Fotomuur in Rotown Rotterdamtotontokeith

Keith Richards in Toronto Gallerykeithetalage25112010-IMG_6463Keith Italian music dewaelecoletteparijsDavid Dewaele during opening exhibition at Galerie Colette in Paris. Background on my photo of Peaches.4080418810_63fab8cf84_o

Jon Bongiovi for my photo of Keith on British Music Experience Expo in London

Poster Expo Rotownnorthsejazzexpoflyer

Poster North Sea Jazz Expo in Ahoypurmerendposter

Poster Expositie Purmerendlogo2posterexpositiebibliotheek2011folder

Poster Expo in Centrale Bibliotheek RotterdamDIM_1417

Herentoilet met op monitor foto van Keith in Under The Bridge in Londenstonesvips1586

Rolling Stones Expo at Western Commercial Land in Rotterdam

stonesvips1590Rolling Stones Expo at Western Commercial Land in RotterdamDIMITRIHAKKEFLYEREXIT

Expo in Exit Rotterdam

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