Rotown has a strange beginning. "Do you know our new drummer, Marcel?", asks singer Odilo Girod to the visitors. A new drummer, that was our not noticed. "Nou and, new ... it's been a year in the band. "Marcel van As (ex-handsome 3some) there was not yet on when the band three years ago for the last Rotown aandeed. But tonight, let him apply himself with solid drum beats and subtle taps.

The cozy warm sounds pull slowly through the Rotterdam establishment. What is striking is the respect of the audience for the band. There is little bullshit and much concentration in the room. Perhaps because the "normal" clubbers fails on Sunday. Coparck plays mainly songs from the new CD Few Chances Come Once In A Lifetime that should appear much earlier. As known Coparck was 2003 the victim of the cuts in sheets country. Record labels, a daughter of the Virgin and EMI canceled the contract with Coparck and the band eventually found refuge with the label Supertracks (C-Mon & Kypski, Bastian). The electronic pop songs that produces the foursome are downright beautiful. They are warm, layered and full of sound. The mixture of jazz, pop and rock reminiscent of the sound that it has become big dEUS. The difference is that the Dutch are more modest than their Belgian colleagues (but that is perhaps the national character) and that Coparck houses clearly more trip hop influences.

The new single starts with a moody piano intro and excels through repetition. De zin “Can’t stop Looking For It”, creates 'swaying' heads in the front rows. After a while, the song has been an almost hypnotic effect. Beautiful polyphonic vocals complete the single. Moments later, the band proves also to be able to step up a gear. After an electric drum intro, drives the next song in a staccato rhythm. Fast, catchy, up-tempo and tight. Coparck manages to surprise and builds set properly. As the concert progresses, the songs more exciting and mysterious. On stage they themselves seem more and more sense to get in. After playing "our first single ' (Going Anywhere?) is this pleasant Sunday again ...

HEAD: On the way to peace with Aikido

Streamer: An aikidoka has no adversary but a partner

[Dimitri Hakke]

"He who knows the enemy and himself, will be in danger in a hundred battles.

He who does not know the enemy but themselves, will sometimes win and sometimes lose.

He who knows neither the enemy nor himself, will run in every battle danger. "

It's a phrase from "The Art of War 'by the Chinese general Sun Tzu from approximately 500 before Christ. The statement can be found on the website of Aikido Association Isshin Rotterdam and is immediately clear that Aikido is not a sport, but a way of life.

The fair to say that the creator of the award will have never heard of Aikido, since the military discipline until around 1930 was developed by the Japanese Morihei Ueshiba. The founder of Aikido martial regarded as a spiritual way of life, a road to peace, inner balance and a nascent with nature. This philosophy is not one of a martial art but a self-defense sport. Although ... the question is whether it is at all a sport. One of the features of a sport is the race mentality: two parties compete against each other until a winner is. And precisely in this discipline distinguishes itself from other. Een Aikidoka (practitioner) has no opponent, but a partner. Competitions are not there, since the goal is to make yourself and your partner better.


It's quiet in Sporthal Kralingen. The hockey girls who play their game in the main hall, still make the most noise. Under the supervision of proud grandfathers, her's, fathers and mothers entering the eleven children exercise mat. Today the examinations for the ninth and tenth Kyu (degree) the program. For most it is to-read their first exam and the tension therefore faces. And although he already for six years with the sport is busy, the creeps are still too Sensei (master) Wim Warrior noticeable. "This is my first exam that I'm going to decline. It must surely all more formally in such examination. And all those parents there, anyway that's different ", thus Warrior.

The exam starts with showing respect to the founder Ueshiba

, whose portrait overlooks the dojo. "Shomen not rei", sounds eleven mouths. Afterwards, the students perform a Shikko. At the same time everyone is on his knees to the other side of the mat. When later the more difficult techniques are discussed, and here and there some furrowed brows are seen, Warrior jumps at. "Officially it is not", he says with a wink and, "But it can not hurt to help them. Some of this group have just four months of training behind, while others are working for almost two years. "" But ", emphasizes the Sensei, "I'll do anything for. It is finally an exam. "


On the exercises is clear to see that it does not arrive on muscle strength. A little girl throws a clearly bigger guy with a good roll on the mat. "With minimal muscle, achieve the maximum effect. That's the goal ... "A premise that this sport is perfect for children who are the target of bullying, people with disabilities and the elderly. For the latter two groups are often separate trainings.

Wim Warrior has finished the lesson and thanked the students for their efforts. "When we hear or we made it?", asks a girl impatient. If it appears very big disappointment, when he tells them that they have to wait, Warrior stroking over his heart. "Actually, I can hear you say. You are all successful!"


Jeugdlessen Aikido (of 6 to 14 year) are given on Monday, Friday and Saturday. Training facility: Sports hall Kralingen, Heaves 15 Rotterdam. The monthly costs 16,50 euro. Free Trial. More info at or via Wim Warrior (010)2121626/

How: Saunawest

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

It's a sweltering evening are Rotown, as soon turns. Sauna West is on the poster and promotional girls in white robes with band logo handing the first visitors some flyers. The promotion is well regulated by the Rotterdam; the band is only half a year and already has six in just about every imaginable venue played in Rotterdam. After the Gatehouse, de Parade, Villa Wanted, Off-Course, Nighttown , Magnificent Waterfront and is now the turn of Rotown to receive the 'hottest sensation from Rotterdam'.

Hyping is fun and very well find yourself even more fun, as long as it is accompanied with humor. And that has certainly Sauna West. The band starts the show with a real anthem, being shouted along quickly because of its simplicity: ’S-A-U-N-A-W-E-S-T’. The cheerful rock and roll with a funky twist is contagious and within no time are the front rows (family and friends?) swing.

Singer 'Grandmaster Teps' is occasionally tangled with his microphone stand and jump frequently from the podium. But how he does his best, the best entertainer in the world he is not. In his role as the antihero Dr.phil Harry Potter looks texts winds as: ‘Damn your so sexy’ en “I was able to suck my own cock’ de zaal in. The declamatory singing evokes associations with Talking Heads and Roxy Music, is complemented by a beautiful sultry seventies and dragging saxgeluid. The funky rhythms however the band cherishes are very one-sided and that some songs twice over come promotes variation even though not.

Finally, a surprising cover in the form of the only English song on the setlist: Do Cyankali. On the band's website a viparrangement is offered to the person concerned Sauna West action outside the Rotterdam. But perhaps it is wise to wait a while there and at first just to find the rehearsal room to work on the repertoire ...

How: Wallrus

Where: Waterfront

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

How Come, music is to listen to? As far as Wallrus, must not only hear your music, but also see and especially feel. Screaming guitars, pounding drums and bass into your diaphragm forming the solid recipe Rotterdam. Unfortunately,, or perhaps fortunately-we are finally in- tonight no supporting vuurspuwact as previously Metropolis, but operating at full steam F1200-fogger fogger.

Waterfront is the ideal playground (dark and spacious) the cumbersome walrus, that immerse visitors in a warm bath Stoner. The fixed quartet has the support tonight by an extra percussionist and a guitarist, Wallrus which sounds even fuller than on her debut album The Wind Blows Witches From The Sky. During this CD presentation prove Rotterdam for multiple influences open than pure Stoner. For the swampy rock of Masters Of Reality example. The voice of singer Rob Rietdijk is powerful, clear and pleasant and calls unintended associations with Sound Gardens' Chris Cornell. One moment can Wallrus delicious pull the emergency brake as Queens of The Stoneage to there then a riff a la Black Sabbath throw in. With a distorted harmonica Rietdijk counts in one fell swoop with the dusty image of this instrument. Since Uncle Bob can still tip suck.

"There was all well played and sung", Rietdijk wrote the day after the concert in his Wallrus newsletter. Through the same mail we learn that bassist Paul Van Schaik has lost his hat to a fan, guitarist Conrad Freling three guitars worn and that the VOX collapsed already during the soundcheck. "Toms steel percussion was nothing short of spectacular (...)the samenweking Joeri (drummer RED.) came to a head in Mean Shit " , said upper-Wallrus. And we can only wholeheartedly agree!

"Women climbing more flexibility"

"Peaceful, as if it is an accelerator pedal ... "

"Are not you tired?", asks climbing instructor Marcel de Bruin to one of his students, who just has a huge escarpment tamed. The negative answer can count on its approval. "New, then you have done well!"Flexibility, good foot placement and calf muscles relax, are the keywords for this Monday.

From the outside, the climbing center Steeppart in Rotterdam-Kralingen a weird high blocks. Who once inside looks a tangle of ropes, steep walls with multicolored plastic pieces in different shapes and men and women who make successful attempts to conquer the walls.

Today a course Climbing on the program. In six classes of three hours each, teach students who have already completed a basic course or have some climbing experience, to improve their technique. After the enthusiastic warm climbing ("You can all stop hearing, Olivier "), Marcel takes due to a smaller wall, where the course actually starts.


"The intention is that students learn to climb less power by placing their feet properly and improve their balance", clarifies the Instructor. Who thinks that it comes to climbing on muscle, will be disappointed. This is clear when the command is given up to 'waddle' and thereby minimize use arms. "Actually, you have to use your arms just to avoid falling back", said Marcel.

Student Marcel Langbroek also climbs too much power, he knows himself. According to him, women for that matter even better climbers. "Women climbing more agility than strength. It sees often beautiful. "If he's been up for the second time he is clearly less tired than the first time. "You notice a real difference!"


"It was better, but it is still not good ", late instructor Marcel students know. In the next exercise, participants should try to put their feet down carefully. The temptation is great to put him under your feet but as fast as possible to avoid falling. While you actually have to put your foot down right good. "Peaceful, as if it is an accelerator pedal ... "

Except technical course Steeppart offers also other climbing training, including a youth climbing club, business climbing and a beginners course. During this last course focuses on safety, such as securing the climber, rope techniques and dealing with climbing gear.

The uiteindlijke climbing level is not determined by whether you emerge, but how to get there. The smaller support, the higher the level. Marcel: "We start here at 3 and that continues until 8b. Below we're not here, For level two is similar to the rise of a staircase!"And if that does not meet, training can forget to Steeppart, as the entrance to the center is located at the end of a nice long staircase. All things considered, you will warm up so all outside instead ...

Of course klimtechniek (6 quench) will take place on Monday or Friday (19in-22U) and starts when enough. Cost for the course are 102,50 euro. Other prices vary from 15 Euro p / p for arrangements to 40 Euro p / p for the beginners course. Klimcentrum Steeppart is open seven days a week. For more info: Steeppart, Prinsenlaan 910, 3062 CT Rotterdam, 010-2869794 of

How: ATCOE/audiotransparent

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

[Tekst en photos: Dimitri Hakke]

It's a stark contrast. Spring is in full swing: sun is shining, the birds lay their eggs, new loves open and on the terraces is to late good place. However, the thoughts wander off to roaring log fires tonight, ancient times, depression and lost loves. While audio transparent stage climbs in Rotown, visitors to sit cozy tables showing tea lights. Romantic and melancholy at the same time, these are the characteristics of the Groningen zesmans formation. Indebted to Sigur Ros, Thindersticks the band to grab the approximately sixty visitors directly by the throat. Audiotransparent is rough and melodic at the same time. With feedback, harmonics and repetitive guitar riffs band creates an intimate atmosphere. With singer Wouter Rope elongated compositions are also provided with splendor vocals. Audiotransparent is best enjoyed with eyes closed. And with that comes directly back an old debate around the corner: of podiumpresentatie. Which remains way behind. Jumping around is not necessary, but there just happened to little on stage. And that is important also still. Else you might as well set the plate.

At The Close Of Every Day (ATCOED for the connoisseur) picks it for that matter differently and better. The duo Minco Eggersman (Whole Grains) Axel Kabboord (this beautiful mess) is for the occasion supplemented with an extra bass. By placing the drum on the front edge of the stage, There is no escaping from. At Least, the first show of the fragile songs, be shattered by a mobile phone goes off. And from the second song suffers the band, Visitors who clearly more need of bullshit than anything else. Eggersman is a singing drummer, but that is where the similarities with Phil Collins happy on. Pedro The Lion and Bright Eyes have more in common with the money. As with audio transparent melancholy plays the leading role. Although the voltage is constructed beautifully within songs, the set has not. After fifteen minutes or three you have had it. And you'll be glad that the outside does not sombert, but you can just go out without a coat to enjoy after a while on the terrace of a beautiful spring evening.

HEAD: A good stone has its own image

STREAMER: The ticking of chisels fills the classroom

By Dimitri Heels

Patiently await the huge stone blocks in the voorraadhok. Serpentine, alabaster and springstone lie next to each other waiting for the next life as a sculpture. To the students of this afternoon the task to liberate these images from their environment. 'Liberate', because a good piece of stone, creates its own image.

Only six students populate this Monday the classroom for the course Sculpture in stone and wood. There loud ticking of chisels in stone. While stone debris flying in the round, is professor Kees Buckens from image to image and gives instructions. "Practice is the strength of this course", said the teacher. "You should not be too much theorizing." As soon as possible to work is his motto. "There are people who '' seeing directly, while others must take precisely on the basis. The goal is to peel away everything that is not an image. "

Greet trainee Wagemaker had to get used to that no-words-but-action approach. "That's a little against my nature. I would like to know in advance what can do and what I need while. It was quite difficult to let go of that structure. Meanwhile the sophomore ("Last year I have done this course.") used to it. Kees teacher encourages people otherwise do to advance to come up with an idea or sketch. It sounds contradictory to each other, but that is not. "You send your design in the direction of what is present in your stone."


A red piece of chalk among the teaching tools Kees. Pick a few firm, he puts the work of needy students the ideal line or indicate which pieces can be cut away in his best. Sometimes it works red chalk anymore and should be chosen for rigorous measures. Kees: "And then sometimes you choose a small revolution, such as the reversal of the image. "

The image of Adrianne Hartkoorn nearing completion. ''s Where, when it is off? That is a very difficult question. You have to feel that any subsequent operation is too much ", says the former architect. His sculpture is rough and smooth at the same time and has high contrast. While it with water and diamond sponges trying to make his stone smoother and smoother, he dubs the final presentation. If the image well in landscape or portrait, is the recital.

He is happy with the help of the teacher. "Sometimes you really fast you need feedback from someone who understands the game." His respect for sculpting is also grown. "You learn more and different and better looking. It is quite difficult to operate in three dimensions. "


Where most students have thrown themselves on stone, Pieter Grevel has a clear preference for woodworking. His human form in lotus position begins to take shape. "I've always had a love for wooden statues", says Pieter. "Wood is great for editing. You just have to be careful. It is little by little. Wat is of ice, there will be very difficult again. In the beginning, the wood was often away in places where it should stay. "

Satisfied Kees Buckens looks around again in his classroom Monday. "Every time the weather is nice to see people as 'begeistert' stand to work on their images. If they are amazed at what they can do themselves. Then my mission is accomplished. "


Sculpture and Stone and Wood. Teaching: Kees Buckens. Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays at the SKVR the Hennekijnstraat 6. More info: of 010-4361366.

HEAD:Nice tinkering with your bike

Streamer: bike course make instructive and cost saving

The Netherlands is the country's number one bike. Nowhere in the world are there as many inhabitants as cycling. Has no less than sixteen million copies motorable Netherlands, and every year there are one million new bikes sold. In addition there are countless bicycle sheds, basements and bike sheds. Reason enough to look at a bike course make.

Except fietsgek, Dutch are also economical. Especially in times of economic crisis, it is not so easy for each puncture, Started in the wheel or chain stretched to an expensive bike shop going to need. Who maintains good bike also has much more pleasure from his bicycle.

The classroom of the Doezelfschool at Schiekade looks a bit chaotic. Between the workbenches, toilets and sinks are six reverse cycle. While one student on the cleaning and extend the fork collapsed, is taken in hand elsewhere gear system. Teacher Jack Ewijk does not like the classical approach. "We are working to need a bike. One has to ask about changing a tire and the other wants to clean his chain. "

There is some looked at each other and still follows a central explanation. "What is the most common mistake when pasting a link?", Jack asks his students. The correct answer follows quickly from the group: speed. "Exactly, Most people who take a stick tape is not enough time to let the glue dry. And then it goes wrong ... "

To Dream

All students have brought their own bike, but there are also exercise bikes available. According to Jack, it's a lot more fun to tinker with your own bike. "You can detach here everything nice. Thus, you get to know your bike better. And sometimes you come to the conclusion that you have some items the next time but lets just sit together ", laughs the experienced bicycle mechanic who can now dream the three gear hub.

Other students are clearly not so far and put all removed items neatly ranked. But then it turns putting together a difficult job. "Last week I managed to get back on the bike to go home", Jan tells student proudly. "But that was the front wheel. And that's a lot easier to put together. "

To Trust

Student Tom has all the balls that were picked gathered his gear hub again. Yet it does not look as though his bike at the end of the lesson will be complete again. The screws, bolts and frills with the most technical names are still scattered over his workbench. "I have three bikes, So if it does not succeed today, I let him just stand until next week. "

Vutter Jan meanwhile still getting more skill and confidence in. After successful installation of his rear he late teacher and fellow students know how well: "Next year I'll give that course here!"

FRAMEWORK:Races fietsenmaken Kost 130 euro 6 lessons of 3 hour. Next series of classes starting at 13 January, 12 March and 26 May. More info: DIY self-Rotterdam School, Schiekade 830, such: 010-4664333 of

Dancing on skates not for beginners

A girl lets out a shriek ...

Tekst: Dimitri Hakke

Impatient saunter the first students at the door. Although it is already half eight, the door remains shut tight. Ten minutes later, a nice small group gathered for Calypso and finally the doors open. The wheels can be bound and rollerblade dance can begin.

About forty students are showing up in this lesson roller disco for beginners. Blank, black, that, a, small, only, hetero homo. It's a mixed bunch tonight. Total freedom is the watchword in this course. Anyone who wants to come and who wants to skip one time is not looked there. While the dance classics through the speakers blare, late instructor Laurens his students casting off the muscles. Movements where a normal person without skates all would get muscle pain of coming out as a matter of course. Some participants clearly more difficulty and are already at the first movement. The great groove of the seventies disco record is drowned out by a girl that threatens to create a shriek heaves when she splits. Laurens remains relaxed and shows you how to turn a round on one leg.


Although the beginners course, This is certainly not meant for beginning skaters. "We teach people not rollerskate here. You have to keep your balance or backward skating ", clarifies Laurens. In that respect newcomer Karin to the wrong address. "I have no experience with these things. The stand even takes me all trouble ", Karin laughs. Breathless she looks at Brian, who now interprets a dance routine to the advanced group. "It's so pretty, they just dance as if they have shoes!"

Laurens ("I can not even dance more on shoes") is happy with the arrival of more boys in his group. Girls take according to him easier lesson. "Boys often say they do figure it out yourself. Moreover, still too often thought that roller disco is only for girls or gay men. But fortunately change. I now have some real street skating is the group ", says a proud Laurens.


At breakneck speed, the new instructions over. According trainee Lizzy not that bad at that speed. "The lessons many repeated. So if you do your homework, there is nothing wrong. Practice your not at home, you can not join the group and is also a lot less fun. "Also Statieplaats student is excited about the lessons: "I started in May and I am totally in love. I only had experience with inline skates (wheels one behind the other red.), but now I get that for long distances only emerge. I had to get used, because with these skates have a tendency to fall forward or back, while threatening to fall on inline skates right side. "For Statieplaats also counts the social aspect with. "It's something different than the calibrated steps. You meet nice people all here and you are also another good at sports!"

While the course is ending and the exercises seem more and more like real dancing begins, drip more and more skaters Calypso within. After that, the roller disco place, so that all the newly learned steps can take a good showcase for the groovy disco-soul tunes Golden Wonderboy. Laurens looks happy, because the lessons are paying off: "You see that they do more than just driving around ..."


The roller disco dance classes take place on Thursday at Calypso, Mauritsweg 5, 3012 JR Rotterdam. No advance registration required, except for large groups. Beginners start 19.30 hour, Advanced 20.15 hour. Costs: 8 Euro per the (including disco) of 70 Euro 10 quench. Treasure Rent: 2,50 Euro (bring your passport). More info:

HEAD: Witches, clowns and friendly saleswomen

STREAMER: "Your makeup is successful, if you manage to convince your audience "

By Dimitri Heels

"When the application of a foundation, You can go out the best of the inside of the arm and then take a shade lighter. "So, The first tip is already in make up during the basic course. Today, six cursistes each other trying to conjure up friendly saleswoman. "I have the whole store to buy items with you", quips teacher Arthur Vriens.

Had students in recent weeks make up one another to witches, clowns, animals or typetjes. Today it's time for the cautious approach: the make-. "The makeup must today support the character", explains Professor Arthur from. "When you try to overdo typetje, by creating a cliché. Now we are going to pay more attention to subtle details. "

It soon becomes apparent that making a friendly saleswoman, is a difficult task. After the application of the foundation, the first sigh already audibly. For where to start? Let's first think about which store the saleswoman actually is and whether it is big or small stage. "Learn to play with colors", Tips Arthur "Someone who stands at Jamin, you better dress in tum-tum pink than in moss. "


The teacher does not advocate for- and imitate. "I can best for the class at someone 'katten'-makeup application and then let everyone make after. But you learn nothing from. You must use your model. Moreover, there are so many cats ... "Experiment and do is the magic word in the lessons. That students take each other hands, therefore not only has a practical reason (easy, Always models), also a didactic. "I think you should know how something feels. If you know how painful it can be to remove makeup, then you are there to exercise caution if you do it with someone. "

Left and right appear pink rosy cheeks, be grayed hair and false eyelashes glued. Many shops, many sellers. Jolanda Hart slowly changes into a cozy Christmas trees saleswoman. "I'm rolled through a friend, who is Head Grime at a theater. It's great fun to do. Unfortunately I did not have much time at home to practice ", said the nurse. "With what you learn here, are you going to do differently at the TV. You watch a lot more makeup and how it is done. Which typetjes Tacks for example. "

"You can do so extreme here if you want ... except today of course", tells the sweet old lady who sells bras at the Beehive. Inez Black is the daily life a lot younger and an internship at a theater. "No., no grime. I sit on the decor department. I just wanted to see if it's something for me. Perhaps I would further note. "Professor Arthur took his students recently to a theatrical performance of a high school, where they could take care of the grime. Inez: "That was very different works. Here you have all the time. There was really anything off within fifteen minutes. Fortunately there were beforehand designs made of the makeup. "


Striking is the absence of men in the course, while there are still many male make-up artists and beauticians working in TV and theater. "In the time that I have given courses here, There are four men has been one of which has followed all the lessons. "One explanation, the teacher does. "For men it is really a specific choice. If they do it, then it is also a career and you see them after 15 year in the theater. In women, it is often a hobby. Which is found more in a community as there once was a theater. "

At the end of the lesson all students have turned into lovely saleswomen. Even the fully converted to experienced lingerie saleswoman Jaqueline can count on approval of the instructor. The thick layer of makeup is clearly intended for a large stage. "You have subtly exaggerated, it was perhaps even more liked. Your makeup is successful if you manage to convince the public. "


Basic course Facepainting (15 quench). Follow-up courses are under development. Teaching: Arthur Vriens. Classes are from Monday 28 February given by SKVR Calandstraat 7. More info: of 010-4361366.

HEAD: Sneeuwpret in ’t Lage Land

STREAMER: Even at the après-ski is thought

[by dimitri heels]

The time for skis has begun. During the holidays, snow attracts every year thousands of Dutch to Austria, Switzerland or Italy. And why? Rotterdam token you also perfect for skiing or snowboarding…

All eighteen houses a nondescript building near metro station Oosterflank, a real ski center. Young and old can here from the feet on endless slopes for snowboarding or skiing to master. Snow, however, is nowhere in sight, have a wonderful winter atmosphere, complete with après ski. "Especially on the weekends it is very cozy here", laughs Hans Verwoerd, co-owner of the indoor ski center. "Then everyone takes friends and family and is the mulled wine and hunter tea ready."


It is pleasantly cool in the former pool, as students from three hours to trickle. Head ski instructor John van Drunen has some Melanchthon students provide the proper footwear and a board of appropriate length. In pairs, the first students may sit on a strange-looking line of five by seven feet, which is lined with white artificial turf. Instead that glides across the snow, glides 'snow' just below the board upwards. In this way, there is an endless descent. By changing the angle of the trajectory can also be chosen for a steep descent or a flat. To ensure that everything is done safely track with brackets that the students can hold. In addition, each instructor carries a box to one side in which the web can be stopped immediately along as it is needed.

The 17 jariger student Erik stands for the first time in his life on a board. A truly unqualified success, it is not. A few times it goes down hard. "It is sometimes difficult to keep going", he says after his first descent. "You lose your balance and very quickly you fall actually quite hard. Maybe I'll just take my next lesson in the snow. I think that is something softer ", Erik laughs.


Job continues the 25-year-old Mariska and the 23-year-old Laura, much better off. But they also have six indoor lessons and a ski behind. "Soon we go again, So we thought it would be helpful to take a few lessons to get the moves again well below the knee. "According to the pair, the technique is exactly the same as in the snow. "Only I get pain here in my arms, because I always have a tendency to grab the rod when I fall. "

At Indoor Ski & Snowboard snowboarding Rotterdam shows anyway favorite among the younger part of the more than six thousand visitors who come annually on the floor. "Skiing find most young people do not really hip or fat ... or how hot it today", says Hans Verwoerd with a wink. Laura and Mariska has to do nothing with it. "It's nice to have your hands free." "Moreover", Mariska adds, "I fear that, I go skiing both my feet the other way out ... "


A ski or snowboard lesson costs 17,50 euro. Shoes plus snowboard or skis are included. Special rates for parties or more classes. Indoor Ski & Snowboard Rotterdam is open all year round and can be found on the Folkert Elsinga Street 11 Rotterdam (The Low Country), Phone: 010-2860001. More info:

HEAD: Korfball is not for sissies

STREAMER: "Korfball possessed by far the best condition"

By Dimitri Heels

"Netball is a virus that will never pass", typifies Velox president by Oremus her sport. More than 100 years fighting the most emancipated team sport in the world at a dowdy image. "But make no mistake. Korfball is not for sissies!"

By Oremus knows the prejudices about basketball. To dispel that image she organized a few years ago a tournament in which several team sports such as hockey and soccer players with each other sports acquainted. And what turned: the korfball possessed by far the best condition. "Respect for the sport progressed by leaps and bounds, when they had tried it yourself ", the president. "Compared to other sports, you are in constant motion. You can hide a moment. Only when the ball is out of your box, you can catch your breath. Footballers example can still escape between once to the game. That is impossible in basketball. "


Korfball was 1902 devised by Amsterdam teacher Nico Broekhuysen as derived from the Swedish game Ringbol. He changed some rules and introduced a wicker basket on a pole to replace the ring that used the Sweden. The game consists of two teams try to throw in the basket together. It is any physical contract prohibited. Also dribble is unlike basketball not lawful. Korfball is the only team sport in the world that is played by men and women together.

Year 2004 sport has some 100000 practitioners and is the third team sport in Netherlands. Meanwhile, the sport is played in nearly forty different countries. Starting this season, the wicker basket is replaced by a plastic basket. Moreover, there is an experiment on a two-points-circle. The ball is outside the circle scored, then count the double.


During the inset training Velox is the 19-year-old Claudia on the side. Ideally, she would join, but an injury prevents her thereof. "Unfortunately I can not do more than circling. It's hard to watch only. "They're going to look has to do with her love for the club. "Velox is really cozy. Even if I do not have to play, I'm going to go there. Everyone remains suspended as they have played. "The oldest korfball Rotterdam (of 1906) is therefore a combined association. Members can also have fun on the tennis court. There is also a darts competition and can play a game of boules are played.

Also at Velox is a real family sport netball. Many new members are enthused by family or friends who have been playing. During the traditional Ascension Mix Tournament raining new members. Let us pray: "Then everyone can take Introduces. Sometimes people who have previously played again look and decide then get on with the sport. It is a kind of virus. Eventually, once you reach back there yet again. During the week they walk in a manner of speaking behind a walker, but if they are on the field, they come back to life. "

Two years ago, the Rotterdam Kunsthal exhibition devoted to the sport under the title "Mixed shower. One hundred years of korfball ". But who wants to unravel the biggest mystery of the sport, will still have to start korfball. "Mixed shower?", laughs the President, "There, I'm not going to tell here of course. That remains a secret ... "


Netball Velox has about 130 membership. Dues from 75 Euro. Discount with sports card possible. More info: VELOX, J.A. Lebbinklaan 19, Rotterdam-Crooswijk, such. 010-4126006,

Head: Pencak Silat is a way of life

Streamer: Improvisation Talent helps against attackers

[Tekst in Stock:Dimitri Hakke]

At first glance, Pencak Silat a graceful dance. But appearances are deceptive. Pencak Silat is one of the most dangerous sports that self-defense is. The goal is to get your opponent to switch off as soon as possible. For your own sake and for that of the opponent.

Pencak Silat from Indonesia and has hundreds of different styles. In the case of gym Kujang Sakti is that the West Javanese variant derived from Cimande. Sport differs from most Asian arts self-defense because of the grace and development of improvisational talent in unexpected situations. Therefore many are being trained with weapons , such as machetes, sticks and trident.


Those weapons are definitely not on the agenda this afternoon at the children's lesson. Teachers Raul and Louise bring playfully toddlers some acrobatics in. One by one the boys and girls jumping on a trampoline with a backflip over the shoulders of their companions. Agility seems to be a prerequisite in Pencak Silat. "It is a difficult sport", Marcell know Verschuren, owner of the school. "It requires discipline. Most students remain therefore not linger long, but if you persevere then it becomes a way of life and you can not live without it. "" If I have not trained a day, I feel instantly stiff ", says the 47-year-old Marcell. Those who really make the sport of its own will also need to delve into the philosophy, the language, the music and culture of Indonesia.

The 25-year-old Louise is well on his way in that direction. "It makes your life more complete." The versatility of the sport immediately attracted to her. "For this I have done Taekwondo, but when I saw this I was sold immediately. It's good for your balance , fitness and suppleness. "That other business for that sport must neighborhoods, take them for granted. "Everybody knows in my area that I do this and how important it is for me."

[Self Esteem]

After the first mock battles are in training now handed punch. Ankles and hands are carefully packed to prevent injuries. While sparring is to read the fun of the faces. While going through the steps and throws is occasionally quite rumored. "Not very", find Marcell "Pleasure is paramount at this age. The beauty is that you see that grow their confidence. "

The diehards of that group have eventually a special status. On the basis of their fighting style determines the teacher or someone like a monkey, bird of prey, bat, tiger or snake goes through life. Each species has its own qualities, which come to light during the fighting.

Louise task to exit the lessons. This time no meditation and breathing techniques for relaxation, but tag. Nice run consecutively. If anyone has run, Louise asks one of the newcomers : "Did you like it?"The boy laughs shy and embarrassed 'yes' leaves gently his lips ...


The children's Pencak Silat is active at the following times:

Sunday 15.30 AM to 17.00 pm and Wednesday 17.00 AM to 18.30 hour

info: 06 – 28123324 (Louise)

Adults can play at other times. More info at, and via 06 – 13248327 (Marcell)

Location: Lambertusstraat 80a, Rotterdam (Kralingen)

just about 2 minute walk from metro station Voorschoterlaan.

HEAD:Rotterdam Manège, a monument in equestrian

Streamer: "Every time I see little girls back their horse altogether coddle"

More than 165 years ago were "young men of the decency seem position 'is an opportunity to' properly onderrigt receive in horsemanship." Anno 2004 the 'Society Established in Rotterdam Manège The Jockey Club no longer as elitist as when they 1839 saw the light. But who enters the carriageway, smells, see and feel the history of Holland's' oldest equestrian club.

It's pretty quiet at the stables in the summer months. Only a handful of horse lovers inhabited the land to Kralingseweg. Here and noble quadrupeds being pampered there, crops or saddled to ride a piece. The unmistakable smell of straw and manure fills the stables and the surrounding area.


On the beautiful indoor arena gives Bart Jan Geers instructions to a girl who takes her horse in circles around him. "Something that Judge tighter rein persist", sounds hollow by the monumental space. Normally Geers itself follows the lessons. The Rotterdam Manege is a club to his heart. "I am now sitting here for three years and there are so many opportunities here. You have two indoor courts, an outside job and a whole bunch at your disposal. "Furthermore, and there should be more than other clubs he has encountered firsthand, in part Tent pegging. In this military discipline, the rider must take a course in uniform with his horse, and take a series of obstacles, making use of saber, lans revolver. "You have to get used to your horse saber, so they do not scare during the match when suddenly something starts to shine. When I once did at another club, I immediately got the manager to visit, with the announcement that it really could not with such a saber. Here I can just do my exercises. "

Secretary Ellis Verheul hear the story with a smile. She herself has been 26 year member of the association. "There's not a lot has changed in those years. It's all a bit older. "She started on her twelfth with riding: "Like many young girls actually. My father drove a horse and I began to complain that I was riding well. "Since that time, is the love for the horse. "It's hard to explain what makes this sport better than others. I think,because you're doing something with a living being. "Whenever she sees them at the stables is again little girls their horse altogether coddle. "Till the boys come into view, of course ", laughs Verheul.


"Dressage is for me the best part. Your horse completely control, so it actually becomes an extension of your body ", believes Verheul. However, the association focuses on all equestrian disciplines. "Lead, carousel ride, jumping or dressage, it's all here. "According Verheul distinguishes itself from other clubs because of the atmosphere. "We are also a real social club. And of course we have no canteen, but a Society. Moreover, we also have a balloting committee to evaluate new members. Some people are so scared, while others just find a nice idea that it is a private club. It is therefore smaller and safer, Thus, the experience is. Really strict we are not heard at the ballot. We must get the feeling that you are a nice person to deal with. No, though money plays no role;. Only if you can not pay your membership, you have a problem ", quips the club secretary.

Framework: The 'Society Established in Rotterdam Manège The Jockey Club runs classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Disciplines o.a. Dressage, jump, recreational riding, carousel ride and training to coaching. The club has several horses and ponies in the stables. Membership is mandatory. Costs: from 70 euro per jaar (youth) in 100 euro (students). Other rates on request. Lessons are available from 12 per hour. More info: Kralingseweg 120, 3062 CG Rotterdam,Phone 010-452 82 60

E-mail: web:

HEAD: Youth Chess fun and educational

Streamer: RSR The Ivory Tower all 85 year to move

[Dimitri Hakke]

Utmost concentration and silence. Only opposing the pieces and the crunch of brains, who reflect on the strategy to implement. That is the image of a chess. Otherwise, on this Friday night at chess RSR The Ivory Tower. Twenty children take it tonight in several matches against each other, where some make the necessary noise.

"The children have already sit up an entire school. You can not expect them to be quiet during such ninth hour ", says youth leader Winood Rampersad. "I think it is not so important. We are primarily a social and not a tight training. If the children are enjoying themselves, then that progression there by yourself. "

Where the association in the past, members of four years, is the youngest today 'al' 6 years old. The association -the only youth chess club in central Rotterdam- works according to the approved six-step method. After step 1, recognition of the pieces follow several steps that are always a little harder. After each step, the participants are given a test. As de 24 tasks successfully by state, may pass to the next level. It contains successively open, attacks, win material, forward thinking, combine, strategy, kingside attack and endgame central structures. The final step deals with the strategy for advanced.

For all

According Rampersat anyone can learn to play chess. "In an hour you've mastered the basics, Then it's a matter of doing much. And you can do it on your own. Every day in the newspaper or a chess diagram you gunfight. And also available via the Internet are plenty of websites with diagrams or opponents. "

On RSR The Ivory Tower is trained one week and the next week there are individual games. Rampersat: "Some children do not want to train and find it just fun to play factions. You can. "He really wants to play many factions in addition, every weekend up somewhere in the Netherlands on a nice youth tournament. Average look about two hundred children a tournament, where to win all kinds of cups.

Chess has in recent years become more popular, because many schools give the opportunity to take chess lessons. Rampersat itself has not had that opportunity: "I'm just beginning my 10th and until my 16th, I went to a club. "He himself thus sees itself not as a great chess player. "But we have here running around six trainers. Because coaching is very important to move forward. If you lose a game ten times, you still want to know where it comes from. "


Youth coach Maarten van Doorn attempts at that time the level of a potential to define new member. "Which piece is bad here and be better positioned to attack the king?" , is one of the questions. After a few satisfying answers, the level is determined 3plus. "He's been pretty good", says Maarten with satisfaction.

At the last minute breaks Winood Rampersad a lance for his sport. "You not only train your brains, but it is also good for your wallet. A chessboard everyone has at home. The membership fee is low and moreover, you can get discounts with the Sports Pass. And if you also sells another many auctions at the club action you get more discount. "From this perspective, there is actually no reason not to play chess!


Youth Chess RSR The Ivory Tower. Every Friday night from 18.45u until 20.00h in NIVON building, Dirk Smitsstraat 76. Interested parties can feel free to come every Friday. More info: Winood Rampersad: 06-16124756 of Nathanael Spaan: 010-4676300

HEAD:Kleipoppetjes in suikerklontjes

Streamer: Tabletop course stimulates imagination and creativity

In this course you will learn how to use two sugar cubes, some newspaper cuttings and a kilo of clay to make a horror movie. That is the equally cryptic as tantalizing description of the course tabletop- in computeranimatie. Stimulate creativity and imagination is exactly the purpose of the next fifteen weken.Eén one drip newlywed students inside the classroom well not expressly invited directly to creativity. Yet, in this sterile brightly lit room will soon come alive clay, Playmobil figurines with each other for the sugar and get a new unexpected destination.

Today it is time for the young group to be inspired. De IT-ers, communications consultants, contractors, art directors and webdisigners get some films presented in which the possibilities of animation come forward. According to teacher Esther Dijkstra think most people at first to do animation cartoons. "And claymations everybody still knows from the past".


In animation you put multiple images together, explains the teacher from. "If you play in a twenty-second, than for your brains seem smooth motion. "The example movie may in 1911 have been spectacular, such 93 years later, the movie Gertie The Dinosaur is particularly slow. "At this particular was because it was the first drawing came to life. The intention therefore was more to show what was all possible, than to tell a good story. "After a nice claymation is a movie with dancing colors and shapes, that appear painted directly onto celluloid. "That's all you really do not need to see an animation", clarifies Esther.

After the group has moved to a less chilly space, followed by a demonstration of the computer package where the next few weeks are going to be worked with: Image Ready. In no time the teacher makes the spot a simple movie with a shark from right to left across the screen zwemt.De ambitions student Edgar reach much further. "I want to make a video clip that I can put on the Internet. That's much more fun than just an MP3 tje. If you like it I go there maybe more more professional. "An idea for his animation he has not. "Clay, that appeals to me, or in any case slightly in 3-D. Make something from nothing, for me that's the challenge. "

Shift -tween-layer

A little further is trainee Simone engrossed in her animation. "I've already learned more than all the times that I was home alone at the computer. I know where all the buttons are , but I can not really participate. Half an hour later also shoots her fish on the screen. Only the sea urchin wants but not out of place. A classmate offers a solution. "You must first click and then with shift select the last and then do tween selected layers", sounds in computer jargon. And sure enough, like magic also comes the sea urchin in motion.

The first encounter like Simone. "I like to discover how something is made. Moreover, it seemed fun to do something different than a dance course I do normally ". And if Simone mid-course, dancing still go missing, then there is always the possibility to make a movie of a dancing doll clay…

Framework: Of course Tabletop- and computer animation lasts for 15 lessons and costs 67 to 198 euro, depending on age and income. New lessons from 10 February at the Beeldfabriek to Eendrachtstraat 12a. More info at of 010-4361366

HEAD:Of after-dinner entertainment to Olympic sport

STREAMER: Seven hours of table tennis is history

By Dimitri Heels

No less than forty million practitioners worldwide sport counts. Impressive figures. But only a fraction of the number of people that the game did play once. For who is there now no camping in the weather with bat and ball? But this article is not about the game ping-pong, but the official Olympic sport table tennis ...

"We still do not warm up?", it sounds teasingly through the gym to the Van Alkemadehof. Coach Frank Mead laughs and let his men run a few laps around the tables. "We always do a warm-up. That is really needed to prevent injuries. Only if the above thirty degrees, we do not. "


This became immediately clear that the recreationists who train tonight, take their sport seriously. Sport? And, indeed. That misunderstanding must once again be dispelled. "Ping-pong is for camping and table tennis is a sport", said one of the participants. According to Van der Weide a common misunderstanding. "We'll even give in secondary schools table tennis during gym class. And then quickly laughed about done. So from:"I have no gymspullen 'or they are amazed at the warm-up."

The first form of table tennis dated 1884. In England, at the time a patent on a "miniature-indoor-tennis-game. First with a small rubber ball that you have a right to hit you back. Later with a lighter celluloid ball. In the first years ping pong was (elsewhere also: Flim-Flam, Pim-Pam and Whiff-called Whaff) seen as after-dinner entertainment for the wealthy circles. In the absence of beads was then occasionally played with a champagne cork.

In the twenties, the game was popularized and became a sport, complete with international championships. The sport is still evolving. After the World Cup 1936, where the longest game ever played (to 7 hour party was demolished) a time limit to the partners was. The use of sponge rubber was banned after a Japanese unchallenged champion, because his bat had as much resiliency that there was a sort of catapult effect. Also recently, the rules are changed: the balls are enlarged, the service is changed, and it is only until 11 points played. All this to make the sport more attractive as spectacle.


There is a relaxed atmosphere in the hall during training. "It is then a training, but remain recreationists. It's the fun ",said the coach. Participant Marcel has obviously enjoyed. Just back from injury and, he must do it a bit easy. "Especially the game element attracts me. It is reasonably accessible here. You can learn a lot in a short time here. The trainer gives good tips. "After six months at 21 up he still sees himself as a beginner. "Surprise is perhaps my strongest weapon. For a good player, it seems to me difficult to play against someone who know little bakes ", laughs Marcel.

After singing, gymnastics and yoga took Ellie to store high time to also consider yourself a ball for the club where her son Frank already 23 year plays. "I have difficulty with the service", she confesses. "Tennis is a great sport. There's so much more than people think. And you can keep doing it to old age. "


Tafeltennisvereniging 21-Up (2e class playing) is 1 april 1952 Founded. The club has about 100 membership, whose 80 Elderly en 20 junior. The games room of 21-Up is located in the heart of Rotterdam, From the Alkmadehof 52. Rates starting at 103 euro. Owners of a sports pass get discount. Who first sometime want to train with is welcome. For more info: or call Frank van der Heide: 0181-65 79 20 (

HEAD: Rhyming Romeo and pole dancing gnomes

Streamer: Audience and players have no idea how the evening goes smoothly

[Dimitri Hakke]

For the passers-by who occasionally classroom Calandstraat inside peek must be a strange sight. One minute fly a shoe through the air and moments later there is someone to cuddle with extensive self: theater athletes in action.

Flint Grounds is serving its students every week a new warm-up for. "The idea is that the head is emptied of everyday things", said Flint. The emptier the head, the greater the spontaneity, Thus, the experience is. As they stand in a circle to be one of the participants throw his shoe to another and back to another. At the same time the participant must also have its own shoe by throwing again. If it goes well, fly eventually six shoes air. Moments later, the same exercise is repeated, but with words instead of shoes. The idea behind this is that your brains get used to perform multiple activities simultaneously without thinking consciously.


"Oddly enough, many people think that I walk to sway in a tight pack with a few rings when I say that I do to theatresports", smiling student Edwin. Nothing further from the truth. Theatersport improvisation is focusing on playing short fast scenes. This form was created in the sixties by the Canadian Keith Johnstone. He opposed the traditional scene that he found rather boring. He wanted more excitement, thrill and entertainment. The popular American wrestling culture in his mind, he invented a form of improvisation is central. Two teams of players compete against each other when playing scenes are invented on the spot. The audience plays an active role and representation can steer in a certain direction. Eventually that same audience decides who the winner of the duel. The power of theater sport is that both public and players have no idea how the evening goes smoothly.

Meanwhile two engaged in an alternative embodiment of Romeo and Juliet in rhyme. The balcony scene where 'tits', "Enjoy" and "a good portion of fries' briefly discuss getting the approval of Flint. "What were you saying fast. I was rhyming words to invent, while you were already beyond two lines ", congratulates the teacher.


Shame is a scarce resource during the course. And that's a good thing. Ellen is a scene in "forced" by her opponent expanded to handle herself cuddle for a whole class. Flint: "It is important that you accept ideas from each other, even if it does not go the way you expect. "actually goes too far in his never. "You can get back at someone directly. There are sometimes people who learn a foreign side of himself during an exercise, but theatresports is absolutely not intended therapeutic hear. "

"I sometimes have to play a pole dancing leprechaun ... you do it just", clarifies Marit. "But that's what I like", fellow student Arjen adds. "You do not know in advance what you have to do and that makes it exciting. You train for that unexpected situation. If you do not want to be the center of attention, then you should not do this course. "


Theatersport course is given from Tuesday 5 april. From 54 Euro for ten lessons. Cursuslokatie Calandstraat 7. More info: of (010) 436 13 66

How: Sita / Flemming

Where: Nighttown, Rotterdam

[tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Flemming to the thankless task to warm up the audience tonight. Difficult, as the music of the quintet not really connected to the 12 to 15 year olds who populate Nighttown tonight. The music is not paid to the screaming teenage girls. To unknown, too little sing-alongs and especially not poppy enough. Singer / guitarist Rutger van Mourik, Like his fellow band members dressed in tight sleeveless Sita Clothing, estimates its audience therefore well. "We have a new album and that all must buy your… or you older sisters!"In a few years, visitors are perhaps ready for their Sita banners and balloons to exchange for a CD Flemming.

Tonight is the heroine Sita. Long before anyone had heard of Boris, Maud, Jim Jamai, was the Starmaker. The TV program resulted in the band K-otic which scored countless hits. Since her success with 'Happy' plays the solo career of Sita, off mainly in France. There, our favorite neighbor dead after cuddled her recordings with Kyo. After an introduction of her high school French even has four French-language songs recorded on her latest album.

From the first song she picks up the hall with her tough poses and catchy pop songs. The Dutch fans would rather hear her sing in English. Lekker meezingen This puts Who Makes Us Crazy, is a lot more difficult. The set begins with quiet and Come With Me With You. Only after an acoustic interlude the audience jumping up and down at Hello. “I’m the one you’ve been looking for”, blares through the hall.

After Popstar and Happy is it really ended and his fans with a bit of luck for twelve hours at home. Girl after her mother: "New, I heard now and then a false note. "To which her mother replied: "But she has come with her frail voice over the music and that's not easy…"

What: Streetteam-festival

Where: Nighttown, Rotterdam

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

While Rotterdam is preparing for the cup final, says Jan Douwe Kroeske in a reclaimed Nighttown his Two Meter Sessions, Silkstone explains the secret to a beautiful song and tells Of Cotton how to do it as a band, without a major label behind you. The Street Team Festival offers clearly more than just music. The design of the Street Team is therefore to involve young people in music, by allowing them to actively do to promote bands. Live music comes in all shapes and sizes today. Of popular alternative (The Apers) to lesser-known bands like Woost and Fallen To.

Dreadlock Pussy on the thankless task of the first uncomfortable disappointed Feyenoord fans to help their cat back. A great way to get a little lost to aggression is obviously nice sing along on the Nu-Metal from Roermond six. The formation puts the basement well on its head with screaming guitars and surprising scratches.

Equally surprising is the occurrence of La Kidda. The former front lady of Handsome 3 Some, has taken a new path: fatty electronics with guitar. Live Arjo Klingens is assisted by various guest vocalists. Sounds from a pack of cigarettes (?) and steaming basses contrast wonderfully with the sweet vocals reminiscent of Portishead. Like a warm blanket the public? Let the hypnotic sounds over him.

While Floggin Molly for an enthusiastic capacity crowd plays, it's Venezuelan / Dutch company Agresión busy people who are still in the Basement, chase away. An extremely annoying and long soundcheck ensures that eventually 70 man hit the operations of the four meetings. Agresión is especially aggressive and monotonous. Several tempo changes aside, it is fast and hard what the clock strikes. Undoubtedly, the band has more scintillating performances given for an inspiring public.

That inspiring audience completely missing as Bastian may pour out her summery tones over the spectators. It is embarrassing to see that only five people in the room are the ten piece band goes to work. And while the eighties funk (read Prince) yet so refreshing after all the aggression in the Basement. Moreover Bastian makes the perfect music for a sultry summer night. Unfortunately,, eventually taking fourteen (!) people bother to take a look. But perhaps it was also too hot. Too hot to dance in any case?

How: Green Hornet

Where: waterfront, Rotterdam

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Rarely a band name will be as accurate as those selected from the Groningen Green Hornet. Who hears the organ trio whining, can not help but think of the cartoonish sixties cult television series in which the masked title hero doing battle with Bruce Lee as sidekick. And who sees the men on stage tonight at Waterfront in action, can no longer imagine that American rhythm and blues legend Andre Williams Triplet wanted and got as backing band. Unfortunately this cooperation already behind and the rest live recording from Vera released by Norton Records. Grandfather of Rock 'n Soul is not there tonight, so the Groningen must save the show on their own. Even Though, there is an additional microphone on stage? Soon, however, shows that it is intended for keyboard-cum-guitarist / vocalist Andre Dodde.

The Rock 'n Roll Trio is energetic, catchy and especially delicious raw. On the occasions that Bodde takes the guitar in hand and the microphone in a hurry trying to gobble up, you can not help but to think Jon Spencer. It is these songs live work best. Just: two guitars (no bass!), drums and vocals. Of course, the psychedelic organ sound is unmistakable Green Hornet, but at times when the trio showed off his instrumental side, you still have the feeling that you listen to the Austin Powers soundtrack. Something like that is just as nice, but then you will again sing along with Turn Around or Too Far. Especially the last song has a nice lingering guitar and ditto drum break. Feed On Love is undeniably one of the better numbers because of the alternating vocals of André Bodde and Olaf Veenstra. A trick that may apply Groningers more. Moreover, the organ, quite a bit more to be replaced by the harmonica. But tastes differ, tonight is once again clear: it is precisely the instrumental tracks they most danced?

Kind: Brit Rock

Belmondo various dan ooit

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

It took a while, but now he is really still in stores: Sunday Needs An Aspirin, the debut CD of the Rotterdam guitar formation Belmondo. “That we still know pretty stretch. Two months divide studio time in two years”, joked singer-guitarist Stooker.

In the summer of 2001 plunged the five first with producer Frans Hagenaars (o.a. Johan / Caesar) de studio in. Of the thirteen songs that have since been recorded, arrived there at ten debut. “We have taken the time to mature songs or record again”, Stooker explains the long wait. “French also wanted more than to take the time to get everything on the plate. He was very enthusiastic and has put even more time than was intended.”

Although it clicked immediately, the Rotterdam had to get used. “We felt a little intimidated at first” “He also has a surprisingly good hearing and he says immediately if anything is wrong”, fills guitarist Reinier Gerritsen to. Sometimes resulted in intense discussions. Gerritsen: “Hi, we have played an acoustic time with his three for radio. French liked that version better than our normal’ implementation. After two days of discussion, we finally found a compromise, where the drums are much more subdued.”

The band sound of Belmondo moves between Placebo, Coldplay en Stereophonics. But Fountains Of Wayne background vocals and a true Belle & Sebastian tune are not lacking on the CD. “Reinier since the band is we can experiment more with choirs and second voice. The sound has become much more diverse. Moreover, I no longer need to do is pull the cart and I can occasionally just concentrate on playing guitar ”

Who leafs booklet, also find the lyrics to. “Very important”, find Stooker “if you know what is being sung, You can only get really bond with a number.” The lyrics deal with abandoned loves, found love, melancholy, drank en drugs. Stooker: “When I was five, I became fascinated by the prostitutes who walked past here. And why do people pour themselves time and again in the nightlife and drugs. All together in a smoky room with loud music and drink. What are the driving forces behind? Is it boredom, relaxation or loneliness? I ask myself every time?” Belmondo is in any case been a good source of inspiration.

Rotterdam clubs ring alarm bells

“Everything to do with youth culture has, danger of disappearing from Rotterdam. Soon, there are burned books here”. Party guru Ted Langenbach worries about the music- and dance scene in Rotterdam. Langenbach is not the only one tonight sees bleak as it appears in Waterfront. Nine Rotterdam clubs (Waterfront, Nighttown, Off-course, Baroeg, Rotown, Worm, M-plex, Now & Wow en Calypso) sounding the alarm and at the initiative of the Rotterdam Art Foundation teamed beaten to prevent the entertainment city of Rotterdam sinks into a petty provincial town. The nine draws tonight a covenant in which the municipality is asked to come up with a short-term solution, particularly for housing problems. Three clubs (o.a. Now & Wow) are homeless or that (Calypso), other (o.a. Nighttown) need to be grown. Moreover, there is likely a shortage of staff at clubs that rely on volunteers and subsidized employment schemes. A number of schemes in danger of disappearing and it lacks the clubs money to put it into regular jobs.

Alderman Hulman, who receives the covenant, argues that it is not easy to find a solution. “You can only spend the money once”, the alderman. “Rotterdam incidentally gives more money to Art & Culture than Amsterdam.” Hulman expressed hope that Now & Wow for the city retained. What role in the church there is going to play, was not clear.

The most positive news of the evening, however, came not from the alderman, but of Marguerite Melchers of the Metropolis festival. After a year's absence, the festival this year is still the fifteenth edition. For the first time in 2003 two days, The first day will be played in the clubs of Rotterdam!

[Text a photo Dimitri Mince]


Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

[Text a photo Dimitri Mince]

“That was another old-fashioned rock”, to speak with Frits Barend after an explosive performance of CIA in the broadcast of Barend and Van Dorp Wednesday 9 april. A day later it is the turn of Rotown to receive the emperors of the doll. The last time Caesar Rotown aandeed was a tryout small tour where new songs for the first time to an audience were played. That the farm-fresh Caesar Tracks concerned, was regarded Roald who occasionally forgot a text. Now, eighteen years later, the material is already on record and the lyrics are etched in the collective memory Caesar. Strikingly, that additional guitarist Marien Dorleijn unlike the CD and the previous visit Rotown-missing. Live can Sem, Marit and Roald it with ease without the three of you get the feeling that something is missing.

With Trust and Man With A Plan the show starts a lot quieter than the plate. Even with faster Time jump sparks from there yet. Only when I Know I and Before My Head Explodes comes three steam. Flu appears the culprit. Sniffling at the beginning of the show, but still only Marit, at the end seem Roald and Shem to a cup of herbal tea. The explosive Barend and Van Dorp show appears to have taken its toll “We played yesterday for the mass media, So today we are a little short on substance”.

It keeps the Amsterdammers do not like to have fun too at Firefly. Tasty is also the metal guitar riff from Supersonic. And we're not even talking about the delicious harmonies Stop That Girl, the bass line in the Visions of Mars and rousing performances of CIA. ('Short version') en Nirvana-cover School. Rest at the end the question: why put a keyboard on stage as yet but a number (In Flames) is used?

How:Osdorp Posse

Where: Waterfront, Rotterdam

[Text a photo Dimitri Mince]

If no other brands Def P. Playing a room. The Amsterdam knows what he has to do as he travels to Rotterdam with his posse: put up a good show so that even the largest cat-from-the-tree viewers have to surrender to the beats of the Osdorp Posse. In, at least as important: lets you show sympathy for the Rotterdam. A Lot “Rotterdam lets you hear” and an unadulterated version of Osdorp Posse “When we left Rotterdam”. No, after fifteen years nobody has to tell the chief nederhop press what they have to do.

At the time the first heavy beats resound, it turns quietly sipping a beer in a jumping mass audience. Some visitors lose out and threatened someone touches his glasses lost. Where many a band would just play, demands an attentive Def P.oF light may briefly. If the glasses reappears unharmed real party started. Why crowd surfing banned? In this "old school’ Numbers you should just move or if need be singing along with classics like Killer or The Good in 't Blend. The new numbers show that the beats and the message still go hand in hand.”What I am is what I say and what I say is what I am!”, rapt Def P. in the city of Pim. A round of freestyle will not be missed and therefore the public are being reached as toes cheese, Iraq and "a man loses two glasses’ forged into a whole. Apart from a cut sloppy version of Fasting, Ajax still prove the uncrowned kings of Nederhop. The Moordgasten have only please?


Where: Waterfront, Rotterdam

[Text a photo Dimitri Mince]

NRA has long been a household name in the Dutch punk rock scene. In his own words NRA has finally made the record that she always wanted to make. So that bodes well for the live show tonight.

The Amsterdam excel in simplicity and catchy melodies numbers of three minutes? Far too long for the quintet. Two minutes and you are done! Pats Boem! Thirty seconds? No problem for NRA. It is therefore not surprising that the setlist such 21 count numbers.

“And, i know?i'm like a used car salesman”, calls in a striking costume clad Aziz. That had the NRA singer better not say sex, because the punk rock vehicle that he is trying to sell us tonight, indeed exhibits the necessary defects. Damnation the fog comes in and the momentum is taken out of the show by long pauses. Where a band like Undeclinable still surprised, this show is mainly characterized by uniformity. Voltage is present on the sixth album Machine missing tonight. NRA laveert tussen Black Flag, Bad Religion (Fuel chipped it nicely, shrill guitar and catchy melody) in Ramones (Bang Bang) and occasionally a touch of surf punk. NRA may be elevated almost to institute, guarantee a spectacular show is of course not, unfortunately.

How:Cuby + Blizzards

What: Tribute to Johnny Lee Hooker

Where: Old Luxor, Rotterdam

[tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Although Flashback Tour of a famous brand of cigarettes for a while in order again, it tonight seems that the concert series, subtitled "step into the shoes of your favorite artist ', weather is restored. Blues legend after all Cuby and the Blizzards plays blues legend Johnny Lee Hooker. And although not allowed to smoke in the old Luxor Theater, bandleader Harry Muskee emerged as an outright chain smoker. Fortunately, there may well be drunk in the hall, otherwise many a blues lover would undoubtedly immediately left the room.

Under the watchful eye of, one by Herman Brood painted Johnny Lee Hooker, Blizzards put the first number. Without Muskee course, that as a blues-celebrity suited moments later stage comes walking. With Boom Boom has five instant price number of hands enthusiastically received. After nearly forty years in the spotlight having spent, Muskee obviously knows the tricks of the trade. Under his watchful eye get all the musicians ample opportunity to excel. It must be nice to be a guitarist or pianist Blizzards. Although the work of the in 2001 deceased Hooker central, there is also plenty to enjoy for fans of Cuby. The beautiful Distant Smile and the more up-tempo Just for Fun, the price songs from its repertoire. The outliers are especially the numbers in which the characteristic Herman Brood-piano sound emerges. Absolute highlight is the classic version of Window of My Eyes, with beautiful guitar / bass harmonies that bring instant goosebumps. Hooker's Black Snake again shows that the blues sometimes no more need than a hoarse voice and guitar. “It is a four-four horn”, Harry joked as later spontaneously meegeklapt.

At one time you had it, when you hear the passing standard blues progression for the sixth time. And look forward to the time that as a jazzy song comes along. But the real blues lover does not care about it and enjoy to the fullest. Young and old give Muskee, who left his band back on stage, a standing ovation.

Kind:punk rock

I Against I and life after Epitaph

Dordtenaren turn into a real DIY quartet

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Once they were the national punk pride. Rave reviews, sold out shows, and above them the first Dutch band signed a deal with the famous Epitaph label. Four years and two albums later, the Americans, Dordrecht formation again on the cobbles. Fret I Against I searched and found a remarkably upbeat foursome.

The smell of greasy croquettes fills the Dordrecht station buffet as Robin, Jasper and Ronald queuing. Bassist Bob is leaving and will later make its appearance. To get straight to the door to fall at home. I Against I still exists, regularly plays to packed houses and even has a CD out. “For Sure”, calls the existing three in unison when the question is asked. “You're not the first to wonder whether we still exist. We may also ask us which itself off”, quips singer Jasper. “We do understand that people think such a thing”, adds drummer Ronald to. “There's been a long time nothing came out of us and moreover we are often abroad. Of the twenty performances, there are only three in the Netherlands.”

Take a step back in time. We write 1997 as I Against I, after a successful gig at Noorderslag is approached by the American punk label Epitaph. For its newly established European branch label seeks talented bands. The Dordtenaren make history and become the first Dutch signing of Epitaph-Europe. Follow in their wake include the Heideroosjes and Undeclinable Ambuscade. After a strong debut with Head Cleaner, follows the always difficult second album with the resounding title: I’m A Fucked Up Dancer, But My Moods Are Swinging. While there is little musical on to note is, it appears the swansong with Epitaph. Disappointing sales (5000 copies in Europe) and the general economic downturn in the record companies put an end to cooperation. “It was a purely financial issue”, said Jasper. “After we are more smaller bands discharged. They only have the bands that held about the best sales.”


Artistically, there was not a cloud in the sky knows Ronald. “We have heard a demo. Musically, that went more towards our debut. I Against I is wat harder geworden. The base remains punk rock songs with melodies, but we draw firmer leather. She found it very good, but went to leave them. There was no contractual obligation, because we had only one option on the next album.”

Jasper: “Of course we were disappointed, but you do nothing about it.” In the towel to sit was not there. “Ultimately it is always about the music. And if necessary we bring itself a record.” Moreover, the punk rockers of a certain pressure were redeemed. “We are now at ease writing good songs, sort and throw again, without trying to make the record rush. Actually, we are now back in the same situation as free when we started.”

To Play, play and play again! Thus the motto of many a novice band reads. I Against I, for that matter not otherwise. And where first management arranged everything, the quartet has turned into a real DIY formation. “Before, we were much more cautious. Now we arrange everything yourself online. Since the band has its own tour bus, it's all easier. Then we are in Switzerland, Italy or Germany. And then we're back in Sneek. It all has to cost anything.” “Gasoline and strings are still the most expensive”, laughs Ronald.

It's nice to keep everything in control, Thus, the experience is. The surprises are not any less. “In Milan we came to a room of 013 format. We thought: "This can not be good, there is no one fixed.’ In the evening we played for a thousand men. But next time we were in Germany and there was one visitor showed up!”, Ronald looks back.

[Italian release]

Concrete plans for a full-length CD are not there yet. Bob, just uncomfortable: “Last year we released a live video with a lot of new songs. These are pictures of the farewell concert of our previous guitarist. Moreover, there is our split CD with Madbones, where five new songs on.” In Italy, that CD to get all Since July, know Jasper. “The first pressing of one thousand copies, was sold out within a few months. The second pressing since last month in the Netherlands for sale. The recordings date from 2001. After a short time when nothing came out of our fingers, we decided to take back a little.” “Compared to our first album we had a lot more experience. We knew exactly what we were doing and how everything had to sound. The new songs are all written with an extra guitar part in mind”, said Ronald.

Who wants to see the guys live to work, may provisionally be best holiday plans align the tour schedule of Dort Spikes. “Or to Kampen on Queen. We wanted to play for a long time”, laughs Ronald. “The larger venues have only to wait until the CD is finished?”

Racoon review (fret)

Racoon also now know that life in the Rock 'n Roll, has multiple sides. First there was obviously a major breakthrough in 2000 met de cd Till Monkeys Fly en vervolgens de hits Feel like Flying en Blue Day. After modest airplay with Eric's Bar, the Zealanders are however put aside by their record company Sony. And what could be better than to go after such a setback back to basics with an unplugged small tour, the foursome must have thought.

Rotown is nice stuffed Racoon her first number bet. What is particularly striking is that the audience in the front rows is very youthful. As a singer Bart announces that no new cd, comes him to stand boos. Fortunately for the Zealanders, this proves the only discordant note of the evening. The melodic pop of Racoon is doing surprisingly well in this stripped version. The harmonies in Everyday I Love You More keep afloat.

The band makes nice compact pop songs that unfortunately generally sound very good. King is carried by a nice drum, lingering vocals and the necessary breaks. A real harmonica interlude provides extra swing. Some new songs are still developing. The quartet however, this is no obstacle to play them. “This text I do not know yet completely out of my head”, Bart Rotown entrusts: “I'll just get the big book of Sinterklaas it.” What follows is a beautiful version of If You Do not. And then a little cheat of course not very.

After enthusiastic performances of Blue Days and Summer Lovin '/ Video Killed The Radio Star mix is ​​waiting for Feel Like Flying. Unfortunately, the wait is not rewarded and shines Racoons megahit by absence. And that is the biggest disappointment of the evening.

How: The Ex

Where: Worm, Rotterdam

(tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke)

Who has visited once a concert Worm to Rochussenstraat, this will not soon forget. Where else does 'sold out', that eighty visitors in the hall. And where else can imbibe experimental music while enjoying a cheap bottle of beer and you are advised to take note especially a warm sweater if you visit a concert. Unfortunately, this has been 8 March all in the past. The old but nice shop and stage to make way for urban renewal. For now, Worm still no sight at a new location.

Tonight, The Ex has the opportunity to say goodbye to old style Worm. As known Amsterdammers not afraid to experiment. Almost 25 year, the group moves on the waves of guitar noise, blues, jazz a folk. That the instrument occupation ever pull through lottery tickets is determined, there is after some time nothing more of note. Even Though?Some instruments are still not played in the prescribed manner. Guitars and basses do plenty as a percussion instrument and chords sometimes seem a luxury. The Ex cocky. She combines tribal rhythms with proposed text. Melodies are repeated until, so they have a hypnotic effect. Tension and dynamics are the key words in the foursome.

Contra Bassist Rozemarie Eggen has taken over the role after nineteen years of Luc. And click once. Not surprising since Rozemarie already an entire CD volspeelde with Terrie Ex.

Occasionally the band throws up the pace and get the music even hit potential. It creaks and it swings and visitors are dragged into the feedback noise from Amsterdam. Even a month after tonight and then it's over and close to the building on the Rochussenstraat. Hopefully expirementeerdrang Worm get quick shelter elsewhere?

How: Bastian

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Why you can enjoy the one time of a performance, while annoy you stand next to the money? And not, because the band shape or a musical direction, leading you do not like. The issue presents itself during the occurrence of Bastian in Rotown. Bastian is the same band that 2001 an attractive appearance kept on the Water Intriguing. The funkte and waved to all sides and the audience swayed heavily involved. Especially to the sounds of the great hit single You Got My Love. Indeed, the well-known breast-in-tight-T-shirts clip. Like when dances and swings the ten-man formation around Amsterdam Bass Source. Unfortunately, the full implementation of the new album It's All Downhill From Here sounds very insipid. The single Paper Love can musically and lyrically as coming from the pen of Prince, but implementation remains very dull. Private Parts drained from the same keg. Positive outlier is the sultry Cyber ​​Baby, where you automatically get the urge to clap rhythmically.

Halfway is it actually had enough with those monotonous eighties sounds and allow you to get bored so that you start thinking about the key issues in life: is funk vrouwenmuziek? An average guitar strap does not attract many female visitors as an evening of funk is rotated or played. Is it the fact that women love to dance and a little groove, even the largest Wooden Klaas must move?

Meanwhile, singer-composer Source gone with the vocoder to work and have the Prince Sounds way to a danceable Cassius / Daft Punk sound. Push The Right Knob offers less funk and more dance. Merry Go Starglider Go gives the illusion of a spaceship. Just when it seems to be going in the right direction, follows a chilly Jan Hammer-imitation (Downers). The swinging Flesh Dancing has clearly suffered as stupid texts: “I have to tell you twice, baby you’re so nice”. A 80-cesspool that Bastian open draws is that of the keyboard solo. And that with three keyboards in the band!

Perhaps difference between a fun and annoying Bastian action perhaps trivial in something like air and nice weather. Fortunately the festival season is here again?

How: Spasmodique

Where: Waterfront Rotterdam

While coming down heavy downpours over Rotterdam and ferocious waves crashing against the Boompjeskade, does Spasmodique in exactly the same. But unlike outside is a nice place in Waterfront forms the hammer blows of drummer Reinier Rietveld and the guitar wall of Arjo Hijmans into a nice warm shower. Fans of the first hour and fresh concertgoers let themselves be carried away willingly into the dark world called Spasmodique.

We write the years 80 as the Rotterdam company capture a video clip at this exact location. Arty poses, overacting and microphone stands that are thrown into the Meuse. The angry young men poses are gone. Energie, intensity, integrity and darkness of the quartet are anno 2002 fortunately still as pure.

From the first track is clear that it is not just a trip down memory lane-night is where the nostalgia centered. Of Course, there are old songs played. And the new songs are not devoid of any form of nostalgia, but fortunately do not point the atmosphere of "Grandpa tells'. On The Contrary: as young dogs beats four enthusiastically by the set back. After the piercing guitar solos from the impressive Dead Babies (where Ritsema's voice sounds even darker than usual) is taken back into the gas lingering High. A surprising and pleasant oasis in which the band loses none of its force. After six songs, the first fainted fan already deported. The poetic All Our Yesterdays is unfortunately not reserved for her. It contains without doubt the most beautiful phrases of the evening: “The sun came blasting down and I wanted you. I loved you from the start?” Ritsema will be given a great helping hand through the painful grimace guitar Hijmans.

Fans of the first hour will be treated to North classics Morning Dew and Blood Brothers. The in-your-face version of Marcus Was, leads in the first rows to an embarrassed: “Well hey violently?!” Fortunately conjure the Rotterdam again 5 encores out of the hat, where Ritsema Guitar exchanged for a cigarette and he once dated may enter a pasdedeux with the microphone stand. Year 2002 the microphone stand ends not at the bottom of the Meuse. Is there anyway changed more than thought?


“What a old guys we were actually”

Legendary, so we can safely qualify the Rotterdam formation Spasmodique. Ten years after the publication of Who's Afraid, the Rotterdam underground formation finally comes with a new album: From Villa Delirium. An album with a new, less one-dimensional sound. But old fans can rest assured. “If the fans are co-developed, they understand it well.”

Not, started twenty years ago Reinier Rietveld, Arjo Hijmans, Martin Docters and Mark Ritsema on a musical adventure called Spasmodique. The group has acquired a cult status with her dark guitar music and lyrics full of agony. Moreover, the group is building an excellent live reputation, but throws in 1992 the towel.

After a brief attempt, a few years back is now time for a full comeback. “We wanted no Spinal Tap reunion, where we would live off old fame”, says singer-guitarist Ritsema. “We wanted to necessarily have new songs before we would still occur.” But the feeling was there: “I felt immediately that I had missed. This got to be the best rock band I've been in.”

For three years there was tinkering in peace to From Villa Delirium. “We wanted to make a real studio album with many effects, loops, keyboards and choirs. In the past we made the mistake sometimes to try to capture the live sound on vinyl. This time we have no idea how it will sound live.”

Het bandgeluid year 2002 less evil and richer in melody. “The lyrics are a reflection on the ideas that we had when: you learn to better cope with negative feelings in your life and we see things now in a broader perspective. Still, it's become a happy plate. Perhaps more melancholic than ever. We have I think dare insertion depth.” Afraid to alienate their old fans, the quartet is not: “If the fans are evolved as quickly, they understand it well.”

One of the numbers, Holiday in Manchester, is the musical response to Ian Curtis’ Decades. It describes the pilgrimage which undertook the two to the birthplace of Joy Division frontman. “We did not go back to the girls in Torremolinos but a gritty British city. What an old guys when we were actually. What possessed us??!”

“Whether we are older and wiser? Perhaps younger and? freer.”, laughs Ritsema.

8/11/02 Waterfront - Rotterdam


“Good Beat is difficult to make”

The boyish romance of The Nederbietels

The Motions, Q65, Outsiders, Golden Earrings en The Nederbietels. Who belongs in this list are not at home? The answer: The Nederbietels, because the quartet is brand new and made no music, unlike the other bands during the Swinging Sixties. However, the band did not look out of place in the said list and probably full houses drawn.

Still hesitating singer-guitarist Dave Andriese a moment when asked whether he would rather have lived in the sixties. “No way, we had now been old farts! Socioeconomic it was not such a good time to live in. No, I'm glad that I live now”, said Nederbietel who in the seventies saw the light.

The band -vernoemd to the music flow Nederbeat and not the band from Liverpool- originated during a session in muziekcafe Rotown. First with members of Kek 66 and since half a year in the current lineup with guitarist John Peate (7 Zuma 7), bassist Maurice Mauricio (The Perverts) and drummer Sietse Heslinga (The Ragtime Wranglers). John also took another as the bass in hand. “My respect for bassists grew. I always thought: bass that's for lazy guitarists. But, you are really very different movements and used all other muscles. Besides, I got that slapping not mastered”, John quips.

A comparison with the Meuse Beat by The Perverts -Dave and Maurice's previous band- is obvious. Dave:”The Perverts were a lot rawer. Everything was recorded for two nutsen and a bottle of coke and preferably through a phone hook. Thereby rattled simply more. This band has a smoother sound some people say, but I find that total nonsense. We just play much better, but the recordings are really super wild.” John adds: “It's really easy to throw over mountains everywhere Fuzz, but that is not the rawness that we want. Which is much more in the way of playing.” “AC/DC of Slayer, that really is child's play compared with a band like The Who?”, interrupts Dave. John: “Say Dave, we are not going to sit here Slayer dissenting huh!”

Not only the music of the sixties is a source of inspiration for the quartet. Dave is the "total joy’ radiating the decade: “The optimism in the music, the color and the design. That speaks to me all. Here on the other side is of course the 60-year icon: high, tight and optimistic. This house I bought specially for the view that Euromast”, laughs the Rotterdam. The clothes should not be forgotten also. “That is typical of the sixties. Tight suits or companies, as did The Monks. We ourselves play in Provo and white with original Nederbietelboots.” John: “That theatrical attracting me,. I've always been in bands, where the internship outfit was important. Yet I often get to hear: "Great fun, but why should that well suits?’ Always that Dutch sobriety. Personally for me it can not be crazy enough.”

“Playing in a band remains one of the hobby”, emphasizes Dave. “Real boyish romance. Soon we all sit back in a van to an undoubtedly well paid occur.” John: “We're serious about music. I just choose to be in a band that just sits to drink and not performing. A beer still tastes best if you put something down!”

The Nederbietels are currently working hard to expand the repertoire still consists mainly of covers. The two released singles is also found no own work back. According to the four most songs are however so obscure, that opens a new world for many people. For example, among other unknown work by Peter Tosh, The Haigs (first band Barry Hay) and IT on the setlist. “Kejje nagaan of IT is a huge cult hit in Spain. If that is rotated somewhere, is really cheering the whole room and sing along. And they have no idea what they're singing?”, know Sietse. To own work hard doctored. “It's hard to make a good beat number”, says John, “It must surely go a little further than three chords and a nice melody. But I think you should not analyze too much. Freshness is the most important. It is best to be there at one time a pop song. After ten times have you played a song death. We have not the secret. But we continue to look?”, assures the foursome.

How: Daily Fire, B-Sharps, Against Time

Where: Nighttown Theatre, Rotterdam

Although public interest somewhat disappointing, mogen Daily Fire, The B-Sharps and Against Time feel quite privileged to figure in Rock n Roll Highschool. For what remains a beautiful room, that Nighttown Theatre, for both public and band. The school opens every two weeks and offers regional and national (punk)rock bands the opportunity to perform with greater acts. All Systems Go, Forgive, Peter Pan Speed ​​Rock and Face Tomorrow studied here previously off.

The Leiden quartet Daily Fire shall we count on the naughty freshman. After their loud punk-hardcore (read: Good-Riddance meets Black Flag) action, the soundman comes with a crestfallen face back. “You know what that stuff costs”, he says as he shows a completely elkaargedeukte microphone. Fortunately, there is more to enjoy at The B-Sharps, with their long-get-home-fast punk. Three men, three chords and songs 2 minutes, more you do also have no need for real Rock and Roll. Veel meer tekst dan ‘You look like a Girl’ (?) and many 'Yeah,Yeah,Yeah’ is indistinguishable because of the loud noise. Even at Back In The U.S.S.R. you can only guess at the end, 'Strained, this is vaguely familiar.’ Better sound and less endless bullshit in between The B-Sharps would already help a bit on the way.

Against Time is already in possession of a Canadian (!) recording contract and may almost join the Patriotic Eredivisie Punk. Cheerful, fast skate sound is full-fledged hooks, breaks and melodies, especially at times when singing takes over from shouting, increasing the quality. Moreover, the quintet from Bergen op Zoom has an eye for the visual aspect of a performance, witness the use of such a beautiful old-fashioned fifties microphone. And fortunately killed not in the heat of battle!

How: o.a. Chakra, Craven, Dreadlock Pussy, Green Lizard

What: No metal festival not

Where: Nighttown, Rotterdam

There was a time when nu metal still just called crossover. It was also the time when Craven still were just Natural Born Loserz and the Rotterdam underground scene surprised with a mix of funky bass licks, metal riffs and a singer who alternated with the death grunt vocals. Times are changing, Nu-metal is hip. Korn, Slipnot, Limp Bizkit and Green Lizard draw full houses and Nighttown follows with a Nu-metal festival.

The Amsterdam 88 Circles Above is een sympatieke band. Their energetic and enthusiastic show so early in the afternoon is planned is a pity, because this rougher sister Krezip deserves more public. At Brain shake it then the honor to kick off in the main hall and the Rotterdam spectators to get the jump. But still a lot needs to be tinkered with the melodic emocore of this company in Hellevoetsluis. You can still expect more from a band that Jeff Buckley is inspiration. Nothing can be heard, unfortunately?

The aforementioned Craven appears to have lost its expressiveness. The musical is all just become a little simpler, it seems. The grunt vocals combination is not surprising more, though the great bass lines remained. Chakra is a lot more original. The singer of this young quintet has a beautiful voice that the agony of dripping. Moreover, the vocals are again clearly understood. The band, without sacrificing strength, Hard emorock switch to quieter pieces a la System of A Down and Tool. Funny is also the use of the digeridoo. Unfortunately, the instrument is used only thirty seconds and allows the rest of the performance of work on the side.

After Smogus may prove why it has won an Essent Award with a mix of hip-hop, samples, grooves and heavy guitars, it is the turn of the patriotic Nu-metal top. Dreadlock Pussy state after appearances at Lowlands, Pinkpop and Ozzfest again 'just’ Nighttown. The music sounds familiar, but lacks the layering that can be found on the CD. The samples are live completely drowned out by singer Pat.

The energy has been drained from most visitors, Green Lizard as an attempt should undertake, things back to boost. Although the band does its itching, but more than two pitiful attempts at crowd surfing supplies not?

How: Madigan, E-life, Henk Koorn, Mark Ritsema

Where: Rotown Rotterdam

Long before the party began to programming, was clear that two artists were definitely not lacking in the festivities surrounding the 15th anniversary of Rotown. Both Henk Koorn (Hallo Venray) as Mark Ritsema (Spasmodique) have been countless times on the Rotterdam stage. One time solo and the next time band or a session. Today the two men together should ascend the podium, for yet another session. Of course they do not just. Madigan has agreed to act as a backing band. Also E-life and Dyzack on the poster, but the latter had to be absent due to illness. After Madigan with a beautiful performance of The News has kicked off, Henk Koorn takes the microphone: “I could not resist?I'm going to do one song by Neil Young”, laughs Koorn. Uncle Neil would be proud Koorns implementing Blues Bar Stool. Tonight incidentally first performed live. Visitors are presented with the necessary variation. Because after the melancholy disco follows, hiphop, Dutch and Rock n Roll. A nice cross-section of 15 year music Rotown. Mark Ritsema the blues as he sings Load Side Show, entirely in black dressed, eyes closed, deep voice and the typical cigarette nonchalantly between fingers. If Ritsema sings must be a smoky atmosphere. And then you can make the best singer but one light itself. Even So? Henk Koorn is first class entertainer. First as Corry Konings in the classic Beautiful Was That Time (Moreover, with beautiful standard Boom-Tjak guidance Madigan), and then in a duet (Candy), where Ritsema sighs “Out on the streets those men are all the same”. Pleasure comes first, it is obvious. It is unclear the role of E-Life. The Dutchman comes too late, do three songs, and leaves the stage. The only advantage is the space that is created at the front. Now you can dance as Koorn (appropriate 70's flairs / flowers outfit) Superfreak bet. The inaccuracies in the texts should we forget, because Candy still passes once in review?

Nicotine ft Gotcha: “We're so good!”

In the Haarlem studio is already just as sweet as raid on the new CD Bonobo Politics of Nicotine. While Gotcha's Joep Smeenk, producer Fabian en rappers Kid Crash (a.k.a.Nico) Pete Philly and outside in the sun talking animatedly about the fruitful cooperation in the past year, grants Postmen Rollarocka within his cooperation to a new Gotcha!-track. This under the watchful eye of the legendary James Brown bassist Sweet Charles Sherrell.

It looks like name-dropping, but that is certainly not. Attendees are sincerely honored by the presence of Sherrell. “When we played in Tivoli was a tall man with a huge afro haircut to us. He found the chemistry on stage totally awesome and told them who he was and if he could come along sometime.. And now he is just here in our studio and gives plenty of tips”, laughs Joep. “We did look even as the Internet or he really?”

Collaboration with other musicians is important for Nicotine. On Bonobo Politics are contributing Gotcha!, Brainpower, Michael Parkinson, Senna, Darren Lorenzo, Green Lizard en K'rizz Ma. Kid Crash:”If I see someone who I think well I step down immediately at. I'm not afraid of my own position hear. I make little anyway that rappers together can not airing. But hip-hop will always be a competition. So it started and so will it end. Never really great feuds as in the States. You used to have a bit of an Amsterdam-Rotterdam-battle, but have you with everything. Whether Feyenoord-Ajax or Andre Hazes-Lee Towers.”


“Bonobo Politics stands for "live in harmony"”, thus Kid Crash “It is named after a species of monkey. The characteristic of this species is that they never fight. And if a conflict than once, then this is immediately solved by making love. That should actually be so everywhere. Not that everyone has to fuck each other, but harmony rather than conflict, I find important.”

If there is a harmony, it is that between Gotcha! en Nicotine. Joep: “Nicotine was often to be found here in the studio and we knew they were looking for a live band. Itself we had not played in so long it seemed a nice idea to do that.” Kid Crash did not for a moment to think about: “It sounded like music to the ears. I was afraid they actually do not ask so good. Maybe they did not quite. I knew from experience: Gotcha! plays gotcha! otherwise not.””Musically, there is obviously a difference”, confesses Joep. “We play hip-hop with a Gotcha!-sound. That love you always. If we were Fostering Havenzangers, then you hear that special sound.”

However, the bands are not condemned to each other. Kid Crash:”The disc is out, we probably get more gigs. We can not all by Gotcha! to play, so probably we are going to do THAT performances. As long as you clearly indicate whether you play with or without tire, I'm not afraid of confusion. Postmen has done so for a while; then they played a great first show with band and then they drove to a smaller club, while the rest went home.”

Pim Fortuyn

Bonobo Politics is officially the second release of Nicotine. “Yet, I see it as a new band”, thus Kid Crash “When Rock Attack Ten (cofounder RED.) left the band, I have thought long and hard about the future of Nicotine. Finally I decided anyway to keep the band name. As it was in the beginning might not really happy with it. I have not talked to him afterwards, So I do not know how he feels about it now.” Fabian:”I heard recently that he is down there with?”

A truly central theme is missing from the CD. “It is much braggin’ and boastin’ in freestyles. It's pretty wide all. White Boy for example, is about racism. De kreet ‘Nicotine at your service’ has nothing to do with Pim Fortuyn. Is that a statement by him? It's about hip hop musicians who do not see as a serious form of music, but myself use plenty of samples on their plates?Incidentally, I have bald!”, lacht Kid Crash. Fabian adds: “It does have a political meaning behind some texts, but certainly not. Moreover, the number is already two years old?”

Musically, the West Coast hip-hop sound prevails in Nicotine. Fabian:”This is mainly because the funk. Without having thought there we made a record that can perform a funk band perfectly. But actually, the album has something for everyone. I see it as a refrigerator containing five different juices. Everyone can choose their favorite flavor there”.

What flavor you choose, it is fresh in each case and in summer. Kid Crash:”We have not done consciously. When the sun shines you automatically get this kind of music.” Very tasty with a view to the upcoming festival season. “I find great festivals. Since I do it for. The whole atmosphere: zone, human beings, to eat, backstage. Whatnot?Great anyway that catching masses If you 60000 hands in the air and go, well then you can definitely get a stiff pecker hear!” Fabian: “I really hope that we are at Lowlands. Also heard that I find. I do not want to sound arrogant, but there is currently no funk hiphop so rocks like we. We're so good… is not it so? Joep? Philly? Nico? Charles?”

One by one, they must admit that Fabian is right. Joep: “We can just build a massive party!”

Kind:Brit Rock

The melodies of Belmondo

Who says Belmondo, initially think anyway to the French actor Jean-Paul. As far as the Rotterdam five with the same name, coming soon otherwise. The name is now guaranteed British pop songs with a strong melody.

Producer Frans Hagenaars cooperated with the debut EP A Washaway and Anne Soldier (Daryll-Ann) plays on one of the tracks. Not bad for a debuting band. Singer-guitarist Stooker always been charmed by the so-called Excelsior sound. “I saw the name of Hagenaars often on CDs that I liked. When I sent him a demo, to which he responded, asking if I could send more.”

A while later, the quintet was the producer in the studio. “I never knew how great his influence was exactly. He keeps you sharp and strict. If a bit is in the amplifier, then he hears that directly. Sometimes he also comments on the pronunciation and grammar of a text, but he was also open to ideas. He led us to a higher level.”

The Rotterdam quintet comes from Frenzy, hammered previously quite successful on the road. With the advent of a new guitarist (Reinier Gerritsen) and an additional keyboardist (Patrick Fisher) also changed the tire noise. Roughly speaking of messy Pavement rock to sweet Placebo songs. That's not a conscious choice as Stooker: “Maybe we are just now in a quieter period. I have discovered that 'beautiful singing’ can sound just as powerful as "yelling."” The second voice and arrival of a key party in your ear’ notable changes. “Pieces I used to play on guitar, let me now often at Fisherman. That immediately gives a different atmosphere. The numbers that we try to record his way, do again what brighter”, assures the Rotterdam.

Of the thirteen songs were recorded, four on the EP A Washaway visit. Since there after the shooting was no concrete offer from Excelsior to release the material also, the band opted for security with another label. “Fount Records was immediately excited and involved in our music”, believes Belmondo frontman. On the first full length CD Sunday Needs An Aspirin should choose to wait. “We are going in August, back to the studio to record a few songs, so we have even more choice”, thus Stooker. “It just needs to be a strong debut!”

How: 16 Down does Radiohead

Where: Plan C, Rotterdam

How long they can continue that Flashbacks? Perhaps the time has come to a point in our efforts. The appealing artists touch on. And not so much the gecoverden, but to cover the ass. Instead of Anouk, Heideroosjes, Kane, Caesar and Blof we get Judith, Birgit in 16 Down. Nothing against these artists, but tonight shows just how difficult it is to play a good cover. And perhaps just as important, how difficult it is to choose the right tire. Contrasts are fun, because they deliver on Flashbacks as: Johnny Smith does AC / DC, Brainpower does R.Kelly and Jody Bernal does Britney Spears. However, the combinations hit nowhere. This category also includes 16 Down does Radiohead. The singer has a low voice unlike Thom Yorke. Moreover, the numbers prove too complicated for the citizens of Zwolle. You can play all the parties is obviously not enough. Overkill guitar effects and a low speed plays Karma Police tricks. Moreover, the feedback is unbearable. At High & Dry and Rabbit In Your Headlight shortcoming is that fortunately resolved. Paranoid android sounds nice, but most of the songs are stripped of all their tension. Fortunately, the band also by the occasional change considerably in the fog. “The previous number was more like Marilyn Manson” to refuse this moment later: “We are not Radiohead, but we seem to have quite a bit?” Street Spirit finally comes into its own. Perhaps because of the lower vocals and rock based on this number or maybe because of the upbeat guitar? Radiohead is clearly too much for 16 Down. There is no shame, but a clear observation. Maybe that is why the best Flashbacks precisely those in which an artist in the shoes of a band that no longer exists: the audience already likes to even hear those songs again and the band does not competing against a band again next week at Ahoy’ state.


The right balance

Rotterdam hardcore / emocore formation Mono knows how to keep the right balance between melody, pace and strange breaks, as was demonstrated earlier this year at a concert in Waterfront. The young Rotterdam (Max, Bart and Menno) were in the presence of Cheech Wizard and Coco Healey, the most accessible band of the evening. “On that night maybe”, agrees singer Bart. “We are probably the most song-oriented. But?We are of course not the prototype accessible band!

You played 6 years ago mainly Nirvana and now it's more At The Drive In, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Fugazi en. How is the development going?

Bart: “This is mainly due to At Denko's, the dance party in The Wing (voorloper Waterfront RED). There were all those tapes over. You could say that we are there formed musically.” “Therefore, it was extra nice to stand here in Waterfront”, says bassist Menno.

How do you stop a song sounds too complicated or unpleasant?

Bart: “Sometimes you can not avoid. The important thing is that the music is sincere. As long as the 'real’ is, it may sometimes sound pretty unpleasant. Uncomfortably loud or obnoxious fake can be beautiful. A band like Feverdream sounds not always pleasant. But indeed good!”

The regional newspaper called you into one of the promises 2002!

Bart: “It was a list of the most important programmers in Rotterdam, who gave their opinion about who should break this year. It was a surprise. My father, was that page 't read and told me: 'New, you are not there to hear ', until he looked good and said “Hey, you stand there at!”

In the aforementioned At The Drive In, the energy especially evident in live performances. Something a bit lacking in the Rotterdam threesome. “No, we do not roll over each other on stage”, explains Bart. Yet Mono is a real 'live band'. Therefore making a record or demo's main goal, garnering more gigs. Bart: “But also capturing the music we make is important. It's nice to have a snapshot. I see it as making a painting. As long as you do not put paint on the canvas, it remains just an idea.”

Plans to make "go a painting’ in the form of a 7-inch, play long. Everything is there: the numbers, the idea, the people and the money. “We must do it now only”, decision Triad.

Fence Rotown

Where many Dutch band takes itself too seriously, threatens the Belgian Fence right to go down to too many jokes. Really professional look is not what brings the foursome on the shelves in Rotown: guitarist and bassist are all in stitches as they only look at each other and numbers are only half-finished. Is it shyness? However, disappeared after a number five is that irritation. Because the songs sound again as they are meant to sound. Beautiful, sung in parts (three singers!) , varied and funny. Fence grows in her role and turns into a superb vehicle, indebted to Pavement, Weezer en The Presidents of the USA. Cheerful, swinging and occasionally a bit sung false. But we never complain about anyone associated with Pavement. And rightly: because pretty false is not ugly! (DH)

How: Caesar

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

“The text was walking together, but you know the text do not”, clarifies Caesar singer Roald van Oosten after playing a new number. “And I do not!” The quartet is clearly engaged in a try-out-narrated tour. That means lots of new songs to try out on a familiar audience. Quite different from earlier this year, During a tour of Italy Switzerland, Belgium and Spain, especially when new audience was drilled with old material and co Roald gathered there fresh courage and are now working on a successor to the third album Leaving Sparks to appear next year. A look at the set list shows that some price numbers unfortunately had to make place for later work. Six new songs are presented with the Rotterdam public. No Situations Complications, Visions of Mars of Right From Wrong. Fortunately Before My Head Explodes still on the program. On first hearing the latest songs -also of Leaving Sparks- provide a richer bass sound than we are used to them. Which is strange because the lineup is expanded with an additional guitarist. The role of Grand Prize winner Marien Dorleijn is not yet clear: he puts emphasis on some guitar lines, here and there a solo and that's about it. And that is a shame for such a talent. His main contribution consists in the fact that by his coming is always a guitar is heard. So even at times when he or Roald get behind the keyboard. There is enough variation in Rotown. Caesar alternates rock with nostalgia and subtlety with a nice cup of structured noise. Especially beautiful is the Roald and Marit sung Horrorscope. Beautiful harmonies and contrasts in one song packed. Unfortunately limited Marit herself the rest of the mushrooming drumming. Maybe at the next official tour more. In any case, we can at that time all again sing the songs. Roald including?

How: Green Lizard

What: Marlboro Flashback Green Lizard plays Nirvana

Where: Plan C, Rotterdam

As one of the few (the only?) flashback acts Green Lizard has chosen to give a try-out concert for fans under eighteen. A correct decision, probably partly due to the fact that Nirvana is a band that young people ten years after the release of Nevermind still manages to captivate.

Tonight the audience consists mainly of young people who most likely will have to sit on the garret practicing with the guitar chords of About A Girl, In Bloom of Lithium.

The choice of Nirvana was obvious for the quintet that the plates of the boys from Seattle undoubtedly has turned gray. Maybe Soundgarden had been the other option since the debut EP by Green Lizard was recorded with producer Jack Endino of -jawel- Nirvana en Soundgarden.

Let's see how Remy's voice keeps. Yet not so good for the vocal chords around Kurt Cobain imitation, especially after major surgery earlier this year. Remy has got the right grating voice that goes with the numbers, although he sometimes barely hear is because of the enthusiastic audience singalong income. Green Lizard knows the energy and atmosphere of the illustrious trio to give excellent weather. The more hard and faster songs are doing better than the slow repertoire.

Heart Shaped Box will not play at the correct speed and is therefore very slow about. Very Ape is already a lot more energetic but at the same time is Remy now a lot less secure than desired text. That the visitors Nirvana thoroughly know is demonstrated by All Apologies where “All in all is all we are”, lustily is sung. Green Lizard is limited in this flashback is not the big hits, witness playing Scentless Apprentice and School. Then finally comes the song of the year 90 generation. In the first four measures is already being there jumped. It turns immediately to have been the final bars, because the song is about in In Bloom. Some fans stabbing their middle finger, but most are beyond their disappointment quickly. Yet Smells Like Teen Spirit over yet as an encore: on plate and sung by?Tori Amos.

How: K-otic

Where: Nighttown, Rotterdam.

There you are as mature guy between the kids from seven to fourteen years. As you still have doubts to take your nephew as ‘ excuuskind’. But yeah, he is only two weeks old. The roles are clearly: front and rear the young mums and dad and a stray on stage K-otic. Actually, you just want to know, what the little ones find fascinating about this popular band, started in the program Starmaker. All in for the program are the lyrics to put good at. but who is actually that dark humored boy. Sometimes pass by in Gold Coast or was it the way to tomorrow? Yet something more literature, consult those Hitkrant hot. Juan Wells is indeed soap star. and to sing soap stars as the eleventh commandment. His appearance leads in advance to a deafening screams. Sound actually quite nice that nummertjes! Summery cheerful, nothing to worry about music and fun background singers.

Three songs later, K-otic already on stage. Exactly sixteen men including band. It is of course easy for a reviewer to sweep the floor with the money. We do not do that! Hmmm… even think: The compositions are good because they do not go out of your head, First the boys and girls could not and now they may vary slightly – except of course the wooden Klaas called Martijn alias pestle which still has no sense of rhythm- , Rachel can best sing and sense of drama witnessed her solo performance, de marketing is perfect: Give away an autographed Tour Book and also play a few songs from U2's With Or Without You or Lenny Kravitz , Was (with a minute's silence regarding 11 september) and you have not only the target but also the parents packed. In addition, the band played a medley of top 40 hits als Kids are Allright, Supergirl en Lady Marmalade. Less than two hours, the band plays. In short, the public value for money. Unfortunately, some band members have been too high in their sphere witnessed the arrogant reaction to the backing band as one song goes wrong. On reflection, the melodies seem to be quite a bit annoying. Because if you two days after the concert still: “I Really Don’t Think So ” wakes up then something is wrong anyway!


“There are enough bands depressing texts”

“Vehicle Breakdown, there do I am a bit worried about”, Mary-Ann confides her colleague Liz LulaBelle. “I hate to think that we suddenly stand along the side of the road.” “But”, Liz reassures her. “Sweet smile and we have to address as help them in Italy. That's a big advantage if you're a girl.”

The Lula Belles come from Rotterdam. Vlaardingen, Krimpenerwaard and Hoeksewaard to be exact. Especially Krimpenerwaard shows a good breeding ground for punk rock. “It is striking”, admits the pair. “Everyone in our circle of friends does something with music. Probably has to do with boredom and therefore they can just making music. I recommend it to everyone anyway”, said Liz.

The quartet plays punk rock in the best tradition. Short up-tempo songs with a cheerful and weft years 80 influences. But also the fifties, hardcore or emocore pass in review. “We're not a band with great ideals or with feminist principles. It is especially long live the fun. Our songs are about love or a night out. There are enough bands that are good in depressive lyrics.”

The two Lula Belles amused talk about what is to come during the first foreign tour of the Rotterdam punk quartet. Along with the two absentee Lula Belles Ann Alcoholic and Killin’ Mama we travel to Italy and France. Although they really look forward to (“super cool”) has the stress currently prevailed. “At the last moment, much remains to be settled, because things do not go exactly as you want. When I'm in the tour bus, it is probably over”, said Mary-Ann. The quartet has just a 7 inch released by a German label. “Early this year, we recorded a demo. By using one of the tapes at Thunder Baby Records landed on the desk. They bring music mainly allgirls bands and have approached us asking if they Beyond punk rock and bowling cover were cast.”

They have already heard many enthusiastic stories of bands in Spain, Italy and France have occurred. “I have also wondered why there is such a big punk scene. They just do what they like and help each other out. Perhaps it is or in the water. So maybe I have a few bottles of that stuff back to take Netherlands!”, Liz laughs LulaBelle.

How: Chillfactor, Undeclinable

Where: Waterfront, Rotterdam

Vlaardingen Chill Factor knows where to grab the mustard: by Lagwagon and NOFX. Cheerful uptempo numbers at high sing-along factor. Typical dreinerige also, whiny vocals not missing. Chill Factor also sounds firm, tight, melodic and is littered with good harmonies and surprising breaks. And yet they fascinate a lot less than headlining Undeclinable. Is it because of the low bass or some sterile guitar? The fact remains that the most musically correct, but the band an extra scoop fog that Undeclinable (Previously Undeclinable Ambuscade) to make the bigger names in the genre.

The Den Bosch can safely be lumped with NOFX, Lagwagon, Ten Foot Pole, Offspring or even patriarchs of the punk rock Bad Religion. The room is well stocked and that while elsewhere in the city is a Stardumb rumble underway with various punk bands, including The Apers. “Apers Rule!”, says lead singer Jasper “I hope that there is just as busy as here?support your local scene.” Sounds cheers from the audience, but tonight so support for Den Bosch instead of Rotterdam. It soon becomes apparent that the choice of Undeclinable been a good one. The quintet puts a great and enthusiastic show down, that is answered by as many enhousiasme from the audience. Why crowd surfing out of fashion?! The three Hells Angels back of the room are satisfied.

The energetic Love Story has a bass line that you feel right in your stomach, a guitar with the necessary power and remains exciting until the end. Waste Of Time, however, has a more protracted character, while Your Hands is carried by a more telling Jasper. In Short: enough variation. Moreover, the band does not do what you expect. “He can look at the setlist, we still do effe another nummertje!” Downside of the action is the lack of a guest singer on the still beautiful 7 Years. But fortunately makes the cover Is She Really Going Out With Him again much good. Support your local scene, of course! But just not tonight?

How: Wyatt

Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

Wyatt is geen band, Wyatt is Dennis Kolen. The talented singer of this young Rotterdam trio is responsible for the compositions. This image is enhanced by the advent: First Coal plays a bit before the others on stage. Soon becomes clear that Dennis does not lack charisma. He is clearly present, that it becomes too much without the keeper. Wyatt plays at home; the public is justifiably excited about the dreamy pop and subtle melodies Beatles and Byrds influences. SM10.30 is meer uptempo, but no less sixties. Kiss Kiss already sounds a lot more American and has the necessary variety and dribbling. Even the keyboard solo is easy to digest. And Nirvana-like intro of the new single If, Rowtownpubliek it came up off the floor. Drunk school is very much like the young The Who.

Gradually, it becomes all less and begins to be a high school party. On the occasion of the retirement of live keyboardist Mark Cutters (ook Hermes House Band) the band's repertoire somewhat extended with some covers. Since the public is the brunt of. Rebel Rebel was still going, Rock and Roll Star ook, You Can’t Always Get What You Want is al een stuk erger. Really it is very useful for Perfect Day ( sickeningly), order of Whole Lotta Rosie (in keyboard!) Not to mention. Bon Scott takes no doubt in his grave.

Embarrassing dancing parents (?) make the school feel complete. Mark is once again put in the limelight with flowers and a gift certificate. And then there is only one song back. Although the beautiful song Best Days (de hit), but at the moment everything is just too much of a good thing. Are we on the twenty numbers? Too Bad, still curious about what compact set. Now you stay still with a strange aftertaste?

How: Birgit

What: Flasback to Lenny Kravitz

Where: Plan C, Rotterdam

Which Birgit yet. Is she just a little relieved of her-she is-not-the-sister-of-Katja-image, she stands to coo at Plan C and seduce as we only know of her big sister. It might belong to the show (Birgit does Lenny Kravitz), but the damage is already done.

Birgit had already announced that it would be a seventies costume party. Good's, mega sunglasses, flairs and glitter suits are out of the closet. For the backing band is clothing with tiger print and visible chest hair. It had quite liked something more extreme. But unfortunately, no Birgit with afro wig tonight!

It remains difficult, such a creep-in-the-skin-of-action. The numbers remain close to the original or has chosen its own interpretation. And what exactly is better? Like many other Flash Backers choose Birgit sure to stay true to the artist retreaded. Sometimes it works that well, zoals bij Thinking of You of Is there Any Love? While Rosemary (sitting on a stool) Also good is lying in a hearing, Does Anybody Out There is very disappointing, because the song is still played slower than the master itself tends to do. You Belong To Me is sung very flat and the background vocals are firmly out of tune. With this kind of number you realize well that Birgit still a lot to learn.

It is unfortunate that only towards the end of the flame stores well in the pan. “Let Rotterdam are not the most boring city”, Birgit calls from desperate. Along with the eight-piece band ensures the public is that it is ultimately not come so far. Let Love Rule has everything: a sexy sax solo and a sing-along section. It will be a long drawn-out version nanana classic Hey Jude rivals.

Everybody goes home happy again. It was a nice evening with a nice strap and recognizable numbers, no more and no less. It would be nice if there were some more acts that would handle the creative repertoire. In short, some artists who dare to stick their necks and not afraid of a little sacrilege occasionally. Brave cover bands, there are already enough.

Michael Franti will inspire listeners

By Dimitri Heels

Michael Franti is muzikant, poet, philosopher, storyteller, idealist and an amiable person. But most of the tall frontman of Spearhead social conscience. Therefore expects him cliché answers or meaningless comments, but a heartfelt plea for the abolition of capital punishment or for the care of the earth.

Spearheads third album Stay Human recounts the death penalty and Franti's revulsion against. “It was not the intention to create an album concept”, says Franti. “The material I had was so diverse, I decided to make a kind of radio there. One of the tracks was about the death penalty. Which I used as a base to make it more interesting.”

But not only the death penalty holds American rapper busy. “At this time I think about a song about permaculture, a farming method that is based on the preservation and maintenance of the country in which you grow. You should take care of the world you live.”

The sometimes serious subjects are in sharp contrast with Spearheads music, who one and all radiates cheerfulness. Franti: “I do not want people to be depressed and kill himself. The music has to inspire change. If you make music that people like to listen to the message comes naturally on. If you Bob Marley turns you do not immediately recognize that it's about god, family, Africa and revolution.” “What you should not do”, Franti continues “is say 'do this or that'. The best speakers availed themselves of parables. Interesting or funny stories where you can learn from, without being pedantic.”

You mentioned that record companies just want to sell as many records and not to improve the world. Are you there to improve the world?

“One thing is certain: I do not sell shit loads of plates”, tert-skin Franti. “Music can not change the world, people that can only. Music can inspire or enlighten. Change is not something today or tomorrow. Racism is not really gone, and the environment is not clean. You must persevere. Mother Teresa now enjoys respect, but 60 years, no one wanted to listen to her?”

Is it the right way?

“That's the beauty. You are free You do not have to decide on the bandwagon. If only one person against the current inzwemt, then naturally follow.”

Do you think your message across at festivals?

“When I stand instance in Italy, then let me translate some text. I explain in a few sentences what the song is about. In the Netherlands, this does not have: everyone speaks English well here.”

Also doing so called Spoken Word performances. Is there a difference in perception?

“I am very aware that I'm not a musician. I need to make melody and rhythm alone with my voice. Sometimes I see writers who read very boring. Someone like Jello Biafra (former Dead Kennedys) can tell very passionate. With Spearhead I am 99 percent sure that people go dancing. When I stand on my own than I am less sure of my case. Sometimes I'm even afraid?it is therefore becoming more of a challenge. If it succeeds me, it gives me a kick!”

Michael Franti & Spearhead can be seen at the Crossing Border Festival (26/27 October) in Amsterdam. More info: of

How: Cheech Wizard, Mono en Coco Healey

Where: Waterfront, Rotterdam

Tekst in Stock: Dimitri Hakke

Upon entry to the right ear plugs! This really is not fun anymore. And that despite the presence of a flute and a djembé. Coco Healey called the band that does not excel in subtlety. Originating from the – as it is called- indie/noise hoek. Indebted to Sonic Youth, Fugazi en Schiphol Airport. A few songs later anyway try the earphones though uitkunnen. No, even hear the quiet songs are hard. A flute with feedback, that's a new experience. “It does not sound like it should. My voice is a little fucked!”, the singer confides. Whether this is a correct statement. The stage presentation of the quintet eye unprofessional to your coat buttoned well to keep your waist. Finally, the guitars are beaten to smithereens. It appears the only part that has five well mastered. Even Though?a little musician obviously used a cheap replica!

Mono is the most accessible band of the evening. They are influenced by Fugazi and Sonic Youth also. Yet they know there is a whole different spin on. Delicious mesmerizing notes. Hard yet subtle and fresh combination of rhythm and melody. In contrast to Coco Healey, all instruments here perfectly audible. Even subtle guitar riffs are clearly identified. Young trio provides the listener real numbers in which beautiful singing lines contrast with emotional scream vocals a la At The Drive In.

Cheech Wizard is the most famous act of the evening. The quirky quartet takes the stage accompanied by a song about a teddy bear. For the first time the people of Rotterdam also offer visuals. The animations of singer Rob van Gameren breathe a desolate atmosphere that the music perfectly complements. Cheech Wizard has arguably the most artistic sound of the evening. A toe funky, messy, jazzy and very varied. Even glam rock is just around the corner in a Telegram Sam-like nummertje. Van Gameren Cheech Wizard has the necessary charisma in house: agile as Michael Stipe and the powerful vocals by Bono.

How: Stuttering Blind Cripple, John Wayne Shot Me, Low Point Drains

Where: Stubnitz, Rotterdam

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Stubnitz is an old rusty ship from Rostock. An unusual setting for a concert, you would think. In Rotterdam, they think differently: two months the ship is anchored between Hotel New York and Las Palmas and two months to find almost daily events or concerts. The little stage is located in the hold. As a result, there is both the top, as from the side,, as from below,, view of the stage. The acoustics are surprisingly good. That the first act Stuttering Blind Cripple not many joins more his problem. The singer-guitarist does justice to its name. The German subtitled Japanese action film that simultaneously turned on the steerage is a lot more interesting. The bald-headed singer stutters and screams and squeezes some false air from his throat and forms sentences like this: I hate the kapitalist system en I wanna Be Like Billy Childish. Billy himself seems not spent, witness his furrowed brow.

John Wayne Shot Me know guitar and drums to conjure up wonderful songs with catchy melodies. Nicked here and there (“Hey, Hey whats that sound”). But yeah, indicate that they also own admission. JWSM knows how to get the lower deck filled with dancing girls. Moments later it leaning against the hull, breathless listening to a trailing quiet song with Neil Young-like vocals. Unfortunately, only a half hour play time for these guys.

Unfortunately, this also applies for Low Point Drains. 'Geht's Los Jetz!”, roars the singer-guitarist. Is this really Dutch? Is this really Rotterdam? This is certainly great and good on-Dutch! From the very first beat the noise duo (!) frantic time. A wacky singer-guitarist and a boy with a sombrero great rages behind, and in his drum kit. More evidence you do not need to trashy rock 'n roll from the top shelf. Oblivians, Atari Teenage Riot en NOFX move over. These men may Couple. Off a thirty second titled Fuck Off. Low Point Drains swings, rocks and cracks on all sides. Homage!

How: Birgit, Echo, Bastian e.a.

What: Waterpop

Where: Wateringen

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Best Netherlands speaking bands appear on this twenty-fourth edition of Waterpop from South Africa and Belgium Boo! Das Pop and put a show where Nosferato, Birgit, Kaja in 16 Down can suck a tip. The cozy festival site (very strict entry control for a free festival) is sparsely populated as Nosferato visitors shake awake. The jumping rock of the winners of Waterproof mainly hard and dime a dozen. Nice cliché: singer with strained voice and guitarist with a flying-V. Boys in Slipnot-shirts are well represented. If the last number is used Cure, is the bulk of the audience again insisting on another stage to see Birgit. A -Well so nice- super tight schedule kept between the bands. Half a minute later, "the sister of’ on stage in shirt smurfs, yellow shoes and inflatable dolphin. The lyrics are good to the boys and girls. “Singer Birgit playbackt not”, reports the festival newspaper. That's right, but she captivates not. After five songs have you had it: it all sounds equally upbeat and poppy, even though they are about heartbreak. A souped-up version of Madonna's Material Girl paves the way for Kaja. This band also makes use of a famous cover: Not An Addict van K’s Choice. Later, a second floppy cover. And later a third? This Kaja gets something of a lame cover band with stage fright: many stares at the floor and little interaction. 16 Down contrasts with Kaja and Birgit. Gloomy lyrics and somber clothing. The numbers stabbing well together, but the distorted vocals are at any given moment is a trick and that is unfortunate. As with the previous acts is also sound too hard here. Bastian has raised lucky that they are on the small stage. Although happiness: ten of them barely fit on. Bastian dances delicious way! Bastian Bastian is energetic and has nice sing-alongs. Bastian plays a sunny mix of seventies funk, loud guitars and surprising breaks. It turns out the last sun today, because if Peblab may enter the stage comes the rain pouring from the sky?

300 performances in four days

Amsterdam mecca of music

By Dimitri Heels

‘Bands, bands and another band ', as the slogan says in the first edition of Access To Amsterdam (A2A). No less than three hundred artists exhibit 17 to 20 October their skills in various locations in the capital. During the day there is room for discussion, workshops, drinks and the possibility of doing business with all kinds of people from the music bizz. ”At night there is plenty of live music.

Amsterdam is following the example of similar fairs in Cologne (PopKomm) en Austin-Texas (South By South West/SXSW). This latter event has become the United States of the biggest festival. Bands from all over the world are invited to give concerts. The total number of bands last year was more than 1000.

A2A is an initiative of the National Popinstituut, is that promotion of Dutch music as main objectives. Meanwhile also o.a. De Volkskrant, Ear, 3FM and Live XS attracted sponsorship. Nederlandse acts Room 101, The Apemen, Seedling en Arling & Cameron rubbing artists from Ghana, Portugal, Gambia and Denmark. Net als SXSW, not A2A focuses on established names, but on new talents. The festival can be a springboard to international success. SXSW was already described for -when unknown- acts als Beck, Nirvana, Alanis Morisette en dEUS.

How, What and Where?

How: 300 artists o.a. S.M. Mongstad, Nights, Bauer, Real Ones, Dax Riders, The Mahones, Admiral Freebee, Buscemi, John Wayne Shot Me, Afro Vibes,Tandy, Kevin Welch,Antje, Pornstar,Racoon,Michael De Jong, Dyzack,Celestial Season, Madigan, Kris Data, Pong, Colleen, Maze, The Real Def en Sample.

What: Performances are open to the public. Seminars are accessible only after registration. More information about ticket sales:

Where: 25 locations mainly around Leidseplein.


It rocks and it comes from Flanders. Young six Eden from the region of Eeklo made with the singles “Morning bear” in “Star” a sun on the radio. The secret of the group: the beautiful singing of the beautiful duo Sofie Buyck and Roos Van Acker.

The two-unit was unfortunately broken a year ago. The blonde Rose chose a career at TMF and Studio Brussel, upper Eden. But Eden is back, with a new singer answering to the name Nathalie. The latest CD “Seafood” is characterized by short poppy tunes, the strong scent of Magnapop. Cozy meedeinpop carried by catchy melodies The third CD is expected late this year.


Junkie XL is probably the best known Dutch act on A2A. Junkie XL starts as a band around sample and beats wizard Tom Holkenborg. Urban Dance Squad rapper Rudeboy takes the vocals. Live the duo is complemented by a DJ, guitarist and a drummer. In various reviews the music is compared to The Prodigy. The band is honored with o.a. the Grand Prix of Netherlands, Heineken Crossover Award, The Silver Harp, Pop Award and the Lucky Strike Dance Award. Year 2001 Holkenborg is the only surviving member. The music evolves from pure Big Beat to a slightly more mellow dance sound. The new album is scheduled for Red Heat 2002. Greatest hits: Zerotonine, Billy Club en Saturday Teenage Kick.

How: Ellen Ten Damme Where: Bibelot, Dordrecht

After the cast of TV show Starmaker they belonged to the most hyped people in recent months. You could not hit open blade or she beamed towards you. On the street you were already not safe and they greeted you with the communication “I Am Here” talk shows she was a welcome guest and photographers of the Ferret dispute among themselves the right to put her on film.

This time a musician / actress / supermodel / admire columnist Ellen Ten Damme in Dordrecht during the Female Week in Bibelot. But first there is the question: what it does Ballerina Liberation Front here? Would the band purely on the name are made? The five boys are apparently not yet out who the singer of the band must be. After three songs there have been three to turn the vocals. This band has no character. Successively, they sound like the Pixies, Pavement and The Cure Lullaby with a blatant rip-off.

The audience at Dordt consists largely of languishing men who only want to know one thing. Reply: tight pants and a short (bare belly) Orange Track Jacket. Ellen starts with energetic Rain Roses and Just Do It. Unfortunately then immediately followed by the suffering Summersun. A poorly intelligible ballad melody barely. Well a funny transition to La Vie En Rose. In Happy Ellen screams all her heartache out. And to hear as she has had her share. The show primarily on the emotional songs. From Here We Go is an outright tearjerker about love that really turns on his. In You at the audience can not help but listen breathlessly.

That balance also can talk to the other side proves Miss You. Ellen behind her organ, supported by a computer drum. Ilse Delange has a little sister! Met I Just Dont Care -“in not a single CD”- the band proves also to rock. A ZZ Top-like guitar riff that turns into Rod Stewart Do Ya Think Im Sexy? A resounding 'Yes’ The only correct answer is, especially after those charming cartwheel before the encore. And she can sing, we knew much longer… [Tekst in Stock: Dimitri Hakke]

How: Johan Where : Rotown, Rotterdam

It has been said and written: Pergola with Johan has delivered a beautiful plate. A wonderful CD – beautifully arranged and soothing- which is perfect for the Sunday morning. Such a lovely string orchestra where you can turn even just, while the melodies nestle in your head.

But wait, This is a six pack and therefore a live review. And this is the part where the Amsterdammers significantly fall by the wayside. Staying beautiful songs – especially if you do not know the CD, all is not that bad- but who has tasted of the plate, lacks the necessary subtlety. The quiet songs like Here and How Does It Feel root Beatle-esque piano melodies still the longest. It is precisely the numbers with keyboard player Diederik Nomden keys are exchanged for a guitar, protrude who live above the rest. With three guitars and a bass in the vanguard rock Tumble and Fall and I Feel Fine really. despite the wall guitar harmonies remain upright and shows just how good strong (read: catching) the melodies are.

Valve Here is live a lot more contrast than on CD. the subdued verses diametrically opposed a popping and bombastic chorus with not to mention a lingering guitar. Yet is also nice to hear again Everybody Knows and takes the audience to see as well!

Finally, a tip for the singer Jacco Greeuw. The how-imitate-I-look-a-slumped also does not invite a visit to a concert by Johan. No way! You would almost be depressed. At home Pergola already done in the CD player and put on standby for tomorrow. Hmmm delicious…

[text a photo Dimitri Mince]

FACE TOMORROW “Straight from the heart”

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

As winner of the South Holland popjacht they made their appearance in the Rotterdam edition of the annual Liberation. The programmer Waterfront was impressed by the Rotterdam Face Tomorrow and she asked for the Metropolis Festival.

“A great honor”, I go to Marc, Aart, Denis, Sjoerd and Jelle. “And yet we prefer to play in a smaller hall.” Marc: “Of course we want our music to as many people emit, but at festivals you miss the interaction with the public. You first see two meters to bridge blank space for the fences.” “Moreover”, Aart adds “the light is out and I do not like!”

Face Tomorrow -Established in 1997- is now one year into the current composition. Started as oldschool hardcore formation is the quintet has become a band that is compared to Tool, Deftones, Muse en At The Drive In. Jelle: “But others find us look again at U2…” According Aart it is nice to be compared to so many diverse acts: “Everyone hears something else. The most important thing for me is that the music is honest. Straight from the heart.”

The hardcore attitude that remains evident in the DIY ethic mentality of the quintet. Performances are self regulated and also the CD is pure DIY. “We got him contained within a day and mixed in two evenings”, said Marc. The recordings sound very lively. Jelle: “We also anticipate everything at once and uses little impact. Any errors we just leave”.”On stage we also sound a lot better”, quips Sjoerd.

The boys received many with their debut CD. Not just friends and acquaintances were impressed. Popmagazine Live XS called the band into local heroes. Aart: “I did not expect that people outside the scene would pick up the. Even though it is not their own thing, we still get compliments.” It was not all rating only. In July alone, the band has twelve appearances on the agenda. Furthermore, there is a small tour through Belgium, Czech Republic and Germany planned. “And that”, decision Aart, “while I have always said: "As I stood in Willem II, I then cover with it!'.”

How: The sample / Headliners Waar: Waterfront, Rotterdam

Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke

Tonight proves once again, how much difference a room, mood or time can make the experience of a concert. Because it was not great last Noorderslag The Proov? Since it appeared in any event, or at the, so at the end of an extensive Eurosonic / Noorderslag Weekend. Reasoning back it will have been the party intoxication largely, because in Waterfront brings rapcollectief an insipid show on stage.

Suddenly prove the two mc-ers to be very similar to each other, terms of vocals and the mix of Hammond and Roland keyboard too much of a good thing. After a “Now we let the band do their thing”, We first get a guitar, Hammond solo and then a solo Roland. And in between, of course, many 'all yo’ en ‘my man’. Of course they do play -af occasional jazzy and laidback- but individually good musicians do not make a good band. After eleven Kalou's on your team, you win no football. Positive outlier is the valve Analyze, because of his fiery orgasmic character, supplemented with cool raps and a great groove. After a visit lukewarm response from the audience follows another freestyle with only dj and mc, after which everyone can show his or her raptalent showing that the drummer sometimes more often may address the mike.

The discovery tonight is The Headliners (Zoetermeer) that the support (!) may care. The band excels in simplicity: three mc-ers and a platelet turner. The quartet takes its inspiration mainly from the East Coast hip-hop. The joy of playing from splashes and unlike The Proov is here the necessary vocal variation present. Mc number one takes the black "gangsta raps ‘ accounted for, Second preaches like he still a lot to convince unbelievers from the pulpit and the female vocals provide the necessary Soul. A perfect combination!


“We are more like Green Day than Madonna”

Not only proved the last three editions of the Rotterdam Very Very Punk Festival, that Maasstad punk city is number one, but also that the genre is primarily a man's game. Fortunately there The Riplets: three young kick-ass girls, to be built behind a lovely image.

But to directly attack the door at home. No, Valeska (drums), Allison (Guitar) en Janneke (vocals / guitar) are not the Dutch Donna's. “It is very easy to make that comparison”, sighs Janneke. “The girls play Punk Rock, then you will quickly contact them. ” “Girls are always compared with girls. Regardless of whether the music is the same”, vult Valeska aan. “It is also sometimes difficult to explain”, weet Allison, “I once said that we look like Green Day, because it is the only punkband is that they have. But yeah, we look more Green Day than Madonna.”

Not the Ramones, Green Day, L7, or Donna's formed in the summer of 1999 the inspiration up to the formation of a band, but local heroes like Room 101, Wiseguy and New Friend. Allen comes from Great Church and environs. Everyone knew someone who played in a band or was busy with music. A performance of The Riplets is an experience in itself, because the necessary dress parties. The one time the trio plays (to May 2000 als kwartet) in tough leather jackets, then dozens of teddy bears on stage or run them in Hawaii Shirts. “Most visitors like it, but I sometimes hear comments like: ‘ you are not a carnival band!’ Or they do not find it tough enough”, says Janneke. “Why can not you sweet and rough at the same time?”, asks Allison. “It is precisely such a nice contrast.” About one thing The Riplets strongly agree: nothing is as boring as a band that plays the same songs every night during a tour, always looks the same, and a further makes the same jokes. “If we go on tour, we take our entire wardrobe with. Then, the bus is already full. Let the guitars sit down!”, laughs the threesome.

As a real D.I.Y band befits, there will soon be a real singlet on the market. Five hundred copies on pink vinyl, self-released. “With songs, own cover design. We are going to fold the posters and control the presentation”, Janneke on lists. And maybe the presentation will be held on the evening that an American girl band Nighttown rejoiced with a visit. One guess what they are called…


“We will never make a cheerful pop song”

Give an interview on the occasion of your latest CD, while you're busy with new material and the following CD. Where have we heard that before? No, this time no story of Postmen. It is another group here talented Rotterdam, answering to the name Cellophane.

The CD was recorded a year ago, during the debut performance of the quintet. “There were recordings made and good quality there it surprised us”, looks singer / guitarist Reinier Gerritsen back. “So we decided to bring it out.” “Unfortunately, it took a bit longer than planned: the cover design, the pressing and so on”, fills guitarist Steven Fitsch to. “The CD is therefore no longer representative. Certainly not because we now have a new drummer.”

Cellophane interfaces with bands like Sonic Youth, Coldplay, The Verve, not to mention Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. Guitars and melancholy are the main ingredients believes the duo. “I do not think we will ever write a real cheerful pop song!” And a half years ago, Cellophane actually no more than four friends who made music and thereby exchanged regularly instrument. Problem was that no one felt called to take the microphone in hand. Until Reinier came to take a look. “I found it a very special band. They played vaguely psychedelic guitar music but continued. It was actually more long jams.”

With the arrival of a singer, there was an approach that was based on a more solid framework. Steve: “This approach has changed our way of making songs. We now know what we can expect from each other.” “We also write really collectively”, stresses Reinier, “it not so that someone writes a song at home and that the band plays the song.”

“The text?”, laughs Reinier, “I lie at home a thick book with a variety of texts. Or rather loose rules. In it I put so occasionally a new scratch.” For now, the numbers have therefore no fixed texts, reveals the singer. “They are single sentences consecutively. I'm a bad storyteller.” “But”, defends Steven, “as long as our texts not be printed in their magazine, there is little going on!”

The coming months will Cellophane (the name was chosen partly because it implies no music) will go ready for the big bad world. That means: performances, build a demo CD and brand awareness. In that respect, their performance at Motel Mozaique with ao. Zita Swoon, Tom Barman en The Pop (30 March Nighttown RED.) course ideal. But also the smaller venues and festivals should be played. “Want”, so believes the pair, “act that is what it is all about!”

How: Dyzack & Anouk Where: Goals, Rotterdam

For the vast majority of the public is still getting used to, a concert hall in such posh as De Doelen. Just the fact that everyone has to go looking for the right seat number, make this in advance already a special experience.

And at the first show of the program for Dyzack (“I heetmakertje!”), also shows the sound different from an average (rock)concertpodium. An unprecedented transparency in which each individual string is audible. The Anouk Public -many young girls with their daddies- know the frills (“come-ie!”) to appreciate the Hagenaar. The remaining demand there: it's the music – include an energetic performance of Dollee Wollee Man – or by the disarming stage presence.

Anouk plays most of her set sitting on a stool, with the other six members around. It adds to the intimate atmosphere created by the low stage. The acoustic line ensures that the Hague was given every opportunity to showcase her soulful voice. A number of famous songs (o.a. It’s So Hard) are surprisingly rearranged. Nobody's Wife takes the cake and has been given a laidback funky groove. That number can be recognized only to the text, which otherwise goes halfway Is not No Sunshine (“So Much Sunshine When He’s Gone”). REM’s Losing My Religion (with a cappella beginning) Michel and his other outliers.

For many people, not least for Anouk itself, it has proved very difficult for a half hour “on their lazy fawn” to remain seated. As the show progresses, more and more people leaving their seat for a pitch. Especially when everyone calls Anouk forward to dance a game on RU kiddin’ Me. A request which eagerly met. The area took some getting used to, but Annette has a golden move done with her acoustic theater tour. Next year?

Report and photos: Dimitri Hakke

How: E-Life What: Marlboro Flashback HipHop Hot Story Waar: Plan C, Rotterdam

With Flashbacks of Dilana and the Travoltas in the offing and that of Kane and Coarse Gun just behind, This edition promises in any case to be a special reason. Because unlike aforementioned acts, this time is a very central genre: hiphop. And in contrast to, for example, the flashback Motown, this time not tied to one era.

Dutchman E-Life may be a celebrated artist and also play a home game, there is during this Flashback terms of visitor, little evidence of. But, "Every advantage has its disadvantage ', to speak with Cruyff. Now we can at least undisturbed cavort on Jump Around. Even Though, closer inspection shows the ceiling on the side of the hall there still a bit too low for (Ouch!). Elvis de Oliveira is not just for the hell of job to bring hip-hop history chart. A five-piece band and an MC is helping him. It soon becomes clear that it is going to be a pleasant and varied evening. It turns out one big hip hop quiz with one hit bigger than the other. Can I Kick It? Of whom were already back? The true connoisseur certainly raises equal Tribe Called Quest. And so it goes: Me Myself & I? Walk This Way? Some classics you're so used to lpgeluid that it is strange to hear these songs live: Suddenly you feel that bass in Rappers Delight! Great!

The diverse set is not only happy place for years 80. Also 2pac's Mama (dedicated to all mothers), Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise , The Fugees, Outkast, and The Beastie Boys not be beaten in this over full story. Also very recognizable and therefore certainly no less fun: the moment E-life and Co divide the room in half and let the public make a verbal battle with the rap: ‘potatoes, scrambled eggs and toast’. But who was that even though weather?

How: Baby Kain and Gea Russell Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

You could argue that Gea Russell & Company and Baby Cain Band does not belong in the Ferret. Indeed, frontmen of these bands are respectively British and American in origin. The bulk of the musical companions, however, will come from the Netherlands and furthermore resides Gea Russell for years in Rotterdam.

With his black clothing, beret, mustache and big sunglasses, seems afro-american Kain more militant rebel leader than a poet “Jesus and the garden of Eden”, roars Kain, while his companions with saxophone, bass and drums pleasant languid groove bets, with jazz, bebop and soul influences. There is a beautiful story, full of emotion, half time, ecstasy and hypnotic repetitions that you occasionally get right into your soul. “Life ain’t nothing but a river moving through an empty land”. Unfortunately, by the many buzz not all equally intelligible.

Unlike last Noorderslag is the permanent backing band of singer-songwriter Gea Russell complete again. How well the band there was, the difference is obvious. The mix of reggae, hiphop, jazz and soul can not do without in the 'ear’ catching Fender Rhodes sounds of Martin Denev. Add to that an ultra tight drumming, a fat bass and acoustic guitar. Slow Train is one of the most varied songs, while Bete Noire is going to rock jazz tour. Not to remain unmentioned, the sentimental Laisse Moi and natural Doe Maar's Time Enough. A song that we unfortunately not available on the evening presented CD Feel Free. In any case, a good reason to be present again at the next live performance.

And for those who still doubted the Dutch content of the evening: Gea already speak a bit of Dutch, witness exclamation mid-show. Not calibrated “thank you” or a “how is it going?”, but a heartfelt: “I have new underpants!”

Dodo's Coffee “God made us Funky”

[tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Who Doodoo's Coffee once seen, do not forget them quickly. Not only because of the somewhat complicated compositions, but also by the masquerades of singer / bassist Bruno, that like tends to wear a dress or puntbehaatje Madonna.

“I dressed me not always”, explains Bruno, “it is about the sound we produce. It is part of our expression.” The first time almost cathartic: “You can go on incredible fuck. But I still wanted to just do it.” Drummer Wouter adds: “it has helped us over the threshold.”

Bruno would take the vocals, was not immediately clear, legt gitarist There uit. “We have also experimented with a singer. She did everything, except sing.” Bruno: “We were playing and she began to moan, clothing to pull out and roll on the ground. It was a fun show. But it did not really…”

Important characteristic of the music of the Rotterdam funk trio is the high content. Bruno:” I once let a teepje hear to make a good friend and that began after the first show all fallow sounds and said: ‘ you play so fixed.” Bruno loves his imaginary bass at breast height. “And, sorry…God made us funky!” Behold: “We are all set three rhythmically. The bass is also with us no accompanying instrument like many bands is the case.” Wouter continues: “If we instrument and would exchange, I think there is too much difference in our music. We are all musicians and happened to play drums.”

During four years Doodoo has changed the laws,. Where the first song was given a supporting role, she has grown to become an integral part of the numbers. “When we started we were actually a bad cover band Cheech Wizard”, quips the threesome. First, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Captain Beefheart and Jane's Addiction were often cited as inspiration. But over the years the musical taste and knowledge became wider. “Our goal is to make honest music”, decision Bruno “and that can Funk, Rock, Jazz or even his Gabber…”

How: Where Bløf: Nighttown

Says one visitor from another: “Why do you think so well Bløf?”. “Well good…”, the other answers, “Bløf is one of the few Dutch bands that do not irritate me.” It seems a joke, but it hits the nail on the head. Where other bands are whiny and childish or simply deliver hilarious lyrics, sound Zealanders generally sincere and unaffected. A feature that only quality bands like Doe Maar and De Dijk has been given.

About Embankment spoken: in terms of target these bands do not care so much from each other. Tonight there are a lot of students in the hall. Leading some asterisks are ignited by the public. It instantly creates a cozy atmosphere! The Nighttown Podium has a large steel arch structures Ahoy’ got allure. So these guys can get used to their concert on 15 January at the Rotterdam sportpaleis. The audience numbers up quickly and massively sings. During Love From London late Paskal Jacobsen anything at all about the room. The Bløf Singer is apparently better accustomed and jokes: “had then bought the CD…” But enthusiasm among the public is not lacking: jump, to sing, clapping and cheering. It's all done. Especially with favorites like Saturday, Harder than I can and Love From London. In addition to be admired even a crowd surfer. Two meters further on them all back with both feet on the ground.

Opposite the enthusiasm of the audience, is the somewhat tepid presentation of the four. Bløf simply play the numbers and leaves no room for frivolities. Pascal, usually draw master funny faces, what makes a jaded impression. Only twice he showed off his funny side. The first time when he rips a piece while playing guitar: “sorry, as you will soon be covered in blood!” And the encore, What Would You Do, in which he describes a version with a genuine Amsterdam accent. And still in Rotterdam.

How: Kayak Where: Nighttown

Kayak's concert, is one with a history. Original singer Max Werner the years 70 symphonic rock group gave a few months after reunification, again quits c.q. was put out of the band. Bert, the voice of the beer commercials then took the lead vocals. Meanwhile stood on the tour poster or the original crew, with Max. In short, we look tonight at a somewhat maimed Kayak. Maimed, because someone once told Bert that he can not sing. At least, not live, without production and effects. After this, then! The only thing the former Vandenberg singer has not forgotten, the cliché hard rock poses: straddled and the microphone stand with two holding hands.

The six symphonic boys of yesteryear are now men become old cups and beer bellies, but still wear satin shirts and tight leather pants. The repertoire is obviously dated and clichéd solos. But the latter, you can take them of course not blame. No, Kayak is clear about the sell-by date. The audience might think differently. The hall is also full of neat forties and fifties, who know the band, past and plenty of singing along to old hits like: Mammoth, Wintertime, Starlight Dancer, newcomer Into The Fire and of course the hit Ruthless Queen. It's not all grim. Chance Of A Lifetime is stevig, swings and a merry tune organ. Starlight Dancer is a Queen-like piano ballad and Ruthless Queen everyone knows. But Against this are again a lot of lows. So we get after Bert's statement “we are going to do something solid”, To hear the song Sweet Revenge. Firm, and, and… with a tambourine sure! We also get an unplugged interlude, not to mention Anybody's Child, whereby a real children's choir appears on stage. A sweet juicy EO ballad that we – Whoopee! – also once served twice get, since the song is recorded as next single.

Dyzack- Waterfront.

Since Dyzack and Zea arrived late the first visitors can experience a full soundcheck. The singer / guitarist of Zea gives a Darth Vader imitation at best and proves not unfamiliar with the guitar riff of Violent Femmes’ ‘Blister In The Sun’. Half an hour later, the real work begins. Radiant center of the quintet's singer-guitarist Arnold de Boer. He has a form of physical expression that know David Byrne: many spastic gestures, not only on stage but also before. Zea experimenting with pop songs, a generous portion of guitar noise and tight beats computer. Opener ‘My Stay’ reminiscent of Pavement with a surprisingly dance interlude, while there is also borrowed from 'Jingle Of A Dog Collar’ van The Butthole Surfers. Rudy, however, is an over the top Beastie Boys rap with a high voice. Zea clearly has a sense of humor, but is both danceable, fragile, wild en noisy. But above gives Zea you feel happy.

Waterfront Visitors should do it with a black-clad Erik Hofland alias Dyzack. Where is the shining snow-white suit that purchased the Hagenaar especially for this tour? In (former) troubadour at present be accompanied by a drummer, bassist and a box of samples. That seems to work well. It's all just a bit more interesting than just a guitar 20 different effects. The songs are refreshing and versatile. Dyzack looks somewhat rushed, almost neurotic. An excellent choice so for its album "Neurotic Jackpot’ to name. By his comical and endearing presentation between songs, he soon wins the sympathy of visitors. Rapidly deformed he plays slide guitar. The one time the songs sound melancholy ('Dollee Wollee Male'), then he plays a nice melodic lot of noise (‘Tiny Fussing’). At least as important as the dexterous guitar, his tight samples that are composed by Dyzack, and conjured by bassist Dimitri Veltkamp from a box. The trio knows how to brew a perfect harmony. Musically, there is no winner tonight designate. On another level, there is who. In the struggle "who breaks the most strings’ Dyzack walked away with a 3-2 victory.

How: Embankment Where: Nighttown, Rotterdam

After nearly 20 years have been at the Dutch Popfront, brings 2000 numerous novelties for De Dijk. After a debut at Pinkpop followed the first time Ahoy’ and the band for the second consecutive night Nighttown may show tonight, that they "now really start '. Although the real fans were yesterday attended the first sold out concert, spectators do in terms of musical input hardly inferior to their predecessors. The dike rocks like never before. The voluntary sabbatical clearly well done Mr.. Singer Huub van der Lubbe, dressed in chic blazer, shirt, leather jacket and tie is in his element. He jokes and growls with maracas and tambourine and gestures pressure to the public. And of course no one plays air guitar as beautiful as Huub.

The five-man formation is supported by this tour saxophone and trumpet. Furthermore, they are joined on the podium by Supersub guitarist JB Meyers, one of the producers of The Seventh Heaven, The Dijk's last album. JB solo it's a real delight. It looks spectacular, but unfortunately his guitar playing is barely audible. Too Bad! The new songs, As The Ripples, What You Seek (with a sole polonaise), Seventh Heaven (gorgeous cinematic melancholy: “nevertheless it always comes down to love”) Law and By Sea (Huub on guitar!), the battle can easily with the classics Let It Happen Tonight, Everything Goes Beyond and Dancing On The Moon. Weeping laugh contrast, is a stupid boring song despite a feat theater's frontman Dijk. We are only now beginning Really, tumble along well. The number is too sweet, too little grief. Because that's what makes great Embankment: the blues, especially about love. Songs like: She's Not Is, Bleeding Heart (sung with one glass of wine in hand) and of course Onderuit, proving once again that De Dijk can close like no other. “Dying and standing in a T-shirt from her.” Those are the moments when you meeblerende the student next to you happily forget about…

How: What Kane: U2 Marlboro Flashback Where: Plan C, Rotterdam

The series 'in the shoes of your heroes', This time it is the turn of Kane. The choice of Rotterdam fell on U2. Not entirely coincidentally was the first concert singer Woesthoff ever saw one of the Irish supergroup. The question is whether the band will suffer the 18-plus rule of Marlboro concerts. A large part of their supporters in fact composed of lovesick teenage girls. But where the Heideroosjes Flashback was not sold out, this is the case tonight. Sterker nog, outside are plenty of tickets requested.

All in the opener Where the Streets Have No Name appears that Dinand has a fine voice Bono. Although it is not a genuine imitation, He has a powerful voice that lends itself very well for powerrock. Of course helped by the perfectly tuned sound room. Kane chooses as Kane to stand on the podium. That means: no sunglasses, preached or flag display. But: trusted monitor poses, theatrical gestures and the art of portraying literal lyrics. At “If You Just Close Your Eyes” (Acrobat), goes -jawel- hand eye. One must at Kane to prove themselves acoustic. And it works. The girls 'voices coming from the audience perform soon predominate during a cliché example of "community singing'. One sounds tight, until the Hammond-like keyboard solo spanner in the throws. After rousing versions of BAD (including Stones interlude), Bullet In The Sky en All I Want I You gaat het pas de mist in. Pride gets in the student audience very taste and Kane abruptly drowned by the song.

The best part is saved for last. All the lights have to come in an intimate atmosphere. "Everything must out, Also, the cameras”, says Dinand. “Everything from! Everything from!”, chants the crowd. What follows is a wonderful, emotional performance of Love Is Blindness in total darkness. Goosebumps! A beautiful evening Kane, pardon U2. Such evening shows that the power lies in the songs. These guys are good musicians, but songwriting is still an art in itself. Want kippenvel bij Damn Those Eyes of Where Do I Go Now? Well no…


Less is more bij The Gathering

More than ten years The Gathering exists now. Although there has since changed musical necessary, the band with many still classified as a metal band. “Very sorry”, find the musical brothers Hans and René Rutten. “Thus, you reach a certain audience not. And we still sound very different from Motörhead. We are a pure crossover band!”

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

On the sixth studio album if_then_else let the band actually seeing multiple markets to be home. Mentioned influences range from Radiohead to Massive Attack. An album that has a more open sound than its predecessors so believes guitarist René Rutten. A sound that has to do with the departure of guitarist Jelmer Wiersma, just before the shooting pastor How To Measure a Planet. Rene: “A wall of guitars then replaced by a more subtle sound with more keys.”

Now the album How To Measure A Planet still comes up, drummer Hans Rutten has a definite opinion about the double CD from 1998. “That album was perhaps too much of a good thing. To psychedelic. And then even a double. I think it was a little too big stick for most people. Just something to Opus Magnus!” ‘Less is more’, now reads the central idea in The Gathering. “It is very easy to stick all kinds of riffs together”, explains Hans. “By adding voids is a certain timelessness to the top.” “The last album of Red Hot Chili Peppers have that feeling very well”, fills brother René to. “Of Radiohead…which are incredibly subtle. Details are very important in a number. Makes you feel more emotionally affected. But you'll only after a while back.” Hans agrees: “I can no longer listen to our first CD or to Slayer. As a teenager I turned around CD five times in a row”. “Whether you went to sleep with Slayer on the headphones”, René laughs.

One of the recurring themes in if_then_else is slowing. The case also shows four running figures. “Everything needs today but quickly. Everywhere there a McDonalds culture. Who nowadays takes the time to dine at midday. If you have a gig somewhere in Netherlands, then sometimes just a bin nasi in the locker room chucked”, light when Rene. “Enjoy, there is almost no longer. Only after a Burn Out is someone only think about his life and perhaps do something about it.” A topic that is dear to men: “It is our most personal album ever made”.

A striking number on this latest release is the six-minute Analog Park, that is carried by a male voice telling. “Therefore, the number is likely to”, explains Hans. “The voice comes from the black and white film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It is an explanation of the universe and the atoms of which it is composed. We did not sample the 'cleared’ so I hope it is not a lawsuit. Myself I only see it as a compliment if someone wants to use a sample of The Gathering.” “By The Way…when seven notes turns into a melody, then it may suddenly be. Then you get that awful things as advertising with those fake Karma Police by Radiohead those fake. Mine who may be arrested!”

The successes of 1996 are now a little faded in that year scored the formation around singer Anneke van Giersbergen her first and only top forty hit so far: Strange Machines. The album Mandylion (symphonic rock with a touch of gothic) state 39 weeks in the mega summit 100. Moreover, The Gathering than at major festivals such as Lowlands, Dynamo Open Air, Pinkpop Noorderslag. “Sales are less common in the Netherlands”, Hans admits. “Sometimes you hear sometimes: ‘The Gathering, exist yet ?'”. “But the public is also a lot harder here”, believes René. “There is additional critical watching you because you're from Netherlands. Our last studio album has sold better in Germany and France.” “Dutch are also much more sensitive to trends”, analyzes the two. “It should all here but be innovative. Therefore many bands make life difficult for the crucial second CD. In Germany, for example, they still adhere to tradition. A band like Uriah Heep still attracts full houses there.” The Gathering means there so many foreign shows are scheduled. The band toured all through England, Israel France, Finland and the Eastern Bloc “You might be better asking us where we have not yet been”, René laughs. Where have you not been there yet? “Portugal not, Scotland and Japan not even, although we do have a Japanese website!”

Last year, the quintet first traveled to the United States. Despite the poor preparation of the record for the band was still a nice experience. “One day we played with King's X and the next with The Misfits”. “We had zero expectations and are just going to drive to the major cities and play!” The band was well received as the duo. But yeah, you have almost only here Korn clones, So anyway, we are very different.” What stood out during the tour was the behavior of the public. “People come here for the real music. There is really listened. In the Netherlands is different. We were recently at Calexico in Sleeping Beauty. Half of the spectators stood just bullshitting. That still pretty pathetic for a band! But Dutch well once have that mentality that they want to be everywhere. Even though they have little interest in music. They want to be able to say later: 'I was there'. If you believe the stories was half Netherlands at the first appearance of Nirvana in Netherlands!”.

Despite many appearances over the border not The Gathering sees itself as one of the great Dutch music exports Rene: “For that we are far too Indie. 2 Unlimited was an export product or Vengaboys. We do not belong there.” Next time the band featured in Netherlands. Including in the Lowlands. To get this done, there is need to work fast. “Actually we wanted to get some more work on the CD, but the record company put some pressure behind that we had to finish, because otherwise we would miss the festival season.” Personally play Hans and René prefer the club circuit. His: “The hall's size does not really matter. Although juvenile Sozen have fallen. But in small rooms, I really enjoy a performance. Festivals have no time for a proper soundcheck. Festivals, that means working quickly and adapt. Hard rams and go!”

Furthermore, the band already hard at work on material for the next CD. The only thing The Gathering dares not to a video clip. “They are so terribly expensive. I believe the Vengaboys spend two tons of a clip”, says René. The video for Liberty Bell, where we are in a space capsule, has a whopping 35000 guilder cost. The worst was yet, you'm nowhere saw. I myself have called three times to The Box to request the clip. No, I have recently started a 8mm camera, so if we make a clip, I flans who a while together. I also like some money left over for a nice car for the door!”.

What: Very Harrow Punk Festival III Where: Nighttown Rotterdam

Prior to Very Very Punk III punk cum-chief organizer Leen Steen through the media to know that punks and skinheads go together in Rotterdam. Yet you stay alert. Especially after reading a full page article about skins in a national newspaper. The red laces, that were now linksradikalen? Are those wide or narrow suspenders? And which meant cobweb well on that elbow? But Leen is equal. Skins today go well with skaters, punkers, rockers, hanenkammen in hardcorekids.

After successful editions 1 in 2 the organization has chosen this time for the great hall of Nighttown. Less than 17 bands today give acte de presence, bringing the total number of acts from Rotterdam area comes at fifty. Rotterdam is truly punk city number one. Remarkable bond between the rock-n-roll psycho Cenobites and the crossover metal of Attrition is Beyond Lickin '. A surf-oriented version of the Raggende Manne: Dutch lyrics and song titles like Pipeline “We are not a punk, but you see so not”, as the band finds itself. Not punk Rotterdam Riplets (see picture). The charming rock 'n' roll quartet has this time dozens of stuffed animals brought from home. So Ernie and Rupert Bear get a place in the front row. After a hesitant start the spark skips the second number, and there is plenty of danced.

The Antwerp / Rotterdam company Attrition throws a whole different approach. The singer is about to get very busy. No rather than I Reject. These guys have been running for a while in the circuit and that is clearly audible: powerful vocals backed by metal guitars. In short melodic hardcore from a professional level. The audience knows the company to appreciate and sing along lustily. On Shorttime, RATM a clone with gnome, it's time for headliners The Apers. A set that is slightly firmer than normal. Besides their own songs pass some little cover of Buddy Holly and Joan Jett. Ramones classic Surfin'Bird closes a long quietly expired punkdag off. Yet it was today just out of hand and that was when a skinhead got to stick with one of the teddy bears from The Riplets!

How: Heideroosjes What: Marlboro Flashback The Ramones Waar: Plan C, Rotterdam

The first striking feature of this is the huge setlist Flashback: less than thirty songs to play the Heideroosjes plan. That could be a whole is, except that here the songs of The Ramones concerns; US oerpunkvaders, wherein three minutes is long. The setlist also teaches us that the opening track Rockaway Beach ( D-4xA) and valve Surfin'Bird (A). Indeed, the Lower Punks have the chords but credited, because with so many variations on the same three chords of course you can go fast in the fog. In especially for the occasion purchased leather jackets stores the quartet in rapidly (How else?) by the numbers around.

Blitzkrieg Bop (A) is the first song that for a true kernel creates the stage. The audience consists mainly Ramones fans and not so much from Heideroosjes adepts. The reason for this is simple. Flashback uses an age of eighteen years, making public their adolescent heroes to miss tonight forced. Marco Roelofs and Co. bring the songs with gusto. Only a small mistake is made here and there, but no one there to serve basis. Annoying is the affected voice that occasionally the Heideroosjes singer and then emits, which he tries to imitate apparently Joey. The implementation of Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (BC-CC-C) but could be better soon forget! The band put down a good mix of familiar and lesser-known songs like Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Drum-B GAF #) en Wart Hog (F) van DeeDee Ramone. “That man has more drugs in his body, I've been farting in my entire life!”, to speak with Marco.

To complete the atmosphere, comes at the end of the famous board with the cry Gabba Gabba Hey out and surf Marco a bit about the public, lying on his guitar case and sipping a beer. Highlight of the evening is still unmentioned: volleyball scoreboard beside the drum kit, that started at number thirty after each song one counted back to zero. Something that should have every concert: you can instantly see how many numbers are still to come!

How: Suburbs Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

Imagine: you already have the whole day a particular song in your head. A very cool and catchy song. Then you go to a concert, which you quite some numbers for you choose will. Immediately after the last show of the band have faded away, have you got the same number again before the concert in your head! An experience undersigned happened during the occurrence of the Suburbs in Rotown.. A significant experience, because it indicates that the numbers of the Hague five-man formation, something lacking, namely that 'catchy'.

One of the first issues is downright whiny Slow Motion Suicide. Even a tad worse is the song Shine A Light, that by his tambourine, harmonious vocals and phrases such as “There’s a Light Shining for you and Me”, would not look out of place on an EO Youth Day. The supporters come along, which mainly consists of students, clearly it has to be defined. There is plenty of dancing and singing along front. ADO themselves are in a good mood in Rotown: “It's nicer than here in The Hague”, trusts vocalist Johan Ter Schegget his audience to. The winners of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in '97 often linger in Rotterdam according to City Lights. The video for the latest single from the album Land of The Lunatics is in fact contained in Rotterdam. “In the press we are often described as Britpop band”, Arie says bassist Spanish, “and so we try to be heard equally.” It subsequently played If We Try, however, less English than Citylights or the famous hit song Forever (Another time, another place).

Suburbs of the sound is more rock than pop. And slow songs are interspersed with fast songs. It is mainly the rapid solid songs that managed to convince. Thus Indifference has the right ingredients firm, a fat bass intro, pounding drums and polyphony. But actually Rollercoaster is the only number that keeps in mind something more than the other numbers – and so "catchy’ can be called. Rollercoaster swings, is danceable and has a nice short break with just drums, not to mention, a sing-along section. And coincidence or not, precisely that number comes at the end of the evening to come back in the form of an encore.

How: Where Rumbone: Rotown, Rotterdam

Intent of this evening in Rotown was the presentation of a new silver disc, titled Bugs Rumbone. "Because of circumstances delayed the appearance of the new CD ', as the quintet at the start of the concert, let us know. Fortunately there is live music! The Rotterdam have made a lot of work. The stage is fully decorated: a Persian rug, sunflowers, a black cloth with Rumbone logo and large canvases in red glitter, blue and silver. Even the microphones are papered with it. Singer Odette has the same fabric also fabricated a dress and goes dressed in high boots. Messrs also (guitarist and bassist) look like extras in a fashion show dressed in suits and ties.

Musically, the winners of the Award Havenpop 1999, not to push in a booth and thus they fit well on the label Elegy, that bands like Cheech Wizard, Beaver, And in $ I $ Bitchcock. Rock with an alternative slant and a touch of electronics (keyboard). Atmospheric slow rock alternates with fast punk rock, metal en grunge. Typically, however, all the songs in the rich sound and powerful voice of singer Odette. Rumbone let the music speak tonight and therefore there is no time for talk between songs. Slightly more contact with the fans would be welcome. Nor would the song be slightly clearer. Thus, Can not Be the first number of which can be defined as the title. Unfortunately, this is two songs for the end! Very difficult for a reviewer.

During the long Mystery of Life Odette itself takes up the guitar. Cozy up in this song is the after-after-after part singalong, that picked up well by the public. Valve is a funny punk rock version of Nancy Sinatra's boots -which looked indeed very well known from- These Boots. Probably this number missing on the upcoming CD. Unfortunately,, because covertje is full of tempo changes and is thus transformed into a nice jump nummertje. And find that the fans of the stage to see as well.

How: The Apers en The Berserkerz Wat: CD / 10-inch presentation Where: The Wing, Rotterdam

If there at half past nine on Thursday a long queue in front of the state Vlerk, there must be something special going on. Rotterdam, after all, do not run fast warm for any club show. So: or the room is transformed into a free strip club or find a secret act known foreign stars binding site. The Favo Rats indeed come from across the border. From Germany to be precise. But for this punkpop-party nobody actually comes, not for The Berserkerz from Arnhem. No, goal of the evening are the local heroes The Apers, presenting their latest CD / 10-inch Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand.

Accompanied by a do-it-yourself light show (disco lights in an old transistor radio) The play Berserkerz tasty sleazy rock'n'roll that seemed so far only in the US of A to come. Think The Oblivians and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Fortunately appears to Netherlands talents in this genre hostels. The singer has a great voice and abused like Jon Spencer frequently the cry “Come On!”. And although the guitar sound from that tube seems to come, it does not feel at all like a drawback. Indeed, better well stolen than bad invented!

Then it's up to headline The Apers. Under the supervision of ultra-cool meter pictures of themselves, plays the trio rapidly straightforward punk pop songs with a high sixties content. Standing still is hardly possible with this catchy songs of the Rock 'n Roll college. University, because the songs perfectly stabbing each: tight, three chords, danceable and fun text. So Centerfold is about a cute girl, Better Off a nice girl and delicious Bend Over Backwards ( quote: “I would give up bowling, just for you”) over another (?) nice girl. Dit is inderdaad Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand. Especially when Kevin, Ivo and Marine pounce on an impassioned version of the Beach Boys classic Then I Kissed Her. A night on 7 April undoubtedly receive appropriate follow. On that night playing namely Apers’ great example Dee Dee Ramone and Rotterdam bubblegum punk polyesters The Riplets in the Vlerk.

What: Cheech Wizard CD presentation Where: Nighttown Theater Rotterdam

“We did not even remember how we were called or who we were”, trusts Cheech Wizard singer Rob van Gameren his audience to. Given the hustle and bustle in Nighttown Theatre, Rotterdam Cheech Wizard not forgotten. It has long been quiet around the contrarian guitar formation. Although the recordings of the presented CDs Hence today are already completed a year ago, took a break from record Elegy for the necessary delay. Cheech Wizard has changed, as soon turns. During one of the first tracks of the set, Implosion – a subdued almost hypnotic song – go all the band members sit down. Strange, because normally Van Gameren someone who moves in all directions and supports his singing skills with a lot of facial expressions and grand theatrical gestures à la Michael Stipe of REM. (or was it Ed Kowalczyk of Live?).

"Fortunately,’ The next song is as usual: a cacophony of sounds, expressive vocals, strange breaks and indeed a lot moving singer. So we know the Rotterdam! Experimental and cocky. Zappa / dEUS / Beefheart-like wild ideas with jazz influences and difficult structures. Epistles of 10 minutes were no exception. Still the music is not easy. It takes some practice to estimate the value for money. However, the material Hence compact than on predecessor Diary of a Mad Maid Diary. Sometimes it is even quite possible to have a 'normal’ number to discover written according to the old rear-end- and a centerpiece formula. I Used to Be Hardcore is zo’n nummer: good build, enough variation and the necessary melody layers in order to keep the number interesting. Moreover, it is in this kind of numbers, which you strongly feel that Bono is singing. Well before the end of the hall has already become a piece army. And there is the same Achilles heel of Cheech Wizard. At one time you have heard it, and it is even annoying. Actually should read the motto of the quintet: “Enjoy, but listening to some…”.

How: Mark Ritsema & Trio Raskolnikov What: CD presentation Where: Rotown, Rotterdam

Would count the years go by Mark Ritsema? How else to explain that the singer-guitarist Spasmodique has launched himself into a genre for the older ones among us, Jazz. Of course that's a prejudice still exists and moreover Spasmodique. Yet! Trio Raskolnikov, the new band of Ritsema held its first CD “Studio Gloria” baptized in a smoky jazz club atmosphere. Few had bothered to attend the CD presentation. Unfairly so quickly proved, because we are dealing here with excellent musicians (next Ritsema, drummer Coen Aalberts, Pianist Chris Grem one contrabassist Peter Jessen), directly managed to create an intimate atmosphere in Rotown.

This also requires jazz effort was clearly: The sweat was pouring all right along Ritsema's forehead. Only the fourth song of the evening we can find on the CD. ‘Charlton Heston’ is an attractive lingering pianoballadé with a beautiful melody and ditto vocals. The dark vocals reinforce the melancholy atmosphere of the song. After a brief interlude commercial (“I'm going on the Public Enemy tour” in “No, T-shirts I have not”, referring to the 10 minute advertisement of rappers at Lowlands 1999), showed that happy room had become a lot richer, so they could also share in these latecomers 'Burnt Out Moon', Leonard Cohen-esque song with poetic, hurry told texts against a jazzy background.

Het energieke ‘The way young lovers do’ (Van Morrison) was one of the highlights of a show, which only occasionally rock surfaced (‘You’re even better’). It should not go unmentioned, the drawn-out version of the bebop(?)-nummer benzedrine, where Ritsema, his guitar shoved aside, took the microphone in hand and a lit cigarette. A beautiful but tiring CD presentation, because after a night of Tom Waits-like melancholy go yet not too happy home. Especially if you are treated as an encore on Led Zeppelin's Dazed & Confused…

How: Kane Where: 14 0ctober Rotown

After shows of Reef and Keith Caputo for the third time in a short time, a sold Rotown. This time for Kane, bekend van radio en tv middels de hit Where Do We Go Now? Tonight the men play a home match partial, since three of the five members – Kane officially counts four, Live supplemented with guitarist – come from Rotterdam. You can go two ways with Kane: or you can remove their repertoire as unoriginal, fake and uninteresting either you praise them because they know exactly, how a commercial rock song fits together.

The sound of Kane, falls into the category of Billy The Kid and Anouk. Not for nothing has let the latter know they are 'cool’ found. It soon becomes clear that singer Dinand has a penchant for monitor speakers and cameras. As a true showman he is looking for the right pose at the boxes and jumps like a wild on stage or in the audience. Then again, he crawls into the camera of the regional TV station or he seeks contact with the audience in the front row. In the mostly young girls are involved in it as a cake. There is also plenty meegeklapt in size.

Musical and artistic repertoire has seen little value: mainstream rock from a band that only too happy 'alternative’ want to be. Affected Eddie Vedder-like vocals, numbers which often have the same structure – piece hard, soft patch – and a frequent repetition of the chorus. Hands with the nadir. It will not stop nagging and the fans should of course 'that hands in the air'. At the end of the show is slick as an encore The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood hurled hall. Kane fans will have to have patience before they can listen to the album As Long As You Want This. Until January to be exact. Now they have to resort to Where Do I Go Now and the new single Damn Those Eyes.

How: Miss Antartica

Where: 013, Tilburg

[Tekst in photo: Dimitri Hakke]

Yet it is a bit confusing: Miss Antarctica is now a Dutch band or not? Apparently the band it self has a hard time, witness the comment by keyboardist Sytse, after a technical problem. “Can you hear me over there?"And then, doubtfully anyway: "Can you hear it there?"For clarity: Miss Antarctica consists of fifty percent Dutch. An American and an Englishman completes the foursome.

Few have bothered in the band 013 Watch out. Strange, Miss Antarctica since opening for Keith Caputo state of a sold-out show. It is not the attendees made easy, because the spherical melancholy music requires a lot of concentration. The fragile songs about various types agony drop some heavy.

While the band has an excellent live reputation knows the quartet still not convincing. The numbers are too long-drawn-out, with plenty of room for the instruments -not so strange with four keyboards- and a lot less for the plaintive voice of Richey. Hard and soft alternate bit too predictable off.

After three songs the harvested applause is still modest. Nice are the samples that the concert give a cinematic character. Neon has a nice spacey guitar (U2 / Cure), Filling Holes while it must have a fat drum intro and clashing guitar notes. After eight nummertjes Miss Antarctica holds it all again for considering. Let's hope that Messrs the rest of the tour some more hit stride. And if possible, therefore like between the songs a little more interaction with the public. And that may best Dutch Sytse!

With magnifying glass and flashlight through the museum

Hat: Fascinating museum marathon leads to surprising discoveries

by Dimitri Heels

It was not the Catholics were removed with extreme violence of religious works, then there was a shrewd businessman who sawed into pieces paintings, to sell separately different parts. But even the framers could occasionally not stay away from the paintings. “Sometimes they had found a frame and if that did not fit, they just sawed a piece of cloth!”

The painting has had a lot to endure, past centuries. It soon becomes clear during the tour of the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Erik Beenker is an animated narrator who provides the paintings of stories, making them even more come to life. Armed with a magnifying glass and flashlight (“so you can highlight very good details in a painting”), he walks along the vast collection of the museum. And again he encounters a piece of art destruction. Pieter Saenredam (1597-1665) was a painter who was primarily interested in architecture. The characters, he often by others painting. But people who bought the paintings after his death, there would still be something to be painted figurines. “So there were people in clothing of a century later. The result is that work without people, is worth more than with people. So dive there at auctions canvases on which were first ten people and now only two or three. Purely to increase sales!”

Human sea

Erik Beenker has its wealth of information not only from books. Self thinking and analysis is very important. Many people wander according to him a little careless of the museum. “It can not hurt to have some more to see than you see at first sight. Then you discover a lot.”

Beenker adds the action to the word and keeps his magnifying glass at the Pieter Brueghel's Tower of Babel (1563). A sea of ​​people is revealed at the Tower. Teeming really the microscopic life. “Look, At the foot is a whole horde of people. And there is a procession in progress.” Looking from a distance at this painting is not desired. “Breughel was a real miniaturist. You have to really be on top of your nose. Not too close of course, because then the alarm goes off”, laughs Beenker.

Beenker is currently preparing for the mammoth tour of seven hours, which he later gives this month in Boijmans. In one day, the visitor will be introduced to the art of painting from the 14th to the 21st Century. That's pretty tough. “At every turn there appear new works from the depot, allowing other work again to make way. Especially in modern art is difficult to maintain.”

Tulip Bulbs

What exactly see and tell falls, therefore remains a surprise Beenker. Visitors get at least an equally funny and sad story about the Leiden painter Jan van Goyen (1596-1656) hear. An arm died artist, that his money had been invested in the then precious tulip bulbs and hit by a stock market crash avant la lettre deeply in debt. To pay off his debts, he was forced, to make the rest of his life on the assembly line paintings. “A bit with the speed of TV painter Bob Ross”, laughs Beenker.


Tour Boijmans Van Beuningen plus reading.

price 53 euro

Thursday 20.00-21.30 hour

Eerste the 6-10-05 Guided tour 7 of 8 October 2005

Eerste the 10-11-05 Guided tour 11 of 12 november 2005

This crash course in art history is a sporting and educational challenge, depth and light-hearted at the same time, where the pleasure of watching painting ever comes first. The tour is preceded by an extensive introduction to the building of the Adult Education . The tour will begin promptly at the opening of the museum 10.00 am and lasts until closing at 17.00 hours and is divided into three blocks with a pause in between, and time for a lunch.

More info: Volksuniversiteit, Heemraadssingel 275-277,3023 BE Rotterdam ,such. 010- 4761200

Popular than football (R-Off)

Hat: Basketball Association Divine wants girl team up

Streamer: Winner looks at how the losers are presented with an additional exercise.

By Dimitri Heels

Nearly four hundred million practitioners counts sport worldwide, according to official sources. In less than 211 countries there is a national federation. More than football or volleyball. This basketball may safely "the greatest sport in the world’ are called.

It is pleasantly busy in the gym of school Wolfert of Borselen. The program of the minis training (10-12 year) in the Aspiranten (12-14 year) basketball association Divine. Leaflets at the door mention an open workout today. Anyone may anyhow to see if basketball is a fun sport.

No fresh blood today, or two guys who earlier this week following their first lesson led by Susanne Kruger (21) Richard Mijnhijmer (24). While Richard in a corner taking in hand an injury case (“Take it easy and if it hurts, you must stop”), Susanne demonstrates the first exercise. Rapidly she explains what is meant: “dribble, throw that ball and flare!” Students who do not understand the direct exercise, may connect back to see what exactly is the purpose.


Basketball in December 1891 coined in the US state of Massachusetts. Because the students at Springfield College were bored with the Swedish, French and German gameplays sports teacher Jim Naismith developed a new game. The students were enthusiastic and first played without a board behind the basket (perzikmand). Because the ball too often ended up on the basket in the stands, Naismith decided to place a wooden board behind the basket. During the years the game has evolved to the current sport. Unlike before, is now played five against five. Physical contact is still prohibited and Players may not run with the ball, but they must throw to a teammate, dribble (bounce) and throw in the net of the opponent.

Susanne Kruger comes from education and it shows. Patient and clear tone, she explains each exercise and do not have to point to the usefulness. “It is very important that you tell, why you do something. Then they remember it much better”, says the 21-year-old basketball star, who seven years ago was introduced to the sport. “The variety and playing together is fun. Moreover, you should think carefully about what you are doing.” Although the first league game next week is already at the door, there is little work on tactics. “I start with the fundamentals: fit, dribble, defend and shoot.”

Vicious circle

Basketball Divine exists since 1991 and has approximately 100 membership. “Sometimes there again and then go off again”, said the trainer who's parties with her Ladies 1 plays. Susanne would like to have a girls team under its wing. “There will sometimes play with girls, but left quickly as they only see guys walking around. It's a vicious cycle that must be broken. There are no girls because no girls sitting on and because they do not remain, there are no girls on. That is a pity. I hope that comes in there a time change.”

It is a diversified training. At each exercise is an element of competition present. Winner of each section should take a breather and look at how the losers are presented with an additional exercise. Sam takes Duyves with flushed head, as a much-needed break. “Basketball is more fun than football. There they sometimes someone slicing stairs. Here the players are sportier. Touch someone accidentally, you say sorry and it's over.” The 14-year-old player meets with his size not the clichéd image of the tall basketball player. “You do not really long. I find it useful as. I can occasionally slip under an arm”, Sam smiles as he dashes into the field again.

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