Metropolis #25

Next Sunday is the 25th edition of the Metropolis Festival. Especially for the occasion, there appeared a 128-page magazine with countless memories of the free festival in Rotterdam Zuiderpark. The issue o.ä. a short piece about my Metropolis Feeling plus 10 pictures of the past few years.
Metropolis #25 Sunday is available on the festival itself or can be ordered via
For a photographer Metropolis is one of the finest festivals to work. You're still relatively free to move. A lot more freely than in the -to in 2026 autoplay-eponymous movie. Artists are to speak without having a dozen passes must present to the officiating security first. This also creates a relaxed atmosphere with artists, who would like to make some time for a portrait. The relaxation you also see back during performances. Musicians make love to a party together with the public. Regular jumping musicians of the stage, running across the field, beklimmen geluidstorens of laten zich letterlijk op handen dragen.
At those moments his music photographer, rewarding.
I see Kathy Foster of The Thermals still from -Still- minibus attack when I ask the band for the photograph to act that they jump out of the van. I feel her feet Shingai Shoniwa of Noisettes singer on my shoulders support during shooting. I see through the lens, one to my camera grabbing Ken Stringfellow, closer and closer to my hood come. If he's holding, I keep clicking… And chat as I feel the sweat Billy McCarthy (We Are Augustines) on my head. As I look towards the public, he turns half a minute to hang just above me, his sweat targeting me. Laughing, we look at each other. Een gekke bekken trekkende ontspannen Adam Green die shirtloos tegen de tourbus poseert, and the nail of his print – two meters long – groupies in zijn vlees heeft staan.
Thank Metropolis Festival!
That the following 25 jaar maar net zo relaxed mogen zijn…

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